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Jul 9, 2016 11:24 AM ET

Archived: NIKO FAR WEST – Ceramic Design, Inspired by the history, landscape, and textures of The Pacific Northwest.

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 9, 2016

NIKO FAR WEST – Ceramic Design


Help Niko Far West launch its first line of ceramic ware inspired by the history, landscape, and textures of The Pacific Northwest.

About this project

NIKO FAR WEST – Ceramic Studio

Handmade functional ceramic ware inspired by the history, landscape, and textures of The Pacific Northwest.

I’m a painter and sculptor with a background working in stop-motion animation. I studied glaze chemistry in college and have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Ceramics. I’m combining my love of color and clay to launch a ceramic studio. I’ve already sketched concepts, made prototypes, tested glazes, completed business courses, and connected with vendors. I need a little more funding to catapult my initial product line. I’m passionate about making art and I’m excited get this company going!


As a Portland native, I often think about the history and connections I have to this place. My aunt and uncle owned a Greek restaurant downtown called Athens West across the street from where I later owned an art gallery. My great-grandfather worked as a cook at the original Virginia Café. My grandfather ran a small food distribution company called Far West Foods and founded a 75-acre nature retreat along the Sandy River. I’ve spent many summers there watching him fish, helping him tend the land, and counting eagle’s nests.

In recent years I’ve become influenced by the loss of local landmark buildings that are being demolished for urban development like The Veritable Quandary, Slabtown, Dalo’s Kitchen, and The Portland Gas & Coke Company buildings. I’m currently working on a commemorative cup series to pay homage to these disappearing places. I’m interested in translating the colors and textures of aged and weathered architecture into glazed surfaces.

View examples of wall textures for glaze influence here: http://www.nickykriara.com/new-gallery/

Portland’s natural surroundings are also a huge inspiration. When I retreat to the mountains, coast, and wilder areas outside of the city, I bring ideas for new shapes and patterns back to my studio. 

How You Can Help

I need your help getting my first production run in motion! I already have a spacious studio and two small kilns, but I need more supplies to continue developing the cohesive body of work I have already begun. For example, I’d like to purchase a spray booth to apply glazes with uniform consistency. Leveraging your donations will enable me to create a larger production line and allow me to share my pieces with a greater audience.

 The goal of $6000 will fund:

  • Clay
  • Plaster for mold-making 
  • Glaze materials
  • Spray booth 
  • Air compressor 
  • Shelving 
  • Kiln furniture 
  • Shop Vac 
  • Throwing wheel 
  • Safety gear
  • Office supplies 
  • Packaging supplies


Here a few of the rewards I’m offering if you decide to make a donation. Each donor’s name will be credited on NIKO’s future website.

Driftwood Hanging Wall Vase – $30

 Salt & Pepper Set with Gold Spoons – $40

Black & White Striped Vase -$50

Red Stoneware Planter with Popcorn Glaze – $75

 Large Bowl with Orb Glaze – $100

 Stackable Bottle -$125

Bosom Buds Cup Set – $150

Large Botanical Vase – $200


Custom Portrait -$350 

Seasonal Vessel Club – $400  

 Ceramic Party for 6 Adults -$500

Custom Mural -$1000


 Custom Animation-$2000

These rewards are only available to ship in the U.S.A. and Canada at this time.

Questions? Email: nikofarwest@gmail.com 


Thank YOU so much for viewing my Kickstarter Campaign!

Special thanks to Cory Gray at Old Unconscious Studio for recording audio, composing music, and editing the score for the video. 

Thanks to the enthusiasm, support, and the editing expertise from my friends and family. Much gratitude to Shannon Guirl for her influence and generous business advice. 


Risks and challenges

Things always seem to take a little longer to come together than I expect. I’m learning to allow time for product development. I’ve already overcome a few unexpected challenges including a broken foot I earned while jumping for joy on my first full day as a sole business proprietor. I also discovered one of my kilns wasn’t reaching the correct temperature for glazing and had to swap out the electrical wiring of another kiln. After experimenting with glazes, I found issues with the porcelain clay body I had purchased in bulk from a ceramic store. The larger pieces I had made cracked and warped when fired. I resolved this by doing some more research, learning that the clay I was using wasn’t intended for larger pieces, and then I switched to a more reliable clay company!

Contact Information:

Nicky Kriara

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