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Jul 8, 2016 2:19 PM ET

Archived: Perfect Garden sets up indoor, greenhouse, and outdoor operation for year round growing while providing grow consulting to insure the customers success

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 8, 2016

Perfect Gardens

Perfect Gardens

Salinas, Ca



Perfect Garden sets up indoor, greenhouse, and outdoor operation for year round growing while providing grow consulting to insure the customers success. We have been operating since 2009.

About Perfect Gardens


Mission Statement:

We help you grow; we always go above and beyond helping someone with gardening advice. We feel it is our duty to ensure your growing experience is successful because if it is not, then it does not benefit anyone.

Vision Statement:

Turn sustainability gardening into the status-quo.

Our current agriculture landscape is lacking something vital to our health. It isn’t something you can see from the crops but it is something you can see from the people. We need more minerals in our soils to give more nutritional value into our foods. Sustainability and science should be combined to help everyone on our planet.

Values & Value Statements:

1. Honesty: Be truthful with our customers, each other, and ourselves even if we are at fault.

2. Teamwork: There is no you, me, they or I, there is only us working together as a team.

3. Respect: Give the respect you wish to receive.

4. Loyalty: Always remain dedicated and trustworthy to our customers and company.

We use our values for everything we do. In our minds it is a tool for anything we do in our lives whether it be personal or business related. For example, we use something that we call a ‘values filter’ in order to make decisions. If something does not match up to our values we simply do not do it.


About the owner


We have a full team here at Perfect Gardens. 


Mark W. Boutwell – CEO 

Image title


Sarah Reyes – Article Creation

Image title


Viola Nab – Video Production

Image title


Joanna Marie Rosapo – Researcher

Image title


Lise Loyel & Marin Katic – IT and Website Development

Image title

Image title

Here is a little more info about the CEO:

Mark was trained and groomed by Mark and Juanita Boutwell from birth to now. For the first 8 years of his life, his parents developed the systems and processes for harvesting, packaging and worldwide distribution we now see and use in Industrial Agriculture. Mark showed his parents influence and work ethics early on by traveling throughout the US while wrestling in high school and was recruited and given a scholarship for wrestling in college. His mindset developed rapidly for the need of structure as he served our Country doing Search and Rescue with the 212th Para rescue in Anchorage, Alaska. After fighting the War on Drugs in the Military he immediately dived into entrepreneurship and started his first company, Perfect Gardens. Perfect Gardens was started with his family as an indoor hydroponics company. Reflecting on the success of his parents and his experience in the military he realized they were both successful for the same reason: the KISS Philosophy (Keep, It, Simple, Stupid). Mark’s ingrained habits for Structure and the love for education with plants and people has allowed his team to create grow programs that have been successfully used in indoors operations ranging from 1 light to 400 plus lights. This is utilized outdoor and cia Greenhouse Operations throughout California and Colorado.

Mark believes the best way to start a new relationship is by expressing his personal values. They each have a specific meaning, and are used on a daily basis as a filter for his decision making. They are his internal moral compass and guide him to make decisions that are best for the company, owner, and its employees. His values are honesty, teamwork, understanding, respect, and appreciation.

We provide all products and servides need to grow your food and veggies year round.


  • Drops of Balance utilizes one of the most powerful forces in nature, magnetism.

  • A 32 ounce bottle will treat approx. 189 – 378 gallons (950L) of water

  • Before your eyes, you can see soluble, invisible contaminants become insoluble, visible contaminants. With this ability, muddy water can now be made clear.

  • Great for emergency kits! No more worry about being able to store water because this will clarify “any” water you have on hand.Image title

Drops of Balance is a solution of ionic sulfate minerals that provide a cost-effective, all natural, solution for cleaning contaminated water. Water treated with Drops of Balance has a pure, delicious taste and delivers superior hydration.

A 32 ounce bottle will treat approx. 189 – 378 gallons (950L) of water


Purchase Order Breakdown

ProductRetail PricePercent of Co-Op
Drops of Balance 8oz$3417%
Drops of Balance 16oz$5930%
Drops of Balance 32oz$10553%
Contact Information:

Mark W. Boutwell

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