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Jul 6, 2016 5:02 PM ET

Archived: Joseph – Jazart Graphic Tees is an exciting new business that allows people to buy original graphic art designs from the Jazart art collection

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Joseph’s story

I am Joseph Angel (Jazart Rex to the art community). I would love an opportunity for everyone to experience my artwork on multiple mixed mediums.

I was born and raised in New York City, where numerous eclectic artists encircled my life from the young age of 9 years old, influencing me toward discovering the fascinating world of art. It all started one day when I created a single drawing for a class project, then it grew to a few sketches for friends, and finally a small painting I made which was hung at the entrance of my school building during my last year of middle school. My art teachers guided me toward rolling into the High School of Art and Design where I studied a full range of art disciplines for four years. There I got the opportunity to be a student of Dr. Irwin Gross, a prominent teacher in American Art. Under his tutelage, I gained the passion for art, which continues to burn in my heart today.

After graduating, I went on to the New York School of Interior Design for two years. Soon after, I followed my interests in media education at The Center for Media Arts in New York City. There I learned all aspects of film & television production. I started and have carried my art/media production company for thirty years now, connecting with extraordinary people from around the world.

Today, I am an eclectic artist with several art disciplines. My accomplishments include two feature films, one of which won an international award. My art also entails cinematography, photography, graphic arts, visual art, branding, marketing, merchandising, digital art, set design, multimedia, art direction, painting, illustration, fashion, while specializing in web art & design.

Realistically, I believe that there are hundreds of art pieces that have evolved out from my heart which include many influential public personalities, clients, projects, organizations, posters, trailers, films, websites, entertainers, musicians, as well as oil paintings on celebrities like Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Lady Gaga, my students, friends and family and a loved one whom I’ve shared a moment along the path of my life. There are so many art concepts I have done that I’ve lost track of the number. Who knows, you might even see a painting of yourself in my art collection in the future. I’ve been creating and building my private collection to release to the world now through Jazart Graphic Tees t-shirt clothing company.


This loan is special because:

It helps this graphic t-shirt business expand and promote art in the Brooklyn, NY area.

Kiva staff

More about this loan

Business Description

Business Profile

Jazart Graphic Tees is an exciting new business that allows people to buy original graphic art designs from the Jazart art collection. There are six designs to pick from per-season for the first year. Each exclusive designs will be made available on our all-new store website as well as in small boutiques throughout New York City. The price of each unique custom shirt design will range from very affordable to high-end (specifically the design on the front or back).

What is the purpose of this loan?

We plan to expand Jazart Graphic Tees through the power of computer sublimation to allow unique design shirt printing in production runs as small units to hundreds of prints on shirts. The new company will be set up as a New York L.L.C. Jazart Graphic Tees will have a storefront in Bushwick Brooklyn, New York within three years. We will construct an all new website that allows ordering to occur anywhere at any time effective immediately upon receiving the loan. We are starting small by creating a limited collection of a one of kind original artwork on a t-shirt in several different design sizes, each having a certificate of authenticity. We will introduce a limited oil on canvas print of each shirt design made available in multiple sized frames for customers to purchase. The original oil paintings will be available for sale a year after the first run of the design on the t-shirts has ended. We will also look to grow toward offering our customers their own custom t-shirt design.

What is the purpose of this loan?

Products Jazart Graphic Tees will offer customers a variety of options from our unique original designs, to creating their own custom shirts. The majority of orders will be for t-shirts, however other style shirts will be available. Jazart Graphic Tees has developed a strategic relationship with BKNY Printing. We will use their printer sublimation technology that allows a computer image to be applied to a shirt in a high quality, high resolution, economically feasible manner. This technology creates an image durable enough to withstand thousands of washings. Its photo-like quality, due to significantly higher printer resolution than anything on the market, will show off any image. The technology is cost effective enough to offer customers the ability to order just one unit. Most other competitors’ costs prohibit printing custom shirts in one-off production runs. Finally, the customer may choose from our extensive library of existing images, supply their own image, or have Jazart Rex create an image for them.

Competitive Edge Jazart Graphic Tees has two sustainable competitive edges to assist them in market penetration. The first edge is our enormous catalog of graphic images. Also by establishing strategic partnerships with companies that have existing graphic image libraries, Jazart Graphic Tees is able to offer an unprecedented number of options. Their second edge is the high quality of sublimation offered. From previous work experience, Joseph has established close business and personal ties with BKNY’s printing and will exclusively be using prototype technology that offers an unprecedented high resolution sublimation process for shirts.

Management Jazart Graphic Tees will be led by Joseph Angel and aside from his other business experiences, this is not his first t-shirt venture. While in college, Joseph produced and sold tie-dye shirts. This early business experience gave Joseph valuable insight into the market, the products, and the customer’s needs and desires. Since leaving college, Joseph worked in Banana Republic clothing store in New York, and it was this experience that provided useful business and professional contacts within the fashion sublimation technology industry that he is currently leveraging. Also after three years in marketing at his own media company. Joseph will use his educational skills, his technological business contacts, and his previous fashion industry experience to make Jazart Graphic Tees profitable. Sales forecasts indicate that Jazart Graphic Tees will achieve sterling sales for years two and three respectively. Net profit will correspondingly be untarnished

About Jazart

Industry: Arts
Years in operation: 6 months – 1 year
Website: jazart.com


A loan of $10,000 helps Joseph expand the business by creating inventory for New York Boutique stores, marketing and a new online store.

Contact Information:


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