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Jul 8, 2016 5:55 PM ET

Archived: Projecto Darte: offering art as therapy sessions to 40 young people from deprived areas and risky contexts in Lisbon

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 8, 2016




More Darte: offering art as therapy sessions to 40 young people from deprived areas and risky contexts in Lisbon and training one more Darte Practitioner to join the team and help us reach more young people!

This campaign aims to enable more young people from deprived contexts to benefit from Projecto Darte,in Lisbon. 

Projecto Darte is a psycho-educational project, not for profit, that uses an innovative methodology in Portugal of art as therapy to work with young people aged 5 to 16. This methodology aims to develop theself-esteem and self-confidence of the young people who we work with, as well as their social and emotional skills.

Since 2013, we have reached more than 300 young people in Lisbon, Portugal, and we aim to reach many more and in other zones of the country in the coming years. We believe that this methodology can transform ways of thinking and being and for that reason it can positively change many lives!

With the funds raised in this campaign we will be able to provide:

– 5 Darte Groups for deprived young people (each group has 8 young people who participate in weekly 1h30 sessions for 3 months);

– The training of a new Darte Practitioner (growing our team will help us reach more young people each week). 

In this PPL crowdfunding campaign we have, once more, the fantastic support of Fundação EDP, that will give us 3000€, if we manage to raise a minimum of 3000€, which will make the 6000€ of this campaign.

Shall we do this? More Darte!


The Darte Team has 2 Darte Practitioners and about 10 Darte Volunteers, that hold the Darte Sessions. Everyone aims to transform something in the lives of the young people we work with: Educating to Be, through art. 

Margarida Seruya is the founder and coordinator of Projecto Darte. With a degree in Management, she went to live in Oxford, UK, in 2011. She spent a year and a half there, training in The Art Room methodology and during that time she also did the Foundation Degree in Art Psychotherapy of the Goldsmiths College, London. In 2013, Margarida brought this methodology to Portugal and created Projecto Darte. 

Isabel Barrancos Vieira has a degree in Art History and is concluding a Master in Artistic Education. She integrated Projecto Darte in 2014 as a volunteer and after 3 months of training in the methodology, she joined the team as a Darte Practitioner.

Both practitioners have supervision with a psychologist who helps them reflecting about the most challenging cases and developing their approaches and working skills.

The Darte Volunteers receive initial training in the methodology and supervision during the term, from the Darte Practitioners.


The 6000€ we need to raise will be divided in:

  • 5500€ will provide 5 Darte Groups of up to 8 young people (1100€ for each group that fund for: art materials; waste materials; salaries of the Darte Practitioners; travelling costs)
  • 500€ will fund the training of a new Darte Practitioner (24h of training +  18h of supervisioned sessions)

We aim to raise these funds until 28-07-2016, so that we can plan for the next school year.


Contact Information:

Projecto Darte

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