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Jun 29, 2016 5:30 PM ET

Archived: New Business Initiative Management Consultancy is a company that specializes in the training and development of individuals and organisations. We envision a world where all people even in the most remote areas of the country hold the power to create opportunities for themselves and others.

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 29, 2016

Web Traffic, High Google Ranking, High Sales Leads



We want to raise money to fund our membership with Webfire, an alternative to Google Adwords. We will us the marketing tool to push our clients website to get high ranking on search engines.



About This Project



(This shows how we test whether a website is mobile friendly, faster and free as long as you have an internet connection)

Short Summary

New Business Initiative Management Consultancy is a company that specializes in the training and development of individuals and organisations. We have passion in impacting skills and knowledge. We envision a world where all people even in the most remote areas of the country hold the power to create opportunities for themselves and others.

We have identified a niche in the South African on-line market. In a massive shake-up of its search industry Google announced that websites will now need to be mobile friendly in order to return strong search results. This is known as Mobilegeddon, and websites not conforming to this new standard will now be penalized in rankings, and may fail to feature on google search results altogether. In our research we came across Webfire, which is rated as the number one rated traffic getting software tool, that get you fast free traffic leads and high online sales. Its described as an amazingly powerful and automated set of tools to help users get more traffic leads, high ranking, and high sales online. There is nothing more frustrating than having a domant website. 

Our business idea is to use the free google  site (mobile friendly test site) to check websites of our target customers whether they are mobile friendly or not. If they are not mobile friendly, we will do a screen shot of the analysis results, and we will attach it in our e-mails, together with other marketing material to the relevant person within the organisation offering our service to re-design the website to be mobile friendly. At the same time we will market our services to improve their web traffic, ranking and leads using the Webfire software. We believe combining these two forces will lead to us gaining market share. The evidence of the “not mobile friendly website” is so overwhelming, and there is no company that can invest large sums of money to have a website that is not serving its purpose. But we have  realized that very few organisations in Africa are aware of that.


Our campaign need to raise a total of R80 000.00

R25 000 will be used to buy Webfire membership for 12 months.

R25 000 will be used to upgrade our computers, get three super fasts laptops.

R30 000 will be used to pay additional technicians for the first two months. (@R7 500 each per month)

In return we will promote the websites of every individuals or companies that donate for the first 3 months. We believe this will grow their businesses more than 200%.

If we don’t reach our targeted R80 000, all donated funds will be collected and we will look for alternative source of funding. Our first milestone is R25 000 to buy (subscribe) Webfire membership for 12 months. This is the most important one. Our second milestone is R25 000 to upgrade our laptops. Our third and last milestone is R30 000 to pay salary for additional technicians. If we can reach our first milestone, we can finance the second and the third milestone from business generated. 

The Impact

Every organisation is in the business to make money. But if their websites rank low or do not feature on google search results it means that, this will have a negative effect on their business. This can lead to organisations closing down and people losing jobs. This may lead to families suffering as the bread winners lose their only source of income. This business idea can help organisations to reach their potential and make profits by making sure that they can compete with the best in online marketing. 

Google has a site (mobile friendly test) that can analyse the website of the organisation within seconds whether its mobile friendly or not. This will be our best marketing tool, of which we will either do it in-front of the client, or we will send a screen shot. Once we win the business to re-design the website and make it mobile friendly, we will market the idea to improve their ranking through search engine optimization, of which we have decided to use Webfire kit. The software suit is so powerful that they are giving you a triple guarantee that includes the following….

  • Guaranteed to get you on the front page of Google in 7 minutes of when you start.
  • Guarantee you will start getting free traffic within 24 hours.
  • Get your money back if the guarantees above are not accomplished by you.

Here are just a few things the software tools do….

  • A software that finds leads that are looking for the exact products that you are promoting.
  • A software that will turn your articles into videos, adds a voice over and submit your new video to Youtube.
  • Several keyword finding tools that help you find the best keywords to compete for and get your sites ranked high in google.

Webfire has become the most preferred choice for webmasters and internet marketers. Let’s find out why.

  • Determines the right SEO strategy after thoroughly analyzing the website and market prospects.
  • Recommends suitable SEO tool to grow on search ranking and website traffic results.
  • Manages everything automatically including press release distribution, an article to video conversion, article spinning and posting to quality directories for bringing guaranteed ranking position in SERPs and desired level of traffic.
  • Makes sure that top secret keyword tools are deployed to pick up the most relevant keywords for website ranking optimization.
  • Intimates to leading search engines and websites about the latest updated content on your website for consideration.
  • Assures to convert interested leads into sales for the website and helps it earn revenue in turn.
  • Makes the website visible in highly productive and authority websites that are really effective in bringing traffic and ranking to the website.
  • Searches and targets the best-recognized forums and blogs in your niche for regular posting and participation so that good volume of traffic can be driven to your website in few days period.
  • If getting high ranking and more exposure for your website is the sole purpose, you need to have a tryst with Webfire
  • It will not only help you succeed in earning more traffic but also save time and efforts on doing SEO manually.

We have seen so many positive reviews of the software and we know that it will be a success.

Risks & Challenges

We know that Webfire is a new thing and people will be skeptical at first. People are now used to Google Adwords. Webfire is not that known. But we believe we can counter that by first introducing the first business idea of re-designing the website to be mobile friendly. Once a client gain confidence on us, then we introduce the online marketing idea. Testing  whether a website is mobile friendly  or not is a very straight forward and objective results, and no client can dispute that. 

Other Ways You Can Help

Those who can not contribute financially please spread a word and market our campaign. Please tweet, blog, facebook, instagram about our campaign. Use any social media tool and market us. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!

The Team

I’m a post graduate with more than 10 years work experience in consultancy and training. I have passion for entrepreneurship. I hold a Masters Degree with the University of Bradford (UK). I have played a major role (company profiles, website designing, marketing and business consulting in general) in these start-ups businesses, www.brwoodenflooring.co.za, www.btskitchens.co.za, www.ngaphakathi.co.za.

Contact Information:


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