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Jul 1, 2016 1:59 PM ET

Archived: Leah Suárez: Debut Full Length Album: This record is very much rooted in the jazz tradition. We’ll be putting our spin on a collection of beautifully written songs to deliver my message, whether it be in English, Spanish or Portuguese.

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 1, 2016

Leah Suárez: Debut Full Length Album





A labour of love by vocalist Leah Suárez, produced with Michael Bellar. An eclectic mix, rooted in jazz, with a voice all her own.



About this project

Hello Friends! I’m Leah Suárez!

Leah Suárez - Photography by Isabelle Selby Photography
Leah Suárez – Photography by Isabelle Selby Photography


I am a musician from Charleston, South Carolina and I am ecstatic to launch my first Kickstarter campaign, raising $30,000 in 30 days for the recording, packaging and distribution of myDEBUT FULL LENGTH ALBUM! HOORAY! 

And, F I N A L L Y!  🙂

If you’re reading this then you’ve already watched my video and you’re ready to find out more. Right?! Awesome! Thank you so much for taking the time to check out my video and my page to learn more about how you can help make my dream come true!

Music is a powerful force in all of our lives and as a musician, it’s simply who I am. As a vocalist, it has always been a dream of mine to connect on a global level and in a universal way. My heart is telling me that that time is now.

After nearly a decade serving double duty as artist and administrator, I made the leap this time last year to focus all of my energy on my art. And after a much needed nap – and some serious soul searching – I reached out to my dear friend – musician and producer – Michael Bellar in New York City.

Michael Bellar and Leah Suárez - Photo by Isabelle Selby Photography
Michael Bellar and Leah Suárez – Photo by Isabelle Selby Photography

Working with a pro like Michael has given me an opportunity to explore and solidify my sound. He’s inspired and pushed me to find a part of my voice that I look forward to sharing with the world.

This record is very much rooted in the jazz tradition. It is also an eclectic mix of tunes that are resonating with me personally in this time and space. We’ll be putting our spin on a collection of beautifully written songs to deliver my message, whether it be in English, Spanish or Portuguese. We’ve got a range of tunes – everything from a couple of standards in the jazz canon to Bob Marley, Beck, Paul Simon, Milton Nascimento, Caetano Veloso Charleston’s own Bill Carson and more! There’s even a Leah Suárez original! 

Photo by Isabelle Selby Photography
Photo by Isabelle Selby Photography


$30,000 IN 30 days. With YOUR help, WE ABSOLUTELY CAN DO THIS!

We are well into the pre-production process, with a lot of time, energy and money already invested. I am very proud of the work thus far. We have 14 working demos and currently putting the finishing touches on arrangements. After a successfully funded Kickstarter campaign, we will confidently “work the plan” and begin recording this August, with a planned release for Fall 2016. Now that’s music to my ears!


Creating something from nothing, leading ideas from vision to reality, and producing tangible results – all by bringing people and energy together for a common purpose. I have a track record for success.

For much of the past ten years, I dedicated my life to the creation and development of Jazz Artists of Charleston, a non-profit organization founded to present, produce, educate, promote and cultivate a healthy jazz culture in one of the nation’s earliest cradles of America’s greatest original art form. I also served as co-founder, producer and resident vocalist for the Charleston Jazz Orchestra – my Holy City’s own resident big band. And in one of my final successes as executive director, the Charleston International Jazz Festival was born.

Independently, I have worked with public and private institutions, businesses, patrons and special projects to bring people together from all over the world through music and art.

The challenge is always maximizing resources to create a product and experience of great integrity. This project is no different.

With Michael’s and my combined passion and experience – together with the energy and professionalism of the team of artists we’re engaging for this project, there is NO DOUBT in my mind that this will be a fabulously rewarding process, a grand adventure, a great success and that the music will speak for itself.

Photo by Minette Hand
Photo by Minette Hand


SO, How will we spend your hard earned money? GREAT question. YOUR contributions will directly support the cost of actual recording, post-production, packaging, distribution, marketing and publicity. All are essential. $30,000 is a lot of money. It’s also the right amount to get this part of the job done at the caliber we envision.


We have a streamlined budget that allows us to turn your investment into a securely produced, world-class product, concentrating on the integrity of the art – from musicians to arrangements, rehearsal time and space, studio time and engineering, mixing, editing, mastering, artwork, design, photography, licensing, distribution, publicity and every detail in between that cultivates success.


THE REWARD is the music and album itself, my friends. Your investment puts artists to work, doing what we do best.

For those of you who feel inspired to support beyond the cost of your copy of the album – YOU will have the opportunity to be rewarded in other unique ways. From a personalized note with your autographed album, to your own private concert (wherever you may be and with a few caveats) and even an opportunity to actually be in the room to witness the magic happening in real time.

We’ll also be posting exclusive updates for ALL of our supporters and will include access to “behind-the-scenes” progress along the way.

Everything we raise above and beyond our $30,000 goal will go directly towards marketing and publicity of this record, including touring. The goal is for the world to hear it! AM I RIGHT?!


Friends, if you feel so moved, I ask that you PLEDGE TODAY. Whatever you can afford is greatly appreciated. EVERY. BIT. COUNTS. And we’re counting on YOU!

I hope that you will also take a moment to share this campaign with those in your own network who you think may be interested in backing our project. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, snail mail, whatever the kids are using these days – and my personal favorite: WORD OF MOUTH.

Time and again, I witness the humbling power of a village. That is indeed what it takes to create anything meaningful and worthwhile. I am grateful to ALL of you for being my village.

Thank YOU for believing in me and my voice and for helping me bring my debut album to life! Here’s to the dreamers and their dreams!

With Peace, Light, Love and Gratitude,


Photo by Isabelle Selby Photography
Photo by Isabelle Selby Photography



Risks and challenges

There are always risks and challenges to anything worthwhile. One reason I chose Kickstarter as the platform to launch my first personal crowdfunding campaign is precisely because of its “all or nothing” policy. It allows me to present my project as I envision it. It allows me to fundraise with the confidence to know that when funded, I will absolutely be able to deliver my album and accompanying rewards without compromising the integrity of the product and experience. Other platforms allow for funds to be awarded even when the goal is not met. Something suffers in this scenario and I personally prefer to do exactly what it is that I am promising to do.

We have been working hard in pre-production to ensure that our budget and timelines are met and meeting our goal of $30,000 allows us to overcome any foreseeable challenges. There will be things that pop up and change, I am sure. As jazz musicians and professionals, we’re accustomed to improvising. I see this project as being no different from the bandstand.

With your confidence in us, we will see our goal met for this project and my dream come true! THANK YOU for believing in us and for supporting our project!





Contact Information:

Leah Suárez

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