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Jun 29, 2016 12:10 PM ET

Archived: Blackstone Mining Company, Ltd. has developed a process that allows multiple repetitions of the hydrogen production cycle from a single charge of zinc ore.

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 29, 2016

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Blackstone Mining Company, Ltd.



Elmore