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Jul 5, 2016 6:33 PM ET

Archived: CSI Technologies (Computers Security Innovations): Going National with CSI Techs – We have over 70,000 technicians available nationwide to provide IT Services such as computer repair, Network Installation and Security Camera systems for businesses and residential customers

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 5, 2016


CSI Techs

CSI Technologies is a Local business who is poised to expand nationally 

HI, Guys I own CSI technologies (Computers Security Innovations) I’ve run this business for over 7 years successfully I have many local clients and can boast 100 percent client satisfaction

We provide IT Services such as computer repair, Network Installation and Security Camera systems for businesses and residential customers.  you can learn more about the business by visiting my website at www.csisanantonio.com 

over the past 7 years we have cultivated many relationships with business clients some who are national companies and they have requested our services for their national offices but as a small business it’s never been feasible or cost effective to take a flight to another city to fix a problem or install a network. 

most companies that have multiple offices and locations across the country rely on hiring local IT professionals at each location and they deal with the problems that are inherent in this type of environment.

  • They don’t know the company or people they’re dealing with.
  • They are paying 100 different companies or individuals which causes major accounting issues 
  • Quality and service is low because each service provider is different and your at the mercy of their availability and schedule.

Now comes CSI Techs, at CSI we have over 70,000 technicians available nationwide, we have a platform where we can assign the work orders and handle scheduling and even project management from 1 centralized office. All of our technicians are drug tested and background checked every 3 months. and we simplify your accounting process where you only pay one company CSI (computers security Innovations) I have spent years organizing and setting this business up we have everything in place to launch and have multiple national companies ready to sign a contract and start working with us.

What we need

as anyone knows it takes money to make money.  Were seeking contributors and or investors willing to provide working capitol for the first 6 months of our operation. our business plan and projected sales have us showing a profit after the first 6 months, and being self sustaining and highly profitable after just 1 year.

Were looking at a 60,000 dollar budget for the first 6 months so that is the amount we are seeking.

The use of the funds will be as follows

  • equipment and office space
  • working capitol
  • Advertising


What you’ll get

as a contributor and or investor you will have access to our IT services nationwide

  • contributions under 1000 will give you free estimates on IT Services and Security Camera Installations for 3 months
  • contributions of 1001 to 5000 will get you free estimates and basic IT Support services for 6 months
  • Contributers of 5001 to 10,000 will get you all of the above for 1 year plus an opportunity to purchase a stake in the company
  • Investors of over 10,001 will receive all of the above plus stock shares of the company.

Other Ways You Can Help

We realize not everyone can contribute monetarily and that’s ok. you can help us succeed in other ways. if you believe like i do that anything is possible with a dream and desire and hard work. then share this campaign with your friends, coworkers, bosses anyone you can think of.

  • If you own a business and need IT services or need a new office network installed give us a call you may not be able to contribute to this campaign but if you need work done we would appreciate the opportunity.
  • you can also take advantage of the sharing tools on indigogo to spread the word about my campaign anything you do is appreciated. 

I truly believe in the american dream, I believe that if you work hard and fight for your dreams they can come true. too many IT companies out there are foreign owned and operated and that’s OK, everyone is entitled to work and build a life. but i’m a 5th generation Texan and in Texas we help each other and care more about people than profits. That’s just how I do business.

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