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Jul 6, 2016 3:13 PM ET

Archived: Bika | The First Modern Bike Rack Crafted from Kill Wood: Crafted from exotic and distinctive pine beetle kill wood, Bika elegantly displays your bike, holds your gear, and mitigates pollution

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 6, 2016

Bika | The First Modern Bike Rack Crafted from Kill Wood






Crafted from exotic and distinctive pine beetle kill wood, Bika elegantly displays your bike, holds your gear, and mitigates pollution.



About this project








 Does your bike have the home it deserves?

Whether you’re a weekend biker, a hardcore cyclist, or a fixed gear fanatic, you’ll love Bika’s blend of sustainability and contemporary design. Bika is elegant and simple, crafted to be the perfect companion for the urban cyclist. It’s the only premium bike rack that features beautifully blue, CO2-offsetting pine beetle kill wood. Bika is a multi-functional bike rack that proudly showcases your prized chariot, provides room for your gear, and keeps your keys at the ready.


Pine beetle affected trees release immense amounts of CO2, so much that it equals to 3.7 million cars on the road per year. If these trees are not used, they will even emit methane gas. By choosing pine beetle kill wood, you are are mitigating pollution, reducing the risk of wildfires, strengthening the economy, and revitalizing our beautiful forests. 




Inspired by the minimalism of Japanese and contemporary design, Bika embraces nature while providing function to your every day. Gorgeous, uninterrupted surfaces emphasize the beauty of exotic pine beetle kill wood, telling a story of devastation and rebirth.


Be bold. Be blue. Bika is crafted from pine beetle kill wood, which is sustainable, strong, and absolutely stunning. The pine beetle’s presence creates a bold blue color in the wood, yet the strength is the same as conventional lumber.


Bika eliminates the need for three separate products by combining a key holder, shelf, and an indoor bike rack all in one. Bika also keeps your bike flush with your wall, saving precious space in your home.


No veneers or particle board here – Bika features durable solid wood construction, precise joinery and elegantly hidden fasteners. Bika is built to last, by woodworkers with over 50 years of experience.


You want to help the environment, but also benefit from utility. Bika combines localsustainable materials with sophisticated minimalist design, so you no longer need to make sacrifices to be eco-friendly.


Bika prototype testing
Bika prototype testing

Bika can support your bike and anything you can throw at it. It’s been prototype tested to support up to 120 lbs.

Bika comes fully assembled so you don’t need to break a sweat putting it together. All you need is to find a stud, and you’re good to go. All hardware provided, including screws and two sets of plugs.

Bika is designed to fit a wide range of road, fixed gear, mountain, BMX bikes, and more. Not sure about your fit? Send us a message and we’ll sort it out for you.


By supporting Bika, you become a part of the Re-Tree Movement. We’ll plant a tree in your name to help restore Canadian forests. Included with every reward level over $10 CAD.


Killwood Stickers
Killwood Stickers


Killwood Keychain
Killwood Keychain


Botto Bottle opener
Botto Bottle opener


Beetle Grey Killwood T-Shirts
Beetle Grey Killwood T-Shirts



Killwood is proud to keep things local. We’re based in Vancouver, Canada, a place that prides itself on its natural beauty and eco conscious community. Bika is crafted in BC by Canadian woodworkers with locally sourced kill wood. 




Risks and challenges

Manufacturing: Our products are meticulously hand-crafted and built to last, so each product requires time, and careful attention. This means that if there is very high demand, then non-Early Bird backers may experience slight delays. The uniqueness of each piece of wood means that each Bika will have their own distinctive character. Our skilled craftsmen use this natural variation in creative ways, making each Bika one-of-a-kind.

Shipping: If there is exceptionally high demand for Bika, there may be a slight delay in the delivery of the non-Early Bird Bikas. Delivery estimates are as accurate as possible, however, some countries may receive the product much earlier than estimated, or slightly later. With international delivery, duties may apply. Delivery is handled by outside entities – shipping companies, and Canada Post. Therefore, there is an inherent risk of damage by the outside party. However, both Bika and its packaging have been carefully designed to be extremely structurally sound, and to arrive safely at your door.

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