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Jul 4, 2016 8:47 AM ET

Archived: ANKR is an Internet of Things company that offers smart devices, apps, and services to busy consumers who are tired of losing their stuff: Our first campaign was fully funded in less than one minute. FOR THIS CAMPAIGN, we need to deliver 15,000 ANKRs to be featured on a leading television shopping network during their primetime electronics segment!

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 4, 2016




Inventory needed for television shopping network feature.




The ANKR Team is excited to partner with Kickfurther backers for a second campaign. Our first campaign was fully funded in less than one minute, and we were able to repay our backers months early.  

FOR THIS CAMPAIGN, the team has been asked to deliver 15,000 ANKRs to be featured on a leading television shopping network during their primetime electronics segment! The network is expecting a sell-out. In order to accept the PO, we need to ramp up production quickly. Kickfurther funds will allow us to accept the PO and deliver product on time to the network. Beyond these sales, the segment will expose us to up to 100 million households – a priceless marketing and brand awareness opportunity.

As our NDAs permit, we will release more info to our backers.




About ANKR



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ANKR is an Internet of Things company that offers smart devices, apps, and services to busy consumers who are tired of losing thier stuff. ANKR loves building technology that you can forget about, but is always working in the background saving you time and making life better. ANKR products and apps are well designed and delightful to use. 

ANKR started selling and shipping ANKRs in July 2015. Since then it has landed 2 large retail distributors and 2 distributors in the promotional space, one of them being the largest promotional supplier in the world.

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About the owner


We are a small, approachable team located in Nashville, Tennessee. We answer the phone, answer emails, love hearing from customers, and bend over backwards for our customers. 



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ANKR gives your stuff a voice. Attach an ANKR to anything, and it will let you know if it’s about to get left behind, or help you find it if you have. 

Unlike its competitors, ANKR built its solution from the ground up using Beacon technology. Even though ANKRs use Bluetooth, they never need to Bluetooth pair or Bluetooth connect to work. ANKR has built its brand on smart notifications. It’s the only product that has gotten notifications right. What that means for the user is that ANKR is simple, smart and just works; no noisy false alarms like other products.

Image titleThe ANKR app for iOS and Android allows you to setup and name your ANKR in less than a minute, without spotty Bluetooth pairing. After that, low key push notifications alert you if you lose track of ANKR’d items. It will even help you get directions back to where you got separated. 







ANKR is now available for retail in 7 colors, and ANKRs function and design makes it a perfect product for the promotional market.

Purchase Order Breakdown

ProductRetail PricePercent of Co-Op
White Chalk$24.9525%
Citrus Rose$24.9525%
Deep Blue$24.9525%
Gunmetal Black$24.9525%





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