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Jun 29, 2016 12:39 EST

MIHU Chat Center : Mobile App of Interactive Business Directory (CHAT Center) for Sales (targeted marketing), Complaint Handling & Remote Assistance. MIHU will replace CallCenter Technology soon

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 29, 2016

MIHU Chat Center


MIHU Chat Center

Mobile App of Interactive Business Directory (CHAT Center) for Sales (targeted marketing), Complaint Handling & Remote Assistance




  • Indonesia Marketing Survey: Facebook is #1, Whatsapp and other IMs #2
  • but MIHU provides both: Video&Photo Ads w RealtimeInteraction via Chat
  • aggregation of Companies’ Sales/CS/Support makes it Customer Centric


Chatting is the most activity people do in Smartphone. MIHU will optimize it usage for business purposes: Sales,CS,Support. With CustomerCentric advantages, it will replace CallCenter Technology soon



Different with other webchat solution which embedded on company website, or call center that is company centric (customer will have to find the website / phone number for each single company), MIHU provide a mobile yellow pages like – business directory; a customer centric solution.

Customer by using their smartphone can easily browse the category (for sample: telco / car / bank / housing / services etc), drilldown to companies in the same category, then drilldown further to see available chat agents of selected company to directly having chat conversation.

Chat Agent could be in type of:

Customer Service (to handle customer complaints),

Sales (to put advertisement/events/promo and to explain Product knowledge, this will become a truly targeted marketing because customer intentionally choose their wanted category)

Support (to give remote assistance, for sample: how to troubleshoot the modem problem)


Advantages compare to call center:

+ cheaper solution for both customer and company (lower TCO),

+ customer centric (straight away to relevant agent),

+ message clarity (no need to spell NATO phonetic alphabet, neither reconfirm which menu button just pushed),

+ chat history will become knowledge-base of complaint handling cases in easy to retrieve and cheap storage compare to voice recorder,

+ agent and company rating will boost service performance by compete each other (agent vs agent in the same company, company vs company in the same category)

and more…


Because of this is a business-driven app so it can be monetized easily by getting revenue from paid premium features, from company subscription,interfacing to company’s back-end system (CRM/HRIS/Sales/Inventory),customization as well as design services for advertisement.

With current 90% progress of Mobile and Web Application PrototypesWe are expected to get PRE-SEED in exchange of EQUITY



Andri Handoko

Andri Handoko

founder at SalvoLab, Scada Adhigana Nusadata

Pasca Maulana
experience as full stack Android and iOS Senior Developer, delivered many Mobile Apps for Singaporean Gov Institution




Contact Information:

Andri Handoko

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