A better way to achieve higher levels of mental and physical performance: Introducing the KingFit health and wellness platform – bringing education and proactive prevention and performance programs to the world of healthcare technology. - iCrowdNewswire

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Jul 7, 2016 1:09 PM ET

A better way to achieve higher levels of mental and physical performance: Introducing the KingFit health and wellness platform – bringing education and proactive prevention and performance programs to the world of healthcare technology.

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 7, 2016


A better way to achieve higher levels of mental and physical performance.


Introducing the KingFit health and wellness platform – bringing education and proactive prevention and performance programs to the world of healthcare technology.  

We bring together the best features of the most powerful platforms, and connect individuals to healthcare professionals, and community health opportunities. In contrast to other solutions, we are more affordable and more driven by educating users – breaking down common barriers that exist when trying to get healthier.

Our service is not the first of its kind, but it is by FAR the most affordable, most diverse, and most scalable in the healthcare industry.  Clients are already getting healthier thanks to our current system  Long-term health starts in the mind.  Join KingFit and change the way you think about your health and your potential.


While some of it is genetic, dietary issues are the primary driving force behind the disease – issues that are rooted in a lack of scalable prevention programs.  Not having access to accredited programs and powerful tools, and not understanding how to manage diets or even how to slightly improve health and wellness is making what is a treatable condition more of a burden than it should be.  And a huge burden it is – with healthcare costs soaring due to 4.6 million diabetes-related deaths each year.

In certain pockets of our nation, this lack of diabetic education and prevention and really stand out.  Take Kansas: though 10 nationally accredited Diabetes Prevention Programs do exist in the Sunflower State, 6 of them reside in Wichita or Kansas City.  This makes them inaccessible to most Kansans – and leaves the majority of the state’s 1,000,000-plus diabetics and prediabetics without the guidance they need.

Total direct medical expenses for diabetes in Kansas, as a whole, were estimated at $2 billion in 2012.  Kansas and other Midwest states need a scalable and affordable solution that’s in line with our nation’s changing healthcare system – one that’s focused on prevention and quality of care..  The CDC’s nationally accredited diabetes prevention program initiative is a step in the right direction; however, the system still has holes.  Companies like Omada Health have paved the way with their tech-savvy online platform; now, the time is perfect for an even better solution that’s more focused on effective education and treatment.


The KingFit Hub for health & wellness merges the top features of the most engaging apps in the world today.  Companies like Facebook, Twitter, and Diabetes Connect have proven the power of the community – and that’s where it all starts for us.  Creating a health and wellness community that delivers real-time data is the top priority of the KingFit platform.

Page two of the platform will deliver health metrics to the user in real-time. The page will connect with the latest wearables like the Fitbit and Apple Watch, and also with a hospital’s EHR system, making it possible to share health information with healthcare providers across secure channels.  Page three includes the exercise and nutrition regime, powered by IBM Watson Health.  The days of health coaches writing out exercise and nutrition prescriptions are over.  Thanks to IBM’s Watson Jr, our platform will deliver automated personalized exercise and nutrition programs that actually learn from the user and self-develop as the user progresses.  The user will have access to a bank of recipes, be able to build grocery lists, and plan meals with the touch of a button. Our smart GPS will locate the most optimal location for getting the ingredients required.

Page three will also include exercise videos and instructions. The user will be able to follow their routine in real-time. Finally, we have page four – which provides the user with the program modules. The National Diabetes Prevention Program is one of the numerous options the user has. Other options include Next-Level performance for the everyday athlete and Optimal Living for the aging population.  The platform also provides micro-module options including 30-days of Yoga, Advanced Goal Setting, and Introduction to Mindfulness. The modules will be driven by automated interactive lesson plans, and entertaining educational videos.  We will collect powerful user health data through weekly wellness journals within the health program modules.

By providing users with a health coaching platform to guide daily health decisions, and keeping prices low, we’re giving diabetics – and anyone, for that matter – a new way to change their lives.

And when we say anyone, we mean it.  The utilization of a SaaS model gives KingFit the capability to reach and impact anyone – from underserved states like Kansas to huge metropolitan areas.  We’re not limited to just diabetics, either; in fact, our ultimate vision is to leverage education to influence general health and wellness improvement for the masses.  Though our initial focus is on diabetics, the KingFit platform has been crafted as an everyday health app – giving it significant added value.


The path to a new and healthier “you” starts with a simple registration onto our user-friendly onboarding portal.  Then, after a general health screen and familiarization with our platform, you’ll meet your very own Lifestyle Coach through a few emails right from the experts themselves.  They’ll get you on track towards your customized solution by explaining how your personalized portal and program work, setting your start date, and getting you excited for your upcoming change!

