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Jul 6, 2016 12:01 PM ET

Archived: TransCirrus removes risk, complexity, and costs from private cloud adoption. Our product offers less administration and more productivity.

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 6, 2016

TransCirrus Inc.

Research Triangle Park, NC 27709, US
Web Service Software

TransCirrus removes risk, complexity, and costs from private cloud adoption. Our product offers less administration and more productivity.

TransCirrus has taken a business methodology shift and combined it with an emerging technology. As a result, our solution is revolutionary in the industry and in the results it provides.

The methodology shift: For years, internal support organizations have been moving towards self-service support models for the speed and agility it provides. Transcirrus is making the self-service infrastructure model for IT possible. The Transcirrus solution makes it possible for end users to control their private environments. This gives them time back to effectively manage their environment on their own schedule from anywhere.

The technology: TransCirrus has taken the extremely complex cloud management platform called OpenStack, simplified it with the use of automation, and delivered it in a powerful appliance model. We call it the TransCirrus Flex Infrastructure (TFI). It is up and running within 5 minutes of answering 14 very simple questions. The entire infrastructure runs on a single appliance, but can be scaled while in production by simply plugging in other resource nodes. This process takes 60 seconds. Lastly, the TransCirrus Flex Infrastructure provides an end-user, self-service portal that can be mastered within minutes. There is NOTHING else on the market as fast as our Flex Infrastructure.

The result: With the TransCirrus product, IT departments retake control of IT security and budgets, bring sensitive data back within firewalls, and win back customer satisfaction and loyalty. Our end users/customers can manage their own complete and private virtual environments by easily building them in less than 2 minutes, without having to rely on IT. TransCirrus makes it possible for the company to be more productive. IT is not burdened with mundane administrative tasks and end users do not have to wait for their environments to proceed with their work.

We have partnered with Red Hat and use their version of the OpenStack technology.

Products / Services

TransCirrus Flex Infrastructure and professional services

Our value is all in the software that we provide, which is based on automation scripts to simplify the use of an underlying technology called OpenStack. We have developed our own management and user interface to ensure that our solution is simple use. An end user is able to create a complete virtual environment in less than 2 minutes. This is a task that takes about 12 minutes doing it in AWS’ public cloud.
Our solution is available as a turnkey appliance or as software only, depending on the desires of our customers.
We also have a proprietary scale out protocol called zero connect that allows the customer to easily expand the cloud computing environment by adding compute and/or storage resources in a non-disruptive manner while in production. This greatly simplifies the administration of the environment.
We also provide professional services to help clients navigate the road towards cloud computing solutions.



President Executive Officer
Ingemar Lanevi

Ingemar Lanevi

Contact Information:

President Executive Officer - Ingemar Lanevi

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