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Jun 30, 2016 3:26 EST

Cohen & Sons Apparel : Adventure, Motorsports, & Old Fashioned Thrills Since 1947

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 30, 2016

Cohen & Sons Apparel


Cohen & Sons Apparel

Adventure, Motorsports, & Old Fashioned Thrills Since 1947



  • Partnered with one of the largest denim manufacturers in the world
  • Heritage brand with strong brand strategy and media relationships
  • Production financing allows funds raised to be used for marketing


C&S is a heritage brand founded in the 1940’s. Since it’s revitalization we’ve had success in building the brand and forging product relationships that would give us powerful strategic advantages.




Growing up my Dad would always tell me stories about working in my Grandfather’s apparel factory. Hearing those stories over the years always left me an appetite to get involved. In college I caught the rush and produced garments but after graduation opted to work for an ad agency to pursue my passion for visual media and marketing. After leaving my ad agency job I saw an opportunity in the men’s fashion market that would allow me to leverage my unique skill sets and revive my family brand.

Cohen & Sons is a revitalization of my grandfather’s brand founded in 1947. Our brand aesthetic focuses on rugged, authentic, vintage pieces with inspiration stemming from timeless styles worn by counter culture wild men of the 50’s and 60’s. Each piece harbors deep historic character instilled with a minimalist blend of modern influence.

C&S is vertically integrated from the thread to the finished product due to our partnership with textile heavyweights Phoenix Textiles & Blue River Denim.

We have access to some of the rarest materials and most advanced wash techniques. This structure allows the brand to rapidly innovate and integrate the latest in fabric technology into our premium products.

To date we’ve had just over 500 Customers and 16.2K followers across it’s social platforms. With our production partnership, new product lines, experienced management team, and anticipated partnerships upon funding; we plan on experiencing rapid growth. By leveraging our new wholesale and e-commerce partnerships we are anticipating $700,000 in sales within our first year.

C&S will be partnering with one of the most successful contemporary men’s wholesalers in the US, The Park Showroom. Who is also responsible for launching out largest competitor. They will focus on placing our products in strategic stores around the country which will allow targets to experience our products first hand. We have also partnered with a respected Web / digital media partner to strengthen our digital platform and assist us in the distribution of our targeted photo, video, and influencer based content. To create engaging content C&S has forged relationships key influencers and respected visual production facilities.




Zach Cohen

Zach Cohen

Crew Chief at Cohen & Sons Apparel

Zach graduated from Sonoma State University in 2012 with honors and earned a degree in Business Admin with a marketing concentration. After graduation Cohen was hired by sincbox media and acted as the agencies jack-of-all-trades. During his two years he developed winning creative concepts for multiple fortune 500 companies, acted as the agencies’ post producer, coordinator, video editor, & photographer. After sincbox Zach revived C&S on kickstarter. Within 30 days the campaign successfully funded and sold the new brand’s products to 11 countries. Within two years of launching he successfully forged a partnership with one of the largest textile manufactures in the world. In 2016 Zach produced the film “Denim Craft” for C&S which became an “official selection” and nominated for numerous awards in largest fashion film festival in the US. Specialties: Creative | Branding | Production | Manufacturing | Strategy
Matthew Poon

Matthew Poon


At a young age Matt began in the sample and product development department at Twin Dragon Inc, one of the largest and most respected denim mills in the world. In 2013 he transitioned to manage the e-commerce team at rapidly expanding Level 99 Jeans.
Cindy Chang

Cindy Chang

Senior Chief of Operations

In edition to being Cohen & Sons COO, Chang is currently the head of operations at globally recognized Phoenix Textiles Inc and Level 99 Jeans. Before moving to Phoenix Textiles she was previously a senior buyer for Sears Holding Corporation with several million dollars of purchasing power.
Joe Tse

Joe Tse

Senior Chief Financial Officer

Joe Tse is the current CFO of globally recognized Twin Dragon Marketing Inc & Phoenix Textiles Inc.


Team Member Name

Isabel Acosta

Head of Product Design

Team Member Name

Michael Pritchett

Head of Sales

Contact Information:

Zach Cohen

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