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Jul 5, 2016 12:30 PM ET

Archived: SEI’s sophisticated real-time signal processing and control hardware/software address time-critical challenges in instrumentation, test, and measurement applications

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Oxnard, CA 93036, US
Electronics & Instrumentation




SEI’s sophisticated real-time signal processing and control hardware/software address time-critical challenges in instrumentation, test, and measurement applications. Two atomic force microscope images in our profile speak better than a 1000 words.

The atomic force microscope (AFM) uses real-time signal processing and control to measure, visualize, and control matter on the nano-scale; from tiny transistors to individual molecules like DNA. The AFM is an irreplaceable tool, used by manufacturers like Intel, IBM, Johnson & Johnson, GE, … and in thousands of industrial, educational, and research labs across the world. But the AFM has several important pervasive shortcomings that demand robust solutions.

SEI’s first products (2017), successfully prototyped and now in development, use proven, novel patent pending technology to control AFM operation more precisely than the world’s most widely used AFM’s can do today. They can produce more vivid, sharper-contrast, higher-fidelity AFM images, and improve productivity by speeding up the otherwise slow AFM, known for its notoriously time-consuming operation. The initial target market is $120M – $150M. Expanded operations target a market estimated to grow to $0.9B by 2019.

Concurrently, SEI is early-stage-developing technology for products to address markets beyond AFM also where signal processing must be done in real-time, i.e., within a pre-defined time period, so that effective, efficient control is implemented within that same time period. Today, much of this is done with hardware and algorithms rooted in 200-year old mathematics, sometimes inefficient and sometimes inadequate.

By 2019 SEI’s technology will start disrupting this trend by introducing products that integrate hardware and software components to implement highly sophisticated algorithms using newer, more powerful, and much more versatile mathematics. Naturally suited to and more efficient at implementing a large, diverse group of applications, they will bring about a pivot in much of the multi-billion dollar real-time signal processing and control market, e.g., in (medical) patient monitoring, internet traffic management, electricity distribution, radar- and optical-based detection and response …












Products / Services

Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) Modules 1A, 1B and 2A

SEI real-time signal processing and control modules implement a novel, patent-pending primary AFM method to address ubiquitous, pervasive AFM-market-wide problems in need of robust solutions including inadequate probe-sample force control and time-consuming operation. Working prototypes reproducibly generate higher-resolution, more vivid, higher-fidelity AFM images, as compared with images produced under similar conditions by the most widely used primary AFM method on the market; and can cut down on operation time, thereby enhancing productivity, always relevant but especially prized in industrial production applications, e.g., semiconductor and data storage. Primary method enables novel derivative methods, expanding the nano-scale material characterization market in SEI’s favor. Modules will work on other manufacturers’ AFM’s, 10,000+ of which already installed afford a market entry point for sale to well-educated customers uniquely qualified to immediately appreciate the benefits.

AFM Training and Application Services

Frequently, an AFM user utilizes a small fraction of the instrument’s capabilities, misinterprets AFM results, and mishandles the instrument. When a customer buys an AFM, (s)he usually gets a 2-day training by a manufacturer’s junior application engineer, or even a technician, who spends half of that time on installation and troubleshooting, not training the customer to make good, productive use of the AFM. Even in the hands of experienced users, there is plenty of room for learning to 1) use advanced features to extract more useful information from AFM, and 2) improve productivity, viz. time spent on the AFM, by identifying problems and applying solutions in ways that only experienced AFM professionals can do. SEI’s founder is an exceptionally experienced expert AFM operator, having spent around 10,000 hours working with various AFM’s since 1993, on samples ranging from implantable bio-materials, to DNA, cells, semiconductors, polymers, magnetic and optical data storage …

Real-time Signal Processing and Control (RSPAC) Hardware and Software

(This product and services line is NOT included in the financial projections for this round of investment solicitation.) SEI’s future RSPAC products (2019 and beyond) will work more effectively and efficiently than do existing alternatives on the market in myriad important applications, including in medical signal monitoring; internet traffic management; feature detection and identification in audio and video messages and electromagnetic signals in instruments across vastly different industries. Additional information about this product line is available after signing a non-disclosure agreement, and an assessment of an investor’s level of interest in SEI’s more immediate action plan, viz. SEI’s first products, the AFM Modules, which are further along in development and the sales of which will in-part finance the advancing RSPAC product development.

Full-system Atomic Force Microscopes (AFM)

(This product line is NOT included in the financial projections in this investment solicitation round.) Atomic force microscopes (AFM) are indispensable tools in nano-science/nanotechnology. This market is to grow to about $0.9B by 2019, and is very well-understood by SEI’s founder, who has intimate knowledge of sales, marketing, technology, and applications of AFM, and enjoys a reasonably broad name recognition among AFM users through personal contacts, and numerous publications and presentations to this audience over 20 years. SEI’s 2017 entry with AFM Modules into this market will steadily drive a growing demand for full-system AFM’s from SEI. It is SEI founder’s firm belief that in-part SEI’s patents on the primary and derivative methods of AFM will provide a comfortably clear path and multiple strategies to effectively compete with established AFM manufacturers, including using strong lock-out specs in competitive sales, when and if SEI decides to manufacture full-system AFM’s.



Chief Executive Officer
F Michael Serry

Founder of a successful S-corp in an entirely different space http://www.TangoTurns.com: 13 years one-on-one, highly personal interactions with some five-hundred customers.
20+ years in-depth experience with instrumentation, signal processing, and control algorithm development, including 11 years at world’s preeminent AFM manufacturer (direct, consequential involvement in materializing and/or rescuing $900,000+ in sales; application development; marketing; customer support; installation/training; technical presentations; instrument repair); and 9 years novel AFM technology development (real-time signal processing and control, and electronic design/prototyping), leading to SEI’s current operations and this investment solicitation.
M.S. degree and PhD coursework/research in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, U. of Illinois, Chicago. M.S. in Physics, U. of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM. B.S. in Physics, Elmhurst College, Elmhurst, IL.





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F Michael Serry

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