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Jul 7, 2016 2:53 PM ET

Double Taper – Creates double sided tape from any two rolls of tape for attaching plastic sheeting and masking

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 7, 2016

Double Taper

Creates double sided tape from any two rolls of tape for attaching plastic sheeting and masking.


DoubleTaper is the only solution of its kind: an ingenious device that dispenses double-sided tape from any two standard rolls.

Our patent-protected device can be used to attach plastic sheeting and masking before painting or construction jobs in a fraction of the time it takes now.

With the time and money saved, DoubleTaper pays for itself in no time.


A drywall contractor since 1998, Shad Gibson found himself on a job one day in 2008. He faced a common problem: he needed to attach plastic to the top of every wall, in every room of a large four-bedroom house, to protect the house from acoustic ceiling texture removal. The bid for the job had been competitive, and now Shad had to find a way to save time and money to make the job profitable.

What he came up with—a plywood prototype with wooden wheels—eventually turned into DoubleTaper. That day, he saved $400 dollars in labor costs.


Proper masking is critical to a job well done, and so to a contractor’s finished product, and his or her reputation. But proper masking also takes a significant amount of time to apply.

The time-consuming process of applying proper masking has been a necessary evil for contractors the world over.

Until now.


DoubleTaper dramatically cuts the time needed to apply proper masking. By applying two rolls of tape in opposite directions simultaneously, doors can be masked off in as little as two minutes.



DoubleTaper can be used with any 3-inch tape:

…so it works with the tape you already use to get the job done, and you can even use different combinations of tape depending on the application. And because it applies the tape uniformly, it forms a superior bond for better site protection.


Using DoubleTaper couldn’t be simpler. Simply load two rolls of tape in the machine, then apply.  

DoubleTaper protects delicate surfaces while forming a superior seal, and it does it in a fraction of the time. No other product does what DoubleTaper does. It pays for itself in labor savings in a single use.


The response to DoubleTaper throughout the industry has been phenomenal.

When we demoed our product at the 2015 National Hardware Show in Vegas, several leading tape manufacturers lined up to be the first to get their hands on a production model. We already have contractors in the field using prototypes, and the reviews are overwhelmingly positive.

In August 2015, DoubleTaper was awarded a utility patent for our unique design. Up next: a smaller, lighter-duty version for homeowners is in the pipeline.

For more information about what’s next for DoubleTaper and how you can be a part of it, please request access to the Business Plan tab of this profile! 


Drywall contractor of 17 years and the inventor of Double Taper, Shad manages design development and ensures a consistent quality of production.

Jesse is a real estate sales expert, using his skills to assess costs and strategies with investors.

Sherre has extensive experience managing offices for construction and painting companies. She handles books, invoices, and contracts.


Contact Information:

Shad Gibson - President

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