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Jul 8, 2016 4:55 PM ET

Archived: Patriot North America, LLC: Roosevelt Energy Technologies, LLC (RETech) is a group of conservationists, focused on giving back to the ecology in which we live in

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 8, 2016

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Patriot North America, LLC



Ham Lake, MN 55304, US




www.Tstud.com is our invention and is an insulated wall stud to be used in construction of exterior walls. We also have a sound transmission wall stud for party walls, and we are developing a Class A Fire Rated wall stud.

Roosevelt Energy Technologies, LLC (RETech) is a group of conservationists, focused on giving back to the ecology in which we live in. The parent company of RETech has been in the gas and oil arena for the last 6 years, by providing support to a company that has the patents to turn a coal fired power plants waste by-product, flyash, into ceramic beads, known as ceramic proppants.

RETech has now entered into a licensee agreement with Patriot North America, LLC (PatriotNA) and it is now poised to augment its book of business, by launching a product, which will revolutionize the building industry. PatriotNA is the exclusive territorial licensee of the Tstud™ and the STCstud™ technologies for a thermally insulated wall stud, which provides many advantages in the construction of a home or building, as well as to the owner of the structure. The Tstud™ will offer a 300%+ improvement to 17% of an exterior wall in R Value by providing a complete thermal break from the exterior thermal conditions, to the interior conditioned space, in which you occupy. This unprecedented product will reduce the energy consumption that is required to maintain a constant temperature within the space, and reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that are required to make the electricity to cool the interior space, and the fuels needed to heat the space. The Tstud™ will improve the indoor air quality of your home or building, all while protecting valuable natural resources along the way.

The R Value of a typical 2×6 in an exterior wall is 6.88, the Tstud™ of the same depth, is 21.25, a 309% improvement to +17% of the exterior wall of a structure. By providing a complete thermal break through the wall stud, the Tstud™ Wall Assembly eliminates the need for expensive, labor intensive, continuous rigid insulation, which is applied over the wall sheathing of your structure. At a fraction of the cost.



Products / Services

Tstud(tm) and STCstud(tm)

The Tstud has been designed and tested for use in both load-bearing and non-load-bearing wall assemblies, the Tstud™ is appropriate in all exterior wall building envelopes as well as in interior walls where a fire rating is required or minimizing sound transmission is a priority. The Tstud™ can be used as a bottom plate, top plate, wall stud, cripple, and all the way around the exterior corner of a building or home.

The Tstud™ provides an R value of 21.25 and offers a complete thermal break through the entire building envelope, even around corners – no continuous insulation required. It has been designed with the building requirements of seismic and hurricane zones in mind.

Our next round of funding will finalize the Class A Fire Rated wall stud for use in party walls and exterior walls for use in apartments, hotels, senior housing etc.



President Executive Officer
Brian Iverson

Brian IversonHaving been involved in business development projects his entire career, Brian now operates his bandwidth providing solutions to the betterment of global conservation and the ecology. Roosevelt Energy Technologies recently purchased the exclusive North American license to market the Tstud, a thermally broken wall stud, to be used as a wall stud, cripple, top and bottom plate, and through the corner of a building, providing a complete thermal break around the entire perimeter of a building, through the wall cavity. No continuous insulation needed.
A New Product focused on Reducing our Carbon Footprint. Iverson is an experienced business development executive, with 30+ years’ experience having completed 40+ projects in real estate developments and commercial real estate, Iverson is particularly interested in helping developing businesses navigate the complex process of getting from inception to market with their innovative product or service.




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Brian Iverson

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