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Jul 2, 2016 11:05 AM ET

Archived: Every 26 seconds a child is trafficked; 62% of those children are from the African continent. A Mission to end Sexual Exploitation – Decrease the demand for exploiting human beings.

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 2, 2016

A Mission to end Sexual Exploitation



Change needs to happen. My vision is to, through education; decrease the demand for exploiting human beings. To attend the GLOBAL COALITION TO END SEXUAL EXPLOITATION SUMMIT in September represents the opportunity to bring back change! I have been offered a scholarship for the actual conference and are now just needing to get there. We believe this trip would be a game changer, not only from an educational level; but for the organizations that could benefit from the resources received.



About This Project


Sexual exploitation has never been such an issue in South Africa;Prostitution and Sex Trafficking is on the rise.

Every 26 seconds a child is trafficked; 62% of those children are from the African continent.

There are an estimated amount of R250 000 people in slavery right now in South Africa.

We have to do something…


R20000 will ensure I pay for my flights. R30000 will ensure that I will have accommodation and marketing material that can be distributed through community workshops when I return with the knowledge gained. 

Any donation will be greatly appreciated!


There are people who need to be educated on how they can be part of stopping sexual exploitation in South Africa. 

And that also means that everyone can be part of the change. We would like to make that a reality.

Taking every opportunity to learn; This GLOBAL COALITION TO END SEXUAL EXPLOITATION SUMMIT represents a significant opportunity!


The speakers consist of pioneers, educators and professionals who are all fighting sexual exploitation. I want to bring back resources that will empower South Africans to protect themselves and others; from being part of the demand or supply.

This conference is that injection of resource that we are excited to receive. With the resources received at this summit we plan to roll out workshops on our return!

Ground Breaking strategies will be learnt through International training, experience and resources.  

We of course need your support. 

‘Original Design’ plans to formally roll out support to teachers, churches and schools to stop sexual exploitation. This will be through resources, council and presentations. Resources that can really only be accumulated through conferences like this one!

Our generation has a crisis on their hands and we are not just going to cover it with a bandage; we want to get to the root cause and trust for healing. 

The education received at this Summit will provide support to community leaders in identifying and bringing an end to sexual exploitation. Educating young people on developing a healthy sexuality would also prevent sexual exploitation; and that is our plan!

Through education, we can create awareness, prevention and more importantly: a society that knows how to step up to the plate.
“Evil prospers when good men do nothing.” 


Yours in Justice,

The Team

I AM a wife, a sister and a daughter.
I have been raising funds for safe houses for the last few years through my business and have been overwhelmed by the reality of human trafficking.
My husband and I are on the advisory board of an organisation called PACT (People Against Child Trafficking).
We are also passionate about creating awareness around the harmful consequences of pornography in our local community.

By trade; I am an entrepreneur.
By heart; I am an activist.

This year I took the leap of faith to study Sexology fulltime. I am focusing on my studies and the fight against this evil of human trafficking. I want to educate, fundraise, empower. I want to see South Africans value their lives and protect themselves and their loved ones.
I dream of a time that the man on the street stands up to exploitation.
The time that rape is not accepted.
The time that children are valued and respected.
I want to see the original design of sexuality restored!

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