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Jul 8, 2016 11:27 AM ET

Archived: G.A.M.E. Gaming Advancement Marketing Entertainment, LLC recently launched the Action Clock at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino and Resort in Hollywood, FL at the World Poker Tour Tournament of Champions

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 8, 2016

G.A.M.E. Gaming Advancement Marketing Entertainment, LLC

Torrance, CA 90501, US
Business Products & Services

Gaming Advancement Marketing Entertainment, LLC is the parent company for a variety of proprietary games, products and services that are offered within the gaming, sports and video game industries.

G.A.M.E. recently launched the Action Clock at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino and Resort in Hollywood, FL at the World Poker Tour Tournament of Champions. It was a tremendous success as players, staff, spectators and production loved it. The Action Clock accelerates the pace of live poker in both cash and tournament and can be tailor made to each property’s specification.
G.A.M.E.’s next major product, Protection Poker, is an evolution to Texas Hold-Em. G.A.M.E.’s innovative marketing ideas along with a new and exciting portfolio of games and products will maximize revenue for brick and mortar casinos, tournaments, social networks, online gaming and televised poker events. Protection Poker is a Fully Granted USPTO patent product and will be the next leap forward for poker, ushering in another poker boom.
G.A.M.E. has performed preliminary test marketing on Protection Poker and has found that players overwhelmingly favor Protection Poker over the current traditional game. Our version gives players something they have always wanted but never knew was possible, it elevates poker to a legitimate game of skill while diminishing the luck factor, all while bringing new excitement!
As a result of our exclusive and innovative games, products, services, and strategic partners, G.A.M.E. will rapidly penetrate the market within a reasonably short time frame resulting in a significant financial return to those invested in G.A.M.E.
Our products will grow revenue by adding new players and bring back players that left. Protection Poker and the Action Clock create an overall better gaming experience for current players.
G.A.M.E. is led by its founder and CEO, who has an outstanding track record of introducing and inventing new gaming concepts and structures. G.A.M.E. has attracted an experienced management team and respected board representation as well as Hall of Fame poker player and commentator for the World Poker Tour, Mike Sexton, as our Ambassador and spokesman.

Products / Services

Action Clock & Protection Poker/ Leasing and Royalties

The poker industry could use a shot in the arm. Protection Poker and our Action Clock provide solutions to the two most glaring weaknesses in the poker world. They both enhance live, tournaments and televised poker as well as online play and real money poker apps and websites. The Action Clock speeds up the pace of the game, while Protection Poker evolves the game allowing players to play longer and increasing casino revenue all while attracting new players and bringing back old players . Both are implemented by using our software on a touch screen interface and displayed to the gaming players. Using out IT, IP and our experience in the gaming industry we have made these products and services extremely user friendly while adding excitement to poker as a whole. The above products and services are the initial products of G.A.M.E., LLC, which has more IP in our portfolio.



Chief Executive Officer
Cavin Quintanilla

Cavin Quintanilla

Over 10 years in the gaming industry. Tournament Director & Casino Host in one of the largest poker casinos in the world. Well established with leading executives in major casinos and throughout the poker industry . Has an outstanding track record of introducing and inventing new gaming concepts and structures, and taking them all the way through launch in the industry with overwhelming success. Poker, business and an unlimited passion, vision and imagination is in his DNA, a true leader that understand anything is possible with the right team.

Chief Operating Officer
Kent McLaren

Kent McLaren

Executive Sales – Fortune 500 Co. – Stanley Hardware. 30 years as the official Scorer Regional manager of sales with a vast experience in the corporate and sales world. An avid competitive and recreational poker player. Passionate about G.A.M.E., LLC and it’s products and potential.

Consulting Advisor
Mike Sexton

Mike Sexton

Known as “The Ambassador of Poker” and the host of the World Poker Tour since its inception in 2002. Helped launch PartyPoker.com and is a member of the Poker Hall of Fame.

Chief Financial Officer
Mickey Harrison

Mickey Harrison

11 years of leadership and coordination of all company financing for multiple restaurants in major hotels.


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Chief Executive Officer - Cavin Quintanilla

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