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Jul 8, 2016 5:04 PM ET

Archived: Silence: Track Two – A band of girls in a yellow submarine try to stop the sirens that have sung the men in their coastal town to shipwreck.

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 8, 2016

Silence: Track Two

A band of girls in a yellow submarine try to stop the sirens that have sung the men in their coastal town to shipwreck.

About this project

Update: Estimated Delivery is Sep. 2016 not Sep. 2017! 

Social Media: Facebook Etsy – Instagram Tumblr Twitter



Silence is a comic about music and the power it has to hold everything together when the world seems to be falling apart. The story takes place in the music town of Anthem, whose male population continues to dwindle as ships go missing at sea during routine shipping runs. The South Seas Capital Company holds Anthem in a death grip of debt, and many of its employees struggle to keep their houses from being repossessed by the bank.

Johanna Jones, a runaway from the town of Anthem receives a letter from the SSCC informing her that her father has gone missing after The September, the ship he was aboard, failed to return on time. They plan on repossessing her childhood home and allow her several days to collect any important belongings. Johanna reluctantly returns home to try to put together an expedition to search for The September’s whereabouts. Along with her best friend Dinah, a washed up elderly ex-punk rocker, an on again off again addict, and a cat named Arpeggio she sets off on a yellow submarine called the Heart of Gold for Hades’ Hexagon, a mysterious area where ships keep disappearing.

You can read a 12 page preview of the first issue here!

From the creator of Dragon Slayer comes a 42+ page full color comic about the transformative power of music.

The Band

Lead Guitar: Johanna Jones – Intelligent, street smart and impetuous, Johanna Jones is a force to be reckoned with. After running away from home at the age of 17 with her favorite records and a guitar, Johanna was forced to make her way in the world on her own.

Vocals: Dinah Rose – Dinah is a popular singer in Anthem and despite her timid nature she commands a strong and powerful voice. She performs with the King Royals, a band comprised solely of her family members under the oppressive watch of her father.

Drums: Meg N. – To call Meg a mess would be an understatement. Her mother, Penny Love, is arguably the most powerful person in Anthem, allowing Meg to squander vast amounts of money sedating herself into oblivion.

Bass: Cherry Suzuki – Cherry was once the front woman of the all-girl punk band Jackie and the Rippers roughly forty years ago. Her destructive personality has led to a life of isolation, and she barely makes ends meet lending her submarine out as a showboat.

Why Kickstarter

Silence Track One as well as Dragon Slayer Vol.1, 2, 3, and the collected edition were all successfully launched via Kickstarter, and I love the direct communication I get with fans and backers of these projects. Ideas and suggestions for characters evolved over the course of all four Kickstarter campaigns and were incorporated into the previous books. I received a lot of fan art over the course of the last few campaigns, and if I receive any for this campaign I will include every bit of it in the first issue.

I take your investment in the book seriously, and I will do everything in my power to get backers the best product in as timely a fashion as possible. The first two Kickstarter campaigns were fulfilled roughly within a month after they ended, with the third taking a bit longer due to multiple moving parts. 

I have finished the art for the book in advance, so the two month timeline is primarily so I can make sure I’m happy with the colors during printing.

About Me

My name is Devin Kraft and I spend every waking moment I can drawing. I make a living by doing freelance art and selling posters at comic conventions all around Texas and New Mexico (you can check out my poster work here). I was most recently published in Capcom’s Capcom Fighting Tribute book, which was a huge honor.  


I’ve been working on Silence Track Two since I shipped Silence Track One last year, and after six months of hard work I’m thrilled to finally be able to present it. I chose to color the comic myself this time and I tried to make each page as vibrant and vivid as my print work. Silence is influenced first and foremost by music by the bands I love.

Comic Preview

Check out a twelve page preview of Track One of Silence here!





Submit Art!

If you’re a fan of the first issue of Silence and have any fanart you’d like to include in the second issue, send me a message!


Note: Rewards will ship Sept. 2016 and not 2017 as listed on the reward tiers. 

Below are detailed descriptions of the rewards. If you have any questions or inquiries about any of the rewards, feel free to message me! Want to add a physical copy of Silence: Track One to a tier that doesn’t have it? Interested in some of my print work that you saw on my shop? Shoot me a message!

Chamber Pop ($3)

For $3 you get a DRM free digital copy of the first issue of Silence (48 pages of nautical rock action!)

Electronic Pop ($5)

For $5 you get a DRM free digital copy of Silence: Track Two! (48 pages, full color.)

 Acid Jazz ($7)

For $7 you get DRM free digital copies of both Silence: Track One and Silence: Track Two!

 Folk Rock Fusion ($8)

For $8 you get a signed and numbered physical copy of Silence: Track Two (48 pages, full color) as well as a DRM free digital copy as well!

 Classic Gospel ($15)

For $15 you receive both physical and digital copies of Silence: Track One and Silence: Track Two!

 Southern Soul ($20)

For $20 you get a digital copy of Silence: Track One and Track Two, a physical copy of Silence: Track Two, an event ticket (2″x5.5″), a 4″x6″ postcard, three “Listen To” stickers, a bookmark and access to behind the scenes content including the script, thumbnails, pencils, and extra production art! Your name will also be listed in the back of both the digital and physical copies of Silence: Track Two as someone who helped bring this comic into creation!

The “Listen To” stickers are designed so that you can write the name of your favorite band or song on them and stick them places to get people to check out a band they might otherwise not have heard of. Here’s a few examples:


 Math Rock ($30)

This tier is similar to the previous tier, but it includes a physical copy of Silence: Track One as well!

 J-Pop ($45)

In addition to the rewards listed in the $20 tier, you will receive a signed copy of Dragon Slayer as well as three postcards and three character cards!

 Freestyle Hip Hop ($55)

In addition to all the rewards from the previous tier (minus the J-Pop tier) I’ll sign and sketch in your book. You’ll also receive a customized guitar pick that I’ll draw on as well!

Medieval Metal ($65)

In addition to the rewards from the previous tiers, I’ll paint a Silence inspired piece on a .45 vinyl record!

Psychobilly ($85)

In addition to the previous reward tiers, you’ll receive a digital DRM free copy of Dragon Slayer as well as 9″x12″ bust sketch of your choice!

 Surf Rock ($115)

In addition to the previous reward tier, your bust sketch will be upgraded to a 9″x12″ full body sketch!

 Social Media

You can follow me here if you want to keep up with my future endeavors!

Facebook – Instagram – Tumblr – Deviant Art – Twitter

Risks and challenges

I’ve used Kickstarter three times before, so I have faced the challenges it takes to get the book printed and shipped.

The comic is ready to be sent off to the printer, the only thing I am waiting on is the list of names from the campaign to include in the final pages of this print run.

As soon as I receive the comics, I will work tirelessly packaging and shipping each order. For the first two Kickstarters I was able to finalize the books and rewards, get them printed and shipped to me, and ship them out in 20-24 days.

Depending on the scale of this project, it might take a bit longer (I’m budgeting two months to send out backer rewards due to the length of the book compared to the previous Kickstarter campaigns), but my first priority is getting backers a quality product in a timely manner. Wherever possible, I have tried to put in the work prior to launching this campaign to minimize backer waiting time on the tail end.

Contact Information:

Devin Kraft

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