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Jul 1, 2016 8:20 AM ET

Copper Street – Fun stock-trading simulator with real-world capabilities.

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 1, 2016

Copper Street



Fun stock-trading simulator with real-world capabilities.




We all have a little wheeler and dealer in us.

The days of being intimidated and handing your hard-earned money off to the “big boys” are over with our mobile trading platform.

It’s time to turn the corner – and hop on Copper Street!


For hotshot New York brokers, the rush on the Wall Street floor is incredible.  In excess of $100 billion of NYSE and NASDAQ stocks flow through the trading grounds on a daily basis – a clear representation of the US economy.

However, almost all of this trading activity is executed by big Wall Street brokerage firms and banks in the form of IRAs, 401Ks, and national retirement accounts.  Smaller local firms and individual investors, colloquially known as “Main Street”, play just a minor role due to one main barrier of entry – stock markets are intimidating!  A trusted stock trading informational platform is virtually nonexistent, meaning us “small timers” have little guidance on personal investments.  More often than not, this lack of education is forcing us to leave our family’s wellbeing and personal retirement in the hands of the Wall Street players and global banks.

But more and more, individuals are wanting to take control of their own finances.  Without fault, education is the key factor in doing so; yet without proper educationor a “practice” tech platform, we’re forced to incur real losses before seeing the light.


Since we all aren’t Gordon Gekko, it’s about time Main Street investors had a helpful investment platform of their own.

Copper Street has arrived to bridge the gap between Main Street and Wall Street with our fun, educational, and social trading platform.  With no entry fees required, anyone can be up and trading like a pro in no time with our fully-mobile simulator app – but we don’t stop there.  Once they feel comfortable, users can then switch their accounts over to real mode, where they can trade real stocks under the same unique structure for a very low price.  Both beginners and experienced investors can benefit from the education we provide – and have fun while doing it!

So, where’s this “fun” we speak of? Gamification is the key element that sets Copper Street apart – and will keep users coming back until they’re legit market experts.  Our simulator app has an addictive gaming and social aspect that encourages investors to learn from each other through fun competitions, get rewarded, and eventually make the most of their investment finances.  Gamifying our platform – and in a sense, the stock market – allows our users to effortlessly learn the intricacies of trading without feeling overwhelmed.  Then, they can transfer to real mode, where the competitions continue along with real money-making capabilities and an experience-equals-reward approach.


We give our users an unmatched experience that requires very little from them – other than a willingness to have fun and learn.  Upon downloading our app, you’ll start right off in simulation mode, where you’ll enjoy free play of two different competition types: leagues and mini-games.

Leagues, which work much like the popular daily fantasy games that companies like FanDuel run, are unique to us in the stock niche.  They let users build out a “roster” of stocks from different sectors that are used to compete against other users.  Mini-games, on the other hand, are smaller and designed to be addictive – but are still crucial for your education.  Once success is reached in simulation mode, users can then switch to real mode – where they can continue the competitions, win prizes, and invest in real stocks all at once for as little as $20.  Risk as little as nothing, and as much as you want – but have fun and gain valuable experience no matter what!

We’re gaining significant traction in our efforts to change the personal trading landscape. Our team has already invested around $20,000 towards the buildout of our iOS tablet prototype, which is currently available via Apple’s TestFlight program.  We’ve also developed a proprietary algorithm that teaches users about investing in a very unique way, for which we have a patent pending.  The learning this algorithm provides is one of the top features of our platform.  We’ll use the power of data to analyze each competition we host – letting us optimize both our platform and our users’ chances of success.  Other top features include:


The Copper Street movement is led by a pair of seasoned tech professionals. After recognizing a clear need for investors to participate in the growth of their hard-earned investment dollars, they started Copper Street as a hands-on tech solution. Let’s meet them!

During his time as an Assistant VP at Merrill Lynch, Daniel gained vital dual expertise in both commodities trading and technology.

Our operational boss has top-level executive experience as a VP of Engineering and Product Development.  More than 10 of his 20 years in the tech field were spent at AOL.  Kevin’s focus will be on inside activities, including product development and recruiting.

Contact Information:

Daniel Kulviki

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