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Jun 29, 2016 2:58 PM ET

Archived: High Roller Energy Drink – a premium quality beverage that not only packs a punch but is so delicious that once you crack the top you can’t stop until the last drop

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 29, 2016

High Roller Energy Drink



Thank you for your support ” High Roller its not just a drink its a Lifestyle



Executive Summary:

We at High Roller Energy are a high end energy drink and beverage company that creates, sells and distributes high quality beverages.  We believe we will be very successful do to the extensive time and dedication to one of best looking and tasting beverages to hit the market as of today. The work we have done in the development of our drink formula and the key marketing techniques we have established may change the energy drink market as we know it today. The purpose of  this fundraiser is to seek  additional funding for advertisement and to assist our company’s expansion from Australia to Canada and the United States to support our operations so we can set and reach our next level goals.  It is our desire to develop our products and continue pushing to the next level. We are ready for production of the all new High Roller Jackpot, and at this stage need assistance with advertisement, media and expansion costs.

We at High Roller Energy believe our product will be very successful in the current multi-billion dollar marketplace for energy drinks and beverages.  The need by the public for a high quality, excellent tasting energy drink and beverage remains both aggressive and in high demand.  The public is also asking for new and innovative products which we feel we are able and ready to deliver.  We have two key marketing techniques that we have created and believe may change the energy drink market as it is known today.

1.  We are donating a percentage of proceeds from all energy drink sales to select charities, which no one or any company currently does.

2.  We are giving back to the consumer by offering a once in a lifetime opportunity called the V.I.P. experience, where you get to not only enjoy the product but actually feel the experience of what it is like to be a high roller and live up to your wildest dreams.

Mission Statement:

Our mission at High Roller Energy is to provide a lifestyle brand that gives people the feeling and chance to actually be a High Roller as well as provide a premium quality beverage that not only packs a punch but is so delicious that once you crack the top you can’t stop until the last drop.

Business Description:

We will be manufacturing our drinks and selling them at wholesale to various distributors across Canada and the United States as well as manufacturing our own clothing line to support our drink line that will be sold at events and used for promotional giveaways. High Roller Energy is an incorporated business.  With a secure cash flow we are ready to launch our product to the public and immediately begin selling and getting our product into stores.  We are a unique company that is different from the rest in a variety of ways.  We are going the extra mile with the look of our product using trademarked, unique logos and graphic design, as well as our top quality flavours that are so delicious they leave you craving for another. We will be supporting charities and launching the four pack V.I.P. experience that sets us a step above any competitor on the market.  We are giving back to communities and the public who support our brand. 


We are going to begin launching our brand with two energy drinks, with a plan for a possible 10 new additional flavours including two coffee flavours. We will be starting small with our own distribution lines and plan on getting into some large corporations that will deliver to their own stores once we get our products to the  main headquarter locations. Once the two energy drinks have launched and begin to bring in a positive cash flow we also have a few other products on our list for development.

 High Roller Products include: 

 High Roller H2O,which is our own brand of premium bottled water, a premium vodka line and sports hydration drinks similar to Gatorade g2.  Our products will provide a superior flavour, an innovative design and name that will give back to the consumer.

 Marketing Plan:

Advertisement is key to product success along with an amazing name that suits your profile. With our great and one of kind flavours and amazing eye catching colors used in the design of our cans and logos, we plan on supporting numerous charities and launching the V.I.P. experience.  We will be supporting local events and sponsoring big events as well as some pro-athletes in designated sporting fields. Once we build enough capital we will launch our own commercial, TV and Radio ads. With the name High Roller we also plan to promote our product in Casino’s and invite them to join us in promoting and supporting the High Roller V.I.P. experience.  Our target customer base for our energy drink line is mainly male and female ages 18-35.  However, with the launch of our product called High Roller Unleaded, we can now expand our target market to consumers of all ages as we can brag zero caffeine with an amazing flavour.  This should appeal to all health conscious families in this new age world we live in.  Now anyone caffeine sensitive or the little ones at home can be just like mom and dad and enjoy our delicious caffeine and sugar free products.

 Our Top Five Marketing Activities:

1.  Involve Charities

2.  Promote our VIP experience to the public and Casino’s

3.  Promote Caffeine and sugar free products

4.  Promote “High Roller” Lifestyle / Image:  Healthy life; Follow your dreams; Work hard; Play harder.

5.  Expand our production line to include more than just energy drinks, water, clothing line and apparel etc….

We plan on increasing our customer base through changing people’s perception by our promotional activities, as well as donations to charities and our V.I.P. experience, along with having a caffeine / sugar free, low calorie product that will tap into a consumer base that has been long awaiting this type of product to support their family needs and lifestyle.  In addition we will be working to market our product in as many stores as possible in both Canada, the United States, Australia and eventually look at a global market.

Competitor Analysis:

Our primary competitors are Redbull energy, Monster energy and Rockstar energy.  There are also several smaller players that hold a place in the market mainly due to low cost of purchase and public desire for these types of drinks. We feel our product will be competitive in terms of cost but with our flavours superior taste and being low calorie, zero sugar it will put us well out in front of our competitors in a short period of time.  High Roller is the full package deal and a product the consumer is waiting for to support their healthy living choices. We believe we are better than any of our competitors on the market today as we have stepped up our game going over and above in our research and development of our flavours to create a beverage that is missing in today’s market. In addition we spent a lot of time and effort on our logo design and are committed to making this product a “High Roller” experience for the consumers and also by supporting some select charities which no one in the energy drink industry is currently doing.

 Our strengths:

The major strengths in  our product is that we have amazing flavours, a catchy name, a very unique logo and can design, filled with what is probably the best flavours on the market today.  In addition our support to communities, charities and pro- athletes demonstrates not only our commitment to the product but to the consumer and community at large. 

Our special blends of “High Roller Energy” may help all types, from the pro athlete, to the player, to the High Roller, stay on your game.  Dream big, live bigger.  The World is Yours, Never Give up on Your Dreams.  We believe with our delicious products and creative lifestyle brand followed by our motivation and drive with your additional support and financial backing we can truly create a product that is so amazing and beneficial to those in need.   
                  “High Roller”  It’s not just a drink, It’s a lifestyle.





Contact Information:

Bryce Shewchuk

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