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Jul 7, 2016 4:27 PM ET

Vēmos – Manage events & nightlife venues with a single platform

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 7, 2016


Manage events & nightlife venues with a single platform


Introducing Vēmos – the consolidated management platform event and nightlife owners have been clamoring for.  Our team has created the industry’s first full  event and venue operations system.  Like competing options, Vēmos was designed to better manage venues and events; but unlike the rest, we centralize everything. Our fully integrated technology system allows nightlife venues and event organizers to manage, understand, and grow their business from a single dashboard.

Our seven-person team loves technology and seeks to solve core problems with software..  We’re driven by a clear mission to improve our customers’ businesses through one simple interface that can be adopted by anybody.  Our customers are presented with an incredibly user-friendly suite of features that also allow for customizable third party app integrations – meaning no matter what else you currently use, you can connect it all within Vēmos. It also has both web and mobile capabilities, with iOS and Android apps available in their respective stores.


Vēmos is a true 360-degree platform, with eyes on every aspect of your business.  It helps bar and nightclub owners:

  • Visualize their complete business through one centralized dashboard to monitor all aspects of the business to help make optimal business decisions
  • Manage every operational function – from reservations, to transactions, to personnel
  • Collect valuable data about their guests, staff, and venue during every minute of operations

In addition to its value as a pure venue management system, Vēmos is also a full-fledged event management solution – equally ideal for recurring events (like weekly concerts) or large annual events (like galas and music festivals). It provides event managers with all of the functions listed above, while also easing their concerns through an additional ticketing service that gets them their money right away.  While most ticketing sites hold your revenues until after the event, Vēmos integrates with stripe so all payments go directly into your bank account.

A deep set of features helps venue owners and event managers get a leg up on competition.  Check out a few highlights:

Personified Data – The guessing game is over. Every action is traced back to your analytics dashboard, where you can make better data-driven business decisions to increase future revenue. Plus, you’ll uncover key guest details, such as in-depth customer profiles, past attendance details, and purchasing data to give true personalized service. With multiple easy-to-read graphs depicting your performance in real-time, you’ll understand exactly how you’re running and where you can optimize.

Your Branding – Your guests no longer have to be redirected away from your website to purchase a ticket. Our events system embeds on any website without our branding being present. What’s more is you can customize your events section to fit your own branding and color scheme. Don’t have a website? No problem. Use our landing pages that are also aligned with your branding. Your customers will always feel like they’re purchasing directly through you and not a separate ticketing service.

Automate Your Website – No more updating your website every time you have a new event. Our tools and plug-ins automate this for you, including calendar, flyers, and custom branding. Embed your events section on your website, and see your events populate in real-time as you create events in your Vēmos dashboard. Your events and tickets are managed in your one dashboard and published on your site in a click of a button.

Connect Your Accounts – Our number one priority is making your business better. That’s why we allow you to connect all your accounts together in one dashboard through third-party app integrations, including mobile bidding systems, marketing systems, and more. Information flows seamlessly between your services automatically so you never have to re-enter or duplicate information in each account.

Easy Mobile Solutions – Our mobile apps make it easy for you to sell tickets to your event on-the-go, turning you into a mobile box office. They’re also synced with your web dashboard so you always know what’s going on, and guests are automatically added to the guest list with a ticket scanning functionality for easy digital check-ins at the door.

Money in the Bank – Most ticketing sites hold your money until after the event to cut you a check. Not us. We integrated our services with Stripe so all payments go directly into your account as soon as that transaction is made. This way, you earn your revenue leading up to your event rather than making up for your expenses weeks after.


We’re a team of technology enthusiasts who seek to increase our customers’ businesses through one simple interface that:


While technology is our sweet spot, we’ve developed our vision alongside our customers to ensure your everyday problems are solved through simplistic tools. And as your business grows, we’ll grow right alongside with you. After all, continued evolution ensures your business and our platform are always improving to fulfill your needs.



