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Jul 10, 2016 5:07 PM ET

Archived: Lone Wolf Beard Co.- Premium, hand crafted beard oils and balms with high quality natural ingredients for the lone wolf in all of us.

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 10, 2016
Premium, hand crafted beard oils and balms with high quality natural ingredients for the lone wolf in all of us.
Premium, hand crafted beard oils and balms with high quality natural ingredients for the lone wolf in all of us.

About this project

Lone Wolf Beard Co. Was Created for the bearded man conqouring his dreams & seizing the day. The wolf that lives within us all thrives for dominance,hungers for more. While we roam what ever path in life through some of the harshest encounters or the best of days,our main goal is self improvement and health, What better way to display your achievements then by rocking a handsome beard that is groomed by high quality oils and balms. If your just starting out or have been growing yours  for years with  Lone Wolf Beard Co.’s products your beard will stand out from the rest of pack. Because hey, let’s be honest you don’t belong in a pack you came in this world alone to stand out and leave a mark. So as you leave your mark make sure you do it with style,  and attract the lady wolfs along the way.

 The idea started off as a passion to create better products,I noticed a lot of my friends and family had big handsome beards,favorite athletes had beards and all of a sudden I noticed it every where. I began to grow mine, but shortly after I started I noticed my complaint was like my piers, a lot of the oils smelled horrible and would really not softin my beard or lacked hold in the balm. I began on a journey to fix the problem, I invested time and money to come up with something that worked for me and my friends and family. It started off as a quick fix, a goal I guess you can say to see what I could do better. not all the oils and balms I have purchased were bad there were some good but lacked either strength of scent or did not obsorb well. 

After testing out small batchs to friends and family, the feedback was over whelming.and after reading reviews of other products online I figured I would offer my product to those customers that were looking for a better solution.

If fully funded the money will go to launching a online store, purchasing product,enhancing the logo and label & marketing.

Purchasing: high quality ingredients,labels,containers,shipping equipment & advertising.

Scents: Original

This is a blend of essential oils that have mannly aromas such as wood and other essential oils  to get you feeling confident. This blend symbols power 

Tea tree tonic:

Is self explanatory, tea tree is present with a hit of mint  and other essential oils to give this a calming and cooling effect like no other. This scent symbols peace.

Citrus sunrise:

With a name like citrus sunrise you can only imagine the aroma that comes from this blend. This scent symbols energy

Night owl:

This is a relaxing blend of essential oils to keep your mind,body and soul at ease to continue into the night to achieve more or just finish with a night cap, the aroma is a sweet mint with hints of herbs to relax your mind and stay focused. This scent symbols relaxation and focus.

Risks and challenges

As the company and product grows the demand for products will increase also, we at lone wolf beard co. Are equipped for this with people on call ready and willing to fill the demand.

Allergies are a risk with using oils that contain nuts such as ( sweet almond oil) to customers with nut allergies. As instructed on card with all purchases, a small amount should be tested on a small part of skin prior to use.

Contact Information:

James pino

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