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Jul 5, 2016 4:01 PM ET

Archived: www.pre.vu – Syncronising all our photos and videos from an event or location in one place… A PreVU: The PreVU app will allow an event organiser to create an official page and everyone attending can check in and automatically synchronise their photos and videos

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 5, 2016




Syncronising all our photos and videos from an event or location in one place… A PreVU




How often have you seen hundreds of people all holding their phones up at an event to film or to take photos? Yet you never get to see the results… 

The Problem:

Whether it’s a small party, a large wedding or a huge festival, we rarely get to see the majority of amazing pictures or videos other people have taken, because they’ll be stuck on their devices and left there to gather digital dust.

For example, we are not going to be connected with this year’s 250,000 V Festival goers on Instagram or Twitter, but we’d still like to see their front row pics of Bieber and watch the video as thousands sing-a-long with Rick Astley to Never Gonna Give You Up.

We want to make it easy to get all of their photos and videos into one place. Afterall, how many of those 250,000 people will you have connected with… [Even if we have 200 followers on Instagram, and they’re all at V Festival, that’s less than 0.06% of partygoers!]

What does PreVU do?

The PreVU app will allow an event organiser to create an official page and everyone attending can check in and automatically synchronise their photos and videos to that prevu page, and if you can’t be there, follow the page and watch the action happen.

How do I benefit…

By automating uploads to dedicated PreVU pages we can unleash millions of photos and videos that are trapped on devices, working independently or in conjunction with your private social networks.

With PreVU everyone now gets access to all those amazing pictures and videos that usually get lost.

Users can contribute before, during and after an event – and remain connected to the media that they weren’t ever likely to see.

Better still, you don’t have to worry about posting them to all your social networks as you go, PreVU will take care of it for you automatically if you want.

A Pain saved:

There is no wasted time hashtagging every picture, sorting out stuff you want to share or frustration from having to transfer to others. You multimedia appears alongside everyone elses content from the same event, so you won’t even have to ask to see it.

Privacy in mind…

Of course not everything has to be shared, and PreVU wants to protect people’s privacy.

Don’t feel like sharing?… Turn on ‘privacy mode’ and keep on snapping. Those videos and pics will only appear in your timeline from the event.

What we hope to achieve with this campaign

  • Changing the world is always a nice idea, and we believe this is the first step to changing the way you share and collaborate.
  • We are full of great ideas, but this is an opportunity for us to validate what features to focus on. By starting with organising your multimedia we hope to one day help you with how you play, work and learn.

        And ulitimately..

  • Build something that our users will love

What we have done:

  • Begun prototyping in Sketch, Illustrator and Invision.
  • Run google ventures style workshops to plan where to start.
  • Been offered investment and support by a leading University.
  • Started working with event organisers and attendees to evolve this idea towards their dream app.
  • We came third at Startup Weekend Manchester.

Who are we?

We are a team of five and growing. Together we believe we can create a great technology company out of the UK. Strarting with a small Lab or Studio Environment which encourages experimentation, which nurtures an honest, open, transparent and ethical culture. Born in Warwickshire and all now work in London, we hope to give back to our local, then wider communities. 

1. Pavan Kanwar: Founder. 

Current: Lean UX Design & Digital Strategy Consultant @nomadigital

Google. McKinsey Digital Labs. TechBlue Software. Rentr.

Pav cares more than most and uses a healthy obsession for detail and simplicity to drive good things forward. His small consultancy @nomadigital previously contracted to leading search engines, software houses and management consultancies. He has a healthy, but bonkers, ambition to have an impact on the world through technology and innovation. He makes simple solutions for complex problems. He is hungry and humble. 

2. Tony Cheema: Cofounder.

Current: Director of Enterprise Sales Europe at Box

Box, Oracle, OpenText, BT

Tony Cheema is Director of Enterprise Sales, Europe at Box. He is responsible for building the European sales presence and helped take Box to IPO in January 2015. Tony oversees all commercial engagements with Box prospective and existing customers in the region. During the 15 years prior to joining Box, Tony held various Technical and Business Development roles at Oracle, OpenText and British Telecom.

He is a funny guy, sincere, passionate, talented, sharp and we’re sure you’ll love him in an instant. Tony and Pav were at school together when they were 13 years old, and have been close friends ever since.  

Pav recently named Tony – “Tony too funny” in a Bronx accent. It has to be heard to be understood. It will stick.

3. George Barrow. Cofounder.

Current: Head of Digital at Road Transport Media & Journalist

Digital savvy and experienced journalist covering the transport sector, specialising in features, tests, product guides and interviews. He knows how to bring a story to life.

George and Pav went to the same school but got to know each other after through their karate and capoeira clubs. They have been good friends for more than ten years, and have worked together on various projects and shared a passion for technology, motoring and martial arts. George was a champion Fencer and once gave Pav a black eye with a red light sabre. 

4. Anil Kumar.

Student Liasons Officer + User Experience Design Apprentice #1. 

We are proud to have Anil on board. Anil is about to start an internship at Adobe before going back to finish his English Degree. He is hugely creative and has a powerful entpreneurial streak. We knew a few weeks ago that he was perfect to lead our company into the next generation, to direct strategy to be in line with the psychology of a university student nearing graduation.

Anil also happens to be at Nottingham University which was pivotal in supporting Pavan with previous discussions when working with Pre.VU. Anil has a sharp mind, positive character, a lot of talent and brilliant sense of humour. Watch this space.

5. AJ Gallaway –

Pitch To Rich Campaign: Head of New York & USA Events Liasons + User Experience Apprentice #2. 

AJ and Pav became friends in New York. AJ is very talented, honest, a good communicator and hugely passionate about life, and so, PreVU.  AJ contacted us with so much excitement about prevu that he came on board to evangelise prevu in the states, to research what event organisers need the most. 

Thanks for your interest. This is an opportunity for us to ask you what you think and evolve our plans to something you will fall in love with, something you help us to create.

Contact Information:

Pavan Kanwar

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