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Jul 3, 2016 1:11 PM ET

Archived: ROB KLERKX & THE SECRET : “Fever Dream” Album Release – We are a collective of musicians, breaking through the boundaries of musical dimensions. Either live on stage or recording in our studio, we like to push the musical limits.

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 3, 2016


“Fever Dream” Album Release


Join us in helping to release our upcoming album ‘Fever Dream’!

At this moment we are in the final stages of mixing the songs for ‘Fever Dream’ with Remko Schouten from the renowed IJland Studio here in Amsterdam. We wanted to work with him for his experience with studio and live sound, being the sound engineer for bands like Pavement for years. Mastering will be done by John Golden in California, know for his work with bands like Pearl Jam.

We’ve got this covered so far, now we need your help to get our music out to the world! We want to put as much effort in the physical production of the album as we did with the pre-production, recording and mixing. That means artwork, CD’s, Vinyl records and of course promote it so everyone will get a chance to hear about it!

So, what is The Secret?

We don’t think of ourselves as a regular band, but we’re more a collective of musicians, breaking through the boundaries of musical dimensions. Either live on stage or recording in our studio, we like to push the musical limits.

With Rob Klerkx as our frontman (in the Netherlands also known as drummer for the succesful bands ‘MOKE’ and ‘Paulusma’) we’re always exploring a broad range of genres. In general you can describe our music as ‘Explosive Americana’. Once you’ve experienced The Secret live, you’ll understand that there’s more to it…

Our musical roots can be found in straight pop, psychedelic rock, southern rock and soft Americana. Influenced by the rich songwriting history of Nashville, we balance between being experimental and writing & playing great songs about the big subjects of life.

We’re never afraid to play on the edge, as if it’s our last gig or session, giving it everything we got! Together we work as a team, play like a band and always try to exceed our listeners expectations and bring you closer to ‘The Secret’…

We need your support for our upcoming album ‘Fever Dream’

The past 8 months we’ve been working in the studio on brand new songs. With the help of a private investor we were able to give these songs the attention and time to grow and work on the sound we envisioned for this album.

We got 10 songs now that range from small and almost acoustic to full blown rock; so a dynamic album that will both move you and rock you!

Producing and releasing an album is an expensive adventure. Total costs so far, including the mastering, have been 24.000 euro. Thankfully that’s been taken care of. What we need to raise now is for artwork of the release (1500), Press Photoshoot (500), CD production (1200), Vinyl production (4000), Videos for promo (1500), Radio promo/plugging (1500). If we exceed our goal, all of the surplus will go towards online promoting and our promo tour.

We will finish mixing by July 1st and send the tracks out for Mastering. The official release date is set for December 8th 2016.

We will create a page on our webpage to thank everyone, by name, who donates. Next to this, you will also receive multiple rewards and gifts, depending on what sponsorship level you choose. We truely believe this is our best work so far and hope that you will all get a chance to enjoy it!

We hope you will join us on this exciting journey!

Thanks a lot!

Rob Klerkx & The Secret

P.S. If you’re having troubles using Paypal, just send us a message at thesecret@playhard.nl and we’ll help you out! 🙂




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Rob Klerkx & The Secret

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