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Jul 2, 2016 10:29 AM ET

Archived: The Beautifier:Hair Braiding Machine – A new and unique portable hand held hair braiding machine used to plait natural hair and hair extensions in a quick manner resulting in beautiful styles.

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 2, 2016

The Beautifier:Hiar Braiding Machine

A project by: Raymond Shumba

An invention of a unique, affordable and quick hair braiding machine.


To raise top up funds for the payment of a Prototype Phase and Final production Phase of a portable hand held braid making machine.

The Invention 

A new and unique portable hand held hair braiding machine used to plait natural hair and hair extensions in a quick manned resulting in beautiful styles.

The Inventor : Raymond Shumba

I love science, inventions, engineering and technology related researches. I am currently in the Maritime Engineering Department and enjoy this field of study. I want to make a difference to the world one day through coming up with different inventions beneficial to the public, I hope the success of the hair braiding making will be one of such. I am very adventurous and enjoy traveling. I am always up and about playing tennis and basketball.

Why Inventing a hair braiding machine

I have realized the time and money that most women use when they have their hair being braided. I did this through consultations and field researches though different women, salon owners and workers. I also administered questionnaires on the subject. Beautiful as they want to look all times, the process is so tiresome and costly hence they are forced to stay longer with the same hair style. The response was overwhelming which led to the viability of my invention. To that note, I believe bringing this unique machine can make the whole process cheaper and far much more faster and it will be a thing most ladies will celebrate about. This machine is bringing in a complete revolution from the all hand done braiding to automated braiding.

Your Donation

A substantial amount of money is required into the making this invention a success. I have self-funded the most of the required amount. I was hoping to raise through this platform a top up value of between £2600 to £3000 from any well wishers.

Minimum funding expected : £2600

All the money you donate will be going towards topping up for the payments for the invention at both prototype phase and final production phase. After the prototype is completed, a number of them will be distributed into the various markets for concept proving before final production is embarked on. Your donation will go a long way in determining the ultimate success of the invention. All your donations will be securely paid through paypal to the university account and will be released if target amount is reached. if you want to make a pledge using any other method, contact me at hfpconstruction@consultant.com or 07447909637



I have some exciting rewards for everyone who donates to the fulfillment of the invention.



Get Involved 

Besides your donations and sponsorship’s may you lease share this crowdfunding page with your your various contacts on various social media to enable this invention to be a success.Your utmost co-operation and support will make us shape a new way of Hair Braiding.

Thank you.


Contact Information:

Raymond Shumba

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