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Jul 6, 2016 7:33 PM ET

Archived: Dance Movement Therapy in Greece, A unique opportunity to study dance/movement therapy and dance & social justice in Greece.

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 6, 2016

Dance Movement Therapy in Greece

Dear Friends,

My heart calls me to a unique opportunity to study dance/movement therapy and dance & social justice in Greece. This program is the next step for me to explore the healing effects of dance and bring them to our communities in an intentional and informed way.


As a teaching artist and dancer, I believe in using dance to discover authenticity within ourselves and in relation to others as a way to foster compassion and empower our communities. This program, LivingDance, was developed by Dr. Danielle Frankel to teach people how to use the joy of creative movement to make positive, lasting changes in their lives. LivingDance synthesizes knowledge of human development, creativity, dance, counseling, and body-mind integrity.


Studying with Dr. Frankel is an opportunity to learn from an innovator in dance movement therapy. For the last three decades, she has brought her approach to hospitals, wellness centers, families, children and adults seeking healing and connection. In this program, we will work closely with the Greek community and with children diagnosed with autism at the local hospital.


My particular interest is working with young women to restore self-worth, identity, creativity and voice that will extend benefits into all parts of their lives. LivingDance will expose me to an approach that synthesizes my interests in dance, therapy, and social justice to inform my journey to empower and unite our communities through dance.


I believe dance is a healing art form. When we move creatively in a safe environment, we are able to let go of self judgement and build empathy and compassion for others. I want to use this art form to connect people from different backgrounds, to restore self-worth and identity, and empower creativity and voice within those who have been disenfranchised or persecuted. 


Though I work hard in multiple jobs to support this work, I must raise additional funds to cover the program fee. I would not be where I am today without the support of my community. If your heart calls you to support, thank you. I am deeply grateful.


With love,



To learn more about the program visit http://www.kinections.com/

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me personally if you have questions at hayleyshannon25@gmail.com



Contact Information:

Hayley Shannon

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