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Jul 5, 2016 11:26 AM ET

Archived: Trueman – Funky Fresh Spring Rolls, a mobile food business based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, feeds consumers looking for fresh, healthier options but also food with superior taste – non-traditional flavored rolls, hand crafted with fresh and local ingredients … and grilled – NEVER deep fried

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Trueman’s story

My name is TrueMan McGee. I’m a 31 year old “Foodpreneur” from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I am child number 8 in line of 10 siblings. My dream has been clear for almost three years…feeding the world with my amazing Spring Rolls. I began cooking at an young age, the first time my mother let me make scrambled eggs on my own I was 6. I continued my love for cooking throughout my teen years reading through my favorite cook books and eagerly experiment with new recipes. Upon graduation I was faced with a decision in regard to my career path. Two options in my mind: become a chef or follow through with the trade I took in high school doing sheet metal. As I pondered the decision a trade recruiter came to the school I attended and assured me that I would not like it as a Chef. He stressed about the long hours and huge time sacrifice and lack of employment options for my future in such a competitive field. He as recruiters for specific fields of employment do assured me that working in the trades would guarantee a career and steady employment. Being young and naive I heeded his advice and began a career as a Sheet Metal Worker. I enjoyed the work but always felt like I was missing something. As the years passed I found myself laid off in the slower season of work. I noticed that since I left high school I gained 100 pounds. I was ready to get my health in order, I began exercising and eating healthy. I lost over 50 pounds. I realized I had a calling for Health and Fitness. I became a certified personal trainer under the American Council of Exercise and started a business called Getting Tired Fitness. I helped people like me who were “tired” of the way things were going and wanted to make a change in their lives. While on that journey I also realized people yearned for healthier food options. In my kitchen experiments with healthy recipes I made a sweet potato and black bean burrito and decided to try this in a spring roll and the rest is history!!





This loan is special because:

It helps to expand a local, healthy spring roll business.

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More about this loan

Business Description

Funky Fresh Spring Rolls is a mobile food business formed in 2013. We are based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We plan to feed consumers who are looking for fresh, healthier options but also food with superior taste. Funky Fresh Spring Rolls are sold at live events such as summer festivals, farmers markets, sporting events or frozen at your local grocer. We responded to the need of healthier options almost everywhere and decided to put our product on the food scene. Funky Fresh Spring Rolls are non-traditional flavored rolls, hand crafted with fresh and local ingredients. We grill them NEVER deep fry them like traditional spring rolls in healthier oils. We have flavors such as Buffalo Chicken and Kale, Chicken Club, Chicken Broccoli and Mushroom, and the vegan favorite Sweet Potato and Black Bean. Our goal is to continually vend at small events and work our way to larger scale events such as Brady Fest, Bastille Days, State Fair and Summer Fest. I’m very proud of our business because it started off as a simple idea of eating healthy for myself and now I can share my passion with many others.

What is the purpose of this loan?

With funds raised Funky Fresh Spring Rolls will purchase -Commercial grade Gas Grill-$500 -Vendor Fee’s , State,City, Health permits and licenses $1500 -Custom 10×10 Tent, Dry erase board, Vinyl Table Cloth-$800 -48 Custom Funky Fresh T-Shirts for resale $450 -Commercial grade food processor -$300 – Professional Developed Website-$1,000 -Marketing package- Flyers,Business Cards, Menus-$400

With some of the needs above met, we will be able to operate at larger scale live events.The exposure from vending at those events will bring additional opportunities from customers who rave about our product. We expect the revenues to increase 30% or higher at larger markets. We just recently made an appearance on Fox 6 show “Studio A” where we demonstrated how to make our rolls and promoted our summer events. Their viewers raved about the program and is eager to get our product in their hands. Besides the obvious of fulfilling a dream, this loan can be the boost we need to take our product to the next level. We can provide a full/part time jobs to individuals. This will give us the growth we need to expand into bigger ventures in the future. –

About Funky Fresh Spring Rolls

Industry: Food
Years in operation: 1 year – 3 years
Website: gettingtiredfit.com



A loan of $5,000 helps Trueman grow my business while helping others achieve great things in there life.






Contact Information:


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