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Jul 7, 2016 6:13 PM ET

Archived: Wintegreat – A concrete solution for the integration of refugees and asylum seekers.

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 7, 2016


A concrete solution for the integration of refugees and asylum seekers



At Wintegreat, we act for the social, professional and academic integration of refugees and asylum seekers. We are convinced that a society where everyone can find their place and express their full potential is possible.

This is why we offer full, free and certifying programs in prestigious universities and “Grande Ecoles” in France – Sciences Po Paris, ESCP Europe, ESSEC and ICP. These programs are focused on two main axes:

  • French classes: with intensive “FLE” (French as a Foreign Language) classes given by qualified and selected teachers.
  • A strong support so that our students have the means to continue their career path or education in a country that remains new to them.


Although we were a group of only six students we managed to host 7 refugee students at ESCP Europe in September 2015. We were confronted with the horrifying situation of those people who went through the worst and their struggle for getting back a normal life in a society full of barriers. We learned how to know them better and understand their needs so we could find accurate solutions in order to help them continue their career and studies. Even though places to host them existed no solution had ever been offered to them in order to face the obstacles to their success and true integration.

This is why we created an integration program especially built for them in universities and Grandes Ecoles. Of course, it includes French classes as learning French is essential, but it also aims atoffering them a background and giving them insights into a new country where doors are open for them!

  • In January 2016, the first Wintegreat program started in ESCP Europe hosting 20 students.
  • In March 2016, 17 refugee students and asylum seekers entered the program at Sciences Po!
  • We were happy and proud when our students we awarded their certificate at ESCP, thus ending the first episode of what we hope to be a long series.

In September 2016, we want to open those programs in 4 universities and business schools: ESCP Europe, ICP, Sciences Po and ESSEC, in order to multiply our social impact and help more people.


We have chosen to develop those programs in Grandes Ecoles and universities in order to:

  • Guarantee credibility towards firms to those who want to find a job as fast as possible and towards universities to those who want to continue their studies.
  • Enable them to value their capacities so they are no longer considered only as refugees but as potential employees on the labour market or ordinary students. We aim at building “a new us” recreating social bonds and easing their integration by giving them a new background.
  • Create friendships that will last for a lifetime

Students are rewarded with a certificate at the end of the semester or order to confirm their achievements and make it easier for them to continue their education or find a job.

The Wintegreat Integration Program includes:

An upgrade on language skills with :

  • 12 weekly hours of “FLE” (French as a Foreign Language) classes in order to reach the B2 level and pass the DELF (a state-recognized diploma) certifying one’s ability to speak French and study in France.
  • 3 weekly hours in order to improve their English.

A personal support with:

  • Coaching sessions with a French student who was trained and qualified to “give the necessary tools to the Wintegreat student so he can continue his career and educative path”. During these sessions, they both work on the Wintegreat student’s CV, see how he copes with the administrative paperwork he needs to complete, think about his future education or training and prepare possible job interviews.
  • The connection with a mentor, who is an alumni in order to establish connections with the labour market
  • A buddy who actually is a new friend from the university where the program takes place. Those connections aim at recreating the social fabric for real.

Creating a new background in a new country

  • The “Living in France” class which aims at presenting how the French administration works and giving social and cultural insights.
  • Outdoor and cultural activities twice a month in order to hang out and share !

What are the funds for?


About the project owner

Théo Scubla, Co-president as seen by Guillaume Ronzani

This serial entrepreneur with a Southern accent hasn’t waited to be at ESCP to develop various entrepreuneurial projects. With the current situation, he chose to act and think about concrete solutions, that’s how Wintegreat was born. This musician and movie fan conceived, built and developed Wintegreat with a large and ambitious vision.


Eymeric Guinet, Co-president as seen by Théo Scubla

When arriving at ESCP, Eymeric wanted to act concretely and commit himself to a project with a positive impact. That’s why this enthusiastic fellow naturally hopped on the Wintegreat adventure. Since he co-created the NGO, he constructed and accompanied the project, The program and its students always with a subtle- or not so subtle sense of humor ….


Fanny Lemoine, Secrétaire générale as seen by Eymeric Guinet

As she had already been committed to the refugees’ cause for a long time it was obvious for Fanny to quickly join the Wintegreat adventure. The general secretary , full of Spanish energy, gives an attentive and accurate ear to our students and is also  in charge of the program in the different universities. She hopes to dance when the campaign ends !


Marguerite Salles, Responsable coaching et mentoring as seen by Fanny Lemoine

Student at Science Po in the Master in International Development this passionate traveler naturally joined the Wintegreat team. As she lived in Greece and Turkey, she followed the refugees’ route. Her energy and sense of  contact have led  her to supervise the student coaching.


Guillaume Ronzani, Responsable relations établissements as seen by Marguerite Salles

Studying at ESCP, this new technologies fan also loves panda bears. He is responsible for the relations with the different universities hosting a Wintegreat program. A pragmatist and a dreamer , he‘s preparing the next semester with new universities, new students and an app to mix it all !


Joëlle Le Vourc’h, Responsable contenu académique

Emeritus professor at ESCP Europe, this pundit who has  worked in the entire world and heads The French Speaking Chapter of the World Bank Alumni association has made the project possible and supervised the program. Our students were able to appreciate her support and commitment.




  • Alexandre Lederman for his unconditional support
  • Joëlle Le Vourc’h for her precious advice
  • The whole team  : Nikita , Marc , Pierre Alexandre, Antoine, Anas, Valentin
  • ESCP Europe administration and especially our Dean, Frank Bournois
  • Béatrice Collin, Dean of Faculty, all the emeritus teachers Jean-Claude Andreani, Loïc Cadin, Jean-François Delplancke, Philippe Dobler, Jane Kassis, John Kennedy, Pierre Morel, Jean-Michel Saussois, Elisabeth Tissier Desbordes,  for their advice, presence and support along this school year
  • Laurent Habert for the organisation of  FLE classes.
  • All the FLE teachers who contributed to the project.
  • Sarah Froment, Paul Pourchet, Amalia Sourire, Salomé Benoist for their help and the videomaking !
  • Louis Bergogné for the beginning of our video
  • Antoine Carboue et Mathilde Lebrun for our logo
  • Bayan Alfadel, Maryam et Timur Merzhoev, Nzar Abdulwahab, Waleed Dahiyya, Abulgacem Babikr, Saïd Al Khaled, Raed Alhelou, Rateb Abou Zeid Agha, Abdel Hamid Al Ayoub, Mohammed Awudella, Monir Ibrahim, Hamze Ghalebi, Abel Matika Toko, Fadi Omar for their trust and commitment: you’re our inspiration
  • Shahm Maskoun for the ideal he represents
  • Sarah Carroen, Maelis Pouzet, et Faye Nzegang for their support and our common reflexion
  • Morgan Caron et David Dadon for their incredible generosity and the app they made in order to ease the registrations process and the access to the information for the future students
  • Marie-Pierre Ravilly for helping Rateb Abou Zeid Agha
  • Fadwa Ouardani et Côme Paternault in ESSEC, Marion Roy et Lucie Giraudon in Institut Catholique de Paris, Alyette Tritsch et Etienne Bergès in Sciences Po
  • Grace, Julia, Hai Ha, Louisa and the whole Kiron team
  • The whole MakeSense team for their support and advice
  • Our families and friends : our biggest supports
  • You, without whom nothing would be possible


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