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Jul 1, 2016 3:38 PM ET

Archived: THE SPRING OVEN is an ovenware pot designed for bakers that gives bakery quality results within a low standard home oven

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 1, 2016


The Spring Oven

Perfect bread every time

The Spring Oven is an ovenware pot designed for bakers. Baking bread with steam helps your dough rise and gives you a good crust. However I found generating steam in a home oven was quite difficult and rarely that effective. 

The ovenware pot I’ve designed can give you bakery quality results within a low standard home oven. 

Using a traditional ceramic slipcasting process, each Spring Oven is made to a very high quality using high-fired locally sourced terracotta. See the video below of a Spring Oven being made.

What is it about The Spring Oven?

The best bread is lovingly crafted through a process of combining flour water and salt and working with a dough through the fermentation process where it develops its flavour. It is such a shame to create the perfect dough and be let down in the baking by the limitations of home ovens. 

Steaming in a normal home oven is difficult. Many recipe books suggest adding pots of water to create steam while baking. However I have found its oven best to bake bread covered at the start which cuts off the dough from the oven steam. 

The Spring Oven is the solution. A channel of water in the base of the pot allows steam to be created within the pot while the lid is on! Keeping the lid on helps trap as much heat at possible while creating the high humidity conditions that professional deck ovens have. 


Water in the channel of the Spring Oven
Water in the channel of the Spring Oven


and more to follow...
and more to follow…


Fuss Free Flavours opinion of product testing The Spring Oven with sourdough
Fuss Free Flavours opinion of product testing The Spring Oven with sourdough


The Design

The Spring Oven is designed with to make baking at home easier and more effective. Here are just a few of the considerations that make the Spring Oven the perfect baking pot;

  • 5mm thick high fired terracotta build, exceptional for heat retention and radiation to create a high heat baking environment.
  • Only 2.5kg (5.5lb)! Comparing this to an equivalent cast iron pot that weighs nearly 6kg (13lb)
  • Platform size perfect for 500g round loaf. The majority of online bread recipe’s work to 500g.
  • Conical shape designed to distribute steam around the inside of the pot. The inside shape of the lid is ideal for condensed steam to run off back into the water channel.
  • The lid overlaps onto the base providing a seal that prevents the escape of steam.
  • Universal handleless shape; the Spring Oven doesn’t have to be a particular orientation you can lift it from any position.


The universal handleless shape
The universal handleless shape


If you do have any further questions click here to visit the blog I wrote on FAQ’s I received at an exhibition I was recently involved in.



Explanation of rewards

1. Email updates – all rewards come include progress updates throughout the Kickstarter campaign so you know how its getting on.

2. Spring Oven Poster – A specially designed, 2 sided fold out poster of the Spring Oven and the story behind it.

3. The Spring Oven baking book – A book with bread baking recipes specifically designed for baking within the Spring Oven.

4. The Spring Oven itself – The very product packaged up nicely for you with instructions and a few other extras

5. The Glazed base Spring Oven – With this Spring Oven reward you have a choice of colour glazes to coat the inside of the base.

6. The Personalised Spring Oven – Additional to your choice of colour glaze on the base, with this reward you will have a personalised 50mm x 50mm stamp made to imprint on the clay. I am happy to help you with the design. You will also receive the stamp tool after!


The Spring Oven is designed to fit in any home oven, you may have to move some shelves around but it will fit. If you’re wanting to get a better idea here are the sizes below.



Who am I

I am Patrick Kendal, 26 years old, a one man band in this project with a big dream. I studied product design at university where I designed this product. I have since left my job in furniture design to pursue this project. I love baking bread (particularly sourdough) and I wish for The Spring Oven to be considered the best pot to use at home for high quality bread baking. 





Contact Information:


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