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Jun 29, 2016 10:57 AM ET


iCrowdNewswire - Jun 29, 2016

V Wallet: Ultra Thin Minimalist RFID Blocking





It all started when my mother in law had her credit card information stolen while at an art fair in Kansas City, MO (not a large city, thieves are everywhere). She did not lose her card or have it stolen by the thief. They simply acquired the name, credit card numbers and expiration date with a RFID scanner. These can be purchased for under 50 dollars online and now most smart phones can also receive this information with a free app. Since then we started the Protected Cards Brand so others can stop this from happening for a reasonable price with different products.

What We Need & What You Get

We need your help with getting the word out about this project and funding to purchase the inventory to be able to bring this to market at a reasonable price. We have been fully funded on Kickstarter so with this campaign we are taking additional pre orders and offering the same PERKS as we did on Kickstarter. With this we are offering the wallets starting below half the MSRP of 39.99-49.99. Please ask any question you may have about this project and we will answer them as soon a we can.

The V Wallet is a super slim minimalist RFID blocking wallet that can fit in your front pocket. Because of its minimalist design the V wallet will change how you carry your cards and cash. The V wallet is made with exquisite top grade genuine pebble leather. It has 8 card holding pockets and a center “V” pocket for cash (each side has 4 card holders).

Comes with or without a clear ID slot (ID slot V wallet has 4 card holding pockets on one side, 1 ID window pocket on the other side and a center “V” pocket for cash).

Currently offered in Black and Camel color but will offer in other colors if the stretch goals are reached.

Introducing Protected Cards RFID Blocking V Wallet

The V wallet by Protected Cards offers the same functionality and space as a traditional wallet but without the bulky design. Shown in the picture above with 4 cards on each side and 15 bills.

Constructed with Exquisite Genuine Cowhide Pebble Leather

All of the V Wallets pockets are RFID Blocking to prevent credit card skimming

Minimalist V Wallets has 8 Card Slots (4 on each side, both sides are identical)

Wallet opens like a V in the middle to hold cash

Wallet tested with up to 16 cards and 15 bills and 2 keys

Size: 4 1/2 x 3 3/8 x 1/8 inches

Weight: ONLY 1.3oz

Color: Black or Camel

Protected Cards Embossed on the Front of Wallet

Each wallet will come with a Protected Cards dust bag

V Wallet with ID Window

Minimalist V Wallets has 4 Card Slots on one side and 1 ID Window on the other side

Wallet opens like a V in the middle to hold cash

Wallet tested with 10 cards, 1 ID, and 15 bills

Size: 4 1/4 x 3 1/4 x 1/8 inches

Weight: ONLY 1oz

Stretch Goals
We will offer different colors for each stretch goal reached

If the campaign reaches $4,000 then we will offer a Blue color. If the campaign reaches $6000 then we will offer a Wine Red color. If the campaign reaches $8000 then we will offer a Cream color. If the campaign reaches $10,000 we will offer a pink color. Each stretch goal will be available in both the V wallet and V wallet with ID window.

If anyone would like to distribute our V wallets please send us a message and we can work out the details for a wholesale price.


June: Lauch Indiegogo Campaign

July: Indiegogo Campaign Ends

Middle July: Survey and Finalize before Production

August: Start Production

September: Quality Control

October: Shipments to Backers

Watch this video to see how easy it is for your credit card info to be stolen by nearby devices.

RFID Protection: The Secret to Keeping Your Data Safe!

Identity Theft is at All Time High! Unless properly shielded, your card-based data is readily available when any active reader is in range!

This RFID Blocking Card Protects Your Smart Cards from unwanted capture of data from contactless cards issued by banks, governments and other institutions such as:

* Credit or Debit (for example: MC PayPass, VISA PayWave, AMEX expresspay, INTERAC Flash, etc.)

* Enhanced driver’s license, Hunting and fishing license

* Access / security control, Employee / School ID

* Health insurance, Medical ID

* Gift, Membership, Library

* Transit / Park pass

Protects against access by NFC-equipped Smartphones

Disclaimer: No RFID protection is 100% effective in all circumstances due to the constant changing in technology.


Risks & Challenges

The only Risk or Challenge would be the time these will take to produce. Since we are not the manufactures of this product there may be some time differences than what we lay out in the process. We have been doing tons of research for a good factory to produce these wallets. We hope that there will be no issues with production. If for any reason we can not full fill our orders in the time that we determined we will absolutely keep all backer updated along the way.
Other Ways You Can Help

We understand that everyone can’t make a contribution but that doesn’t mean that you can’t help:

Please get the word out about this product and share with all your friends and family by using the Indiegogo share tools are are on the top of this page

Contact Information:


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