Our team first graced the dance floor back in 2011, when Vēmos was launched as a consumer product for bottle service in Minneapolis, MN. Since then, we pivoted to a B2B operations system to help event and venue owners become more profitable. We’ve been hard at work researching, adding features, and acquiring users, and have now hit the scene as an all-encompassing management solution.  Some top accomplishments to date include:

User presence established. Since adding iOS and Android apps in 2013, we’ve collected over 1,000 users. 70% of them were acquired through inbound searches!

IP protection is coming. The proprietary process by which we track spending is protected under a patent pending.

The revenue model’s working. In less than three years of revenue generation, we’ve accumulated over $540,000.

Hundreds are benefitting. Over 120 venues now have Vēmos working for them.  We also made the jump into mega-events, festivals, and charity galas in 2015.

We’re getting noticed. Awards we’ve won or been finalists for include the Silicon Valley Business App Awards, Tech Cocktail Minnesota, and Tech Cocktail National.  We’re also an ongoing contributing author to Nightclub & Bar Magazine and speak at their annual trade show.

We’re lining up partnerships. Mobile bidding solution Galabid has partnered with us to provide a better experience to our gala managers and attendees.

Our plan for the upcoming year is to continue building on what makes us unique – our centralization and integration capabilities.  We’ll continue adding to our software-to-software capabilities by integrating even more APIs, giving us appeal to even more potential users.  Feature additions are another key element of our future plan, with many ready and waiting in the development queue.  This plan, coupled with our aggressive sales and marketing strategy, will have us aligned for a strategic acquisition by an industry leader in around 2020 – and a very profitable exit for investors.


License Scanning Technology
Integrate the ability to digitally scan licenses and state IDs. This will allow our customers to not only verify age, but it also collects valuable data on guests and creates a network of patrons who have caused issues at other establishments.

Further POS Integration
Integrate with more POS providers to further sync spending data for our customers. This gives them greater access to understand the full picture of spending inside the venue/event.

Mobile Payment
Integrating 3rd party mobile payment solutions to increase our customers’ operations & collect individual patron spend data

We have many features identified in our product development queue that will allow us to better service both the nightlife and event segments.


Parag is the founder and visionary leader of Vēmos. He travels the country working with various venues and events to help them better their business. His keen eye for how technology fits in with nightlife operations and how data improves overall business results has led him to become a trusted advisor in this industry.

Throughout his career, Parag has founded numerous successful companies and has been honored with awards for his innovative work. His first tech company was developed while attending college and was named as a finalist in the 2009 Global Student Entrepreneur Awards. He enjoys playing competitive sports, traveling, learning about new technology, and mentoring young entrepreneurs. Parag is a graduate of the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities with a degree in entrepreneurial management.

Whitney manages and oversees the Vēmos organization as a whole, pushing the team to reach milestones on time and in scope to accelerate the company. She also handles the marketing side of the business, and is a respected author and speaker in the nightlife industry.

In addition to her role at Vēmos, she is the chair of the Minnesota Interactive Marketing Association’s technology committee where she manages and operates a team of volunteers to accelerate the efforts of the professional organization. She previously worked at a marketing agency, where her work was recognized by national award organizations including: the PR News CSR Awards, the International Association of Business Communications (IABC) Bronze Quill Awards, the PR Daily Awards, and The Holmes Report SABRE Awards. She enjoys traveling, reading, writing, and coaching gymnastics.  Whitney is a graduate from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities with a degree in professional strategic communication.

Luke leads the Vēmos development team, and is responsible for building the product and managing the development pipeline. His expertise and passion in software development allows him to architect our modern features between web and mobile platforms with an emphasis on UI/UX. He also has a background in teaching software development, which has led him to become an educational source on using new technology.

In addition to being the Director of Technology at Vēmos, he coordinates afterschool and summer coding camps at 15 school districts in the Twin Cities Metro area. He received his bachelor and Master of Science degrees from Iowa State University in Industrial Engineering and previously worked as a software developer at Magenic, where he lead a team of eight developers on internal projects using agile methodologies.

Board of Advisors:

Alan Matthew – Angel investor, member of the Chicago Board of Trade

Jacob Toledo – Prominent nightlife/restaurant owner

Dodd Clasen – Business owner, mentor, investor


Contact Information:

Parag Shah - Founder

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