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Jul 6, 2016 10:20 EST

The Interceptor – Nicola Tesla – Aversion Studios: The Interceptor-Cyberpunk Noir, Is a game concept of artistic quality that is based around the research of Nicola Tesla

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 6, 2016


The Interceptor – Nicola Tesla – Aversion Studios

A Technology project Liverpool, United Kingdom

The Interceptor-Cyberpunk Noir, Is a game concept of artistic quality that is based around the research of Nicola Tesla. Built with UE4 🙂


The Interceptor is a game that is in working concept stage developed by Aversion Studios.


It is a detective game based around the late great Nikola Tesla (Technical Assistant),  and the target genre is Cyberpunk Noir.


The Interceptor is set in a parallel reality to our own historic records of the early 1900s. In this alternate timeline a 1No.  Mr. Nicola Tesla is alive and well and has been conducting research in the field of magnetic levitation, teleportation and other high powered electrical applications.


Teslas’ research has led to many advances in this timeline and such things as hover cars, biological modifications, and high powered plasma weapons are commonplace. Nicola has ushered in a new dawn of electronic and human integration and in the new  ‘Cybernetic Revolution’,  hence changing the rules of the environment in which we live.


The world is a much different place than the one we recognise, due to an asteroid strike, the oceans have swelled, mankind has been reduced to a headcount in the mere millions. The remaining humans live scattered on the last peaks of dry land and he majority live in humongous custom built floating cities.


The research conducted by the great Nikola Tesla, regarding the one way valve with no moving parts, has made the construction of the city with massive floating hulls a possiblity.


The cities are under constant siege by the elements( mother nature) and combatants(alien invaders) of unkown origin. There lies a complex of space faring vessles that hover in geosynchronous orbit above the city, people are free to move to and from space on the pateneted Tesla space ray.


There are enemies lurking in the shadows……..


Was the asteroid strike that flooded earth from an extraterrestrial source and not simply a bad coincidence….


There’s only one person we can rely on to get to the bottom of this.


You, the player will control and decide the path which is most richeous. You are a private Investigator Hector Eckhart, you have ties to the criminal and legal worlds alike, your choices take you to your ultimate destiny.


The inspiration for the game came from years of being an avid fan of games such as Deus Ex, Bioshock, Mass Effect and Dishonoured.


The game mechanics have been programmed into the Unreal Engine 4 using C++.


Artwork, models and anims created in Blender 3D.


We have very little overhead and if funded we will begin to develop stage one of a five part series of games that will be developed in conjunction with user feedback.


The game will firstly be made available via the Steam distribution store on PC and then further ports to Microsoft and Sony consoles and the possibility of VR.


Pledges will be rewarded as specified and all pledgees will recieve a copy of the finished product.


Contact Information:


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