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Jul 5, 2016 7:49 PM ET

Archived: Keep poddery.com live, round 2 – poddery.com is a member of decentralized diaspora social networking service with 2600+ users

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 5, 2016
Keep poddery.com live, round 2
poddery.com is a member of decentralized diaspora social networking service with 2600+ users

We are running a diaspora service at poddery.com close to 3 years (we saved this service around 3 years back when it was about to close down. Seesave.poddery.com for our last campaign).

  • We host more than 2600+ users in the diaspora network
  • We stand up for privacy and resisting surveillance. We host our services outside USA.
  • We added more hardware, active users and more features including xmpp real time chat.

You’ll sustain the private communication service for its current users and new users who will join us.

What is at stake?

  1. A diaspora pod with a large user base
  2. It is running since early days of diaspora (after joindiaspora.com and diasp.org)
  3. Best mobile support for xmpp chat (has all important modules enabled in prosody), features comparable with conversations.im


We need to pay for the server and spend time maintaining the service in good shape.

  • We are hosting with scaleway.com. Currently it costs 29.07 USD  for one month (it includes main server at 13.44 USD and backup server at 3.35 USD. Remaining is cost for additional disk space and IP address) and 348.84 USD per year.
  • You’ll ensure private communications for over 2600+ users.
  • If we can’t raise enough funds for 2 years, we’ll keep it running as long as the funds last.
  • All contributors will be listed on poddery.com. See previous contributors list.


What are the maintenance tasks?


  1. Hosting migration (we did linode.com -> knightswarm.com -> gandi.net ->scaleway.com already – better offer or host shutdown their service)
  2. Setting up and maintaining backup of user data
  3. Keep diaspora and prosody (xmpp server for real time chat service) updated
  4. Troubleshoot issues (disk was full, bot users were out of control, bugs that caused issues – imagemagick, oembed)
  5. Integrating new XEPs (like mam, xmpp over https) for adding more features to realtime xmpp chat service
  6. Currently the maintenance is mostly a one man job and since Praveen does not have a day job to sustain his living expenses, paying him for the time he spend maintaining poddery.com will mean supporting his contributions to other Free Software projects as well. We estimate the effort required at 150 USD/day (8 hour) rate as 5 days (40 hours) a year. This fund will be used to pay other podmins in the team as well.


Cost break down (for 2 years)


  1. Hosting charges: 700 USD
  2. Buffer for expansion: 300 USD
  3. Consulting charges (podmin support fund): 1500 USD
  4. Per user charge (per year): (2500/2)/2600 = 50 cents
  5. 2200 USD for current expense, 300 USD buffer for expansion.

Risks & Challenges

Some issues need immediate attention and having someone to look at it as priority will help solve those issues quickly. 

Other Ways You Can Help

Even if you can’t contribute, you can help spread the word:

  • Share this crowd funding campaign with your friends
  • If you are using a different pod, it would be a good time to support your podmin.
  • Help your friends reclaim privacy by introducing diaspora to them.

And that’s all there is to it.


If you are from India and don’t have a credit card, you can send money directly to Praveen’s account via NEFT/IMPS or cash deposits.

My bank account details:
A/C: 646101503208
Branch: Erandwana, Pune
IFSC: ICIC0006461

You can also send bitcoins to 1DocbXFp8Yp9HReK3A8QKwEjavDGjYapMA

Contact Information:

Praveen Arimbrathodiyil

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