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Jul 6, 2016 7:28 AM ET

Archived: Welterlen Equity Partners-III LP is a new California Limited Partnership formed to enable private investment in the Welterlen Equity Partners Trading Fund.

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 6, 2016

Welterlen Equity Partners

Santa Barbara, CA 93105, US
Financial Services

Welterlen Equity Partners-III LP is a new California Limited Partnership formed to enable private investment in the Welterlen Equity Partners Trading Fund. We are launching a new variation of our original fund that has been successful for more than 10 years.

This new fund has two distinct advantages. We have created a way to achieve superior returns while providing:
• Complete confidentiality along with
• Tax-free earnings for the Limited Partners.
This is accomplished through the way we have structured dividend distributions. We are allowing the Limited Partners to re-invest all accrued dividends for the full term of the partnership, a period of 5 years. At the end of this 5-year term the partnership will be liquidated and the Limited Partners will receive a simple return of capital.
During the duration of the fund’s term the General Partner will pay all relevant and necessary taxes so that the Limited Partners incur no personal tax liability. This new variation does two very important things. First, as stated above, Limited Partners do not incur a personal tax liability for the profits of the fund and second, because there are no K-1 distributions, no tax ID or income information needs to be passed along to the tax authority. This allows a level of confidentiality that was previously not available to Limited Partners.
The only requirement is that the Limited Partners keep their investment on file within the fund for the full term of the partnership, 5 years. This new approach is one that allows maximum returns, minimal risk, tax-preferred status and complete confidentiality.
We welcome you to take advantage of this newest trend, to come “on-shore” (but under the radar) when seeking a tax advantaged, confidential investment rather going “off-shore” where so much scrutiny and regulation are being focused of late.

Products / Services

Private Trading Fund

Welterlen Equity Partners is a private trading fund designed to generate income via stock market trading. Much like a wholesale/retail business we buy and sell single stocks achieving our 2%-4% profit per trade and then move on to the next opportunity. Our goal has always been to create profitable sales that yield 1% overall profit per week, do this for 35 to 40 weeks per year, and to distribute the profits to our partners. Our new fund will allow us to keep re-investing dividends to provide a tax-advantaged vehicle for investors to achieve great returns without creating unwanted tax liabilities. We are also the place to invest for partners that prefer a confidential investment relationship. We will never need to disclose partner information to anyone as long as dividends are consistently re-invested for the entire 5 year term of the partnership.

Minimum Partner Capital

To become a Welterlen Equity Partner please contact our office directly at 800.398.3977 or via email at pawmanagement@cox.net and request a copy of our subscription agreement along with the confidential memorandum. Please read our introduction and information letter PDF below. The minimum partner investment is $200,000, the maximum is $10 million per partner. This allows us to provide direct, confidential full service to a small number of exclusive private clients. All partners must currently hold accredited investor status.


One of our highest priorities is to keep the identity of our partners in the strictest confidence. As long as our partners continue to re-invest their dividends for the term of the partnership (5 years), their personal identifying information remains within our highly secure platform. We will never have to share information with any government entity. This allows freedom of deposits and absolute anonymity. Follow the latest trend to go “on-shore” (but under the radar) rather than going “off-shore” when seeking a confidential and tax-advantaged investment vehicle.

Performance and Payout

The Trading Fund is constructed to generate returns of between 7% and 15% for the Limited Partners. Total return of the fund is historically between 11% and 25% (please see chart below). The trading profits are split between the Limited and General Partners according to a simple formula. The Limited Partners receive the first 3% of all trading profits, the remainder is split 50-50 between the Limited and General Partners
Limited Partners do not pay any additional trading fees, loads, capital gains taxes, margin interest, or other commissions. These costs are paid entirely by the General Partner including all relevant and appropriate taxes and filing fees.



Chief Executive Officer
Paul Welterlen

Paul WelterlenMr. Welterlen attended UC Berkeley and received his undergraduate degree in Pittsburgh at Carnegie-Mellon University and received his MBA from Pepperdine University in California. He has successfully managed his own private fund for more than 12 years and is eager to expand his horizons and surround himself with like minded individuals who enjoy out-sized returns and confidential relationships.

Contact Information:

Chief Executive Officer - Paul Welterlen

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