Then, it’s time to get to business.  Our go-to market program is the KingFit Lifestyle Change Program – Building on the CDC’s National Diabetes Prevention Program, the lifestyle change program is 16 weeks long and divided into these four phases:

The four phases are delivered through your platform and communicated via automated video, text, and email channels.  The platform allows you to keep track of your progress, view current and future tasks, compete in challenges against others or yourself, and gives you a 24/7 line to your Lifestyle Coach.  Your coach is there every step of the way not only to help keep you on track; but also to hear your concerns and proactively guide you through the toughest daily health decisions.

Just a handful more of our virtually endless collection of features and benefits:

Your personalized portal is broken down into four easy-to-navigate sections: a Community page, Data Analytics page, Regimen page (featuring meal planner, recipe bank, workouts, and videos, and learning modules.  Live community support, through your Lifestyle Coach, is always there too

Our platform, and its communication elements, are fully automated while still being personalized towards the individual.

We check the boxes on all CDC requirements for diabetes direction, while also including behavioral psychology elements.

We use the waist to height ratio instead of weight or BMI to track your progress.

The KingFit nutrition regime is THE MOST SIMPLE regime for creating powerful new habits. We do not count calories, log every meal, or worry about macros. We simply focus on “smart choices”, and allow our clients to see how they are performing in real time.

Your portal is easily integrated into other popular health apps, including Fitbit, RunKeeper, Moves, Strava, and more.


Things are getting exciting here at KingFit, especially in the past few months.  Back in March, we began our pointed marketing efforts towards the Wichita community.  We’ve had success acquiring customers so far – and are fully prepared for the rapid increases we’ll see once funds are raised.  Check out some of the more impressive milestones we’ve crossed on our way to this promising position:

Market presence established.  Our $55/month program – which contains 32 videos, 16 wellness journals, and a number of other features – is on the market and 90% automated.

Users are rolling in.  Despite marketing spend of just $100, we’ve acquired 15 clients and are growing every day.

Our platform is capable.  The KingFit platform currently has the automated capacity to serve 5,000 clients. The new platform we will develop with the funds will be able to serve millions of individuals.

We’re getting noticed.  A partnership with the Greater Wichita YMCA and an endorsement by the American Diabetes Association of Wichita are amongst our top achievements in public recognition. On June 1st, Miguel Johns was the only “non-doctor/professor” invited to speak at the Wichita HealthCare Innovation Summit.  At the conclusion of the presentation Miguel was approached by Chris Young, a VP for Ascension Health. Ascension Health is the largest religion based insurance agency in the United States. They expand across 24 states, and own 165 hospitals, including Wichita’s largest hospital, Via Christi. Through a partnership with Ascension Health, KingFit will pilot its health platform in a real healthcare setting.  We’ve also landed former Pulse CEO Basil Hourani as an advisor. Basil is playing a big role in the process of developing a partnership with Ascension Health.

Real results delivered.  The KingFit program delivers.  Just ask Michelle – who lost 22 pounds and 8% body fat in her first 12 weeks – and Amie, who lost 42 pounds total with KingFit. A health platform would allow us to scale this lifestyle change program, and make a significant effort at slowing down the diabetes epidemic.


The KingFit castle is occupied by a team of driven young executives with a shared vision to help the world’s people live healthier lives.  We’re led by Miguel Johns, our Founder, CEO, and culture-shaper.  Coming from nothing, Miguel worked hard to build his expertise as an Exercise Scientist, Personal Trainer, and Nutritional Coach – and has since gained a passion for entrepreneurship.  As CEO, he holds final decision-making authority while formulating ideal strategies for our future development.  He’s joined by this formidable team:

An MBA and experienced pharmaceutical sales rep, Bradford assists with key company growth decisions – especially on the financial end.

A Modine Manager who also holds an MBA, Clint’s focus is on daily operations – especially team management.

Currently serves as an Engineer for Spirit Aerosystems while pursuing a double Masters; a key data anaylsis expert for us.

MBA who serves as our attorney and valuable CPA liaison.

Previous Strength & Conditioning Coach for three different Division 1 NCAA programs; will direct all wellness-related elements of our platform.

Our execs are supported by a more-than-capable Board of Advisors, which includes the following members:

  • Former Pulse Founder/CEO Basil Hourani
  • Weigand & Sons CFO Peggy Ward
  • AimNorth Communications CEO Rick Ralston
  • SimCave COO Tony Schy
Contact Information:

Bradford Thompson - Vice President

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