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Jun 29, 2016 8:31 AM ET

Archived: GolfRz Inc helps golf clubs improve communication, increase attendance, and revenues at the club through the latest web and mobile technologies

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 29, 2016

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GolfRz Inc



Des Moines, IA 50309, US
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GolfRz Inc helps golf clubs improve communication, increase attendance, and revenues at the club through the latest web and mobile technologies.

Millions of people worldwide play golf. But why do you play? For some it’s the smell of the fresh cut grass in the morning, for others it may be an enjoyable setting to throw back a few cold ones with friends. It could be you play to relax and enjoy nature, or you feel the need take out your daily frustrations on a white dimpled sphere. Whether you play for exercise or competition, and regardless of age or skill, the simple yet common truth remains – we all play golf for the experience.

Knowing this to be true allows us to conclude that golf clubs are in the business of providing an experience. Suppose a golf course was too busy cutting costs to cut the grass that morning, you and your buddies couldn’t find a beverage cart anywhere, and getting a tee time, tournament entry, or even accurate yardage to the hole were sometimes next to impossible. Due to economic pressures on the golf industry, these are everyday problems the golfers face when the experience is not worth the value.

Imagine if there were a way that every golf club could deliver that value by creating a better experience. What if a technology platform could assist them in saving employees hassle, while increasing revenue for the course, and provide all the tools needed to engage, inspire and reward their golf community… Thanks to GolfRz’s Mobile Course Solutions, golf clubs can unlock value at their club and provide an experience like never before.

GolfRz offers a dedicated mobile branded app for golf clubs that allows them to engage with golfers at the right time while increasing exposure, revenues, and efficiency. For the golf consumer, we offer features found in other non golf club branded apps that will allow them to keep score, track progress, book tee times, sign up for events, order food and much more. We offer our product as a SaaS to the club with in app upgrades to enhance the experience of the more advanced golfer.



Products / Services


ClubMobile is a cloud based engagement platform that includes a branded app and a back end club management system to help golf clubs improve communication with members, increase attendance at events, and ultimately to increase revenues at the club. The system allows clubs to send timely push notifications, emails, and text messages to members about upcoming events, tee-times, delays, and promotions. Members can book tee times, register for events, order food and beverages from the course or the pool, keep score, and much more! The product saves club staff time and money in operations, and increases engagement and activity with club members. ClubMobile is free for members of the club and is sold to the golf club as a monthly service/support fee.

ClubMobile launched live with it first 2 paid beta clubs in late October of 2015 and has since been launched live with 4 other golf clubs around the U.S. Currently working on on-boarding 15 more clubs into a 90 day free trial program.



Chief Executive Officer
Dustin Hemesath

Dustin has spent the better part of the last 4 years working along side startups planning, consulting, and advising the founders on how to get started. Over 8 years of executive sales experience selling audio/video equipment/installation/support to mid to large size enterprises in Iowa. During that time, he learned the power of negotiating, prospecting, and the code of ethics in B2B sales. Dustin has taken his idea for building mobile apps for golf courses and honed in on the true problems facing his customers through discovery.

In 2004 Dustin graduated from Iowa State University with a degree in Hotel, Restaurant, and Institution Management which armed him with the knowledge and expertise in what it takes to operate in the hospitality world we live in.

Chief Sales
Ryan Knutson

Ryan has been playing and working in the golf industry since he was 5 years old. Over the past 8 years he has worked as an assistant professional, caddie, and advisor to golf clubs across the country. Ryan spent 3 years at Methodist University in the Professional Golf Management program where he was leading his class and decided to leave to turn professional. After giving the professional circuit a try he finished his degree at Iowa State University in Business Management and worked as an Insurance and Financial advisor.

Ryan’s relationships in the golf industry has allowed us to gain knowledge and feedback from some of the best clubs across the nation. These clubs are slowly turning into our advocates and will be launching apps in the next 3 to 6 months at their clubs.

Chief Technology Officer
Ryan Frahm

I am a…

Dreamer – I dream all day long. You say you want a simple little widget for your application? I take that and run with it. I envision the possibilities and discern where value can be added. Be careful, because I can fill a white-board pretty quickly.

Executer – I realize that most of my ideas have little value, but there are some that can be acted upon. I am able to take an idea, divide it into value added steps, and execute. I am a proponent of simplicity, because there is no reason to reinvent the wheel. I live by, “As simple as possible.”

Developer – At some point in the planning process I am usually the guy that says, “lets stop talking and do something.” I enjoy coding. It’s full-filling.




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Contact Information:

Dustin Hemesath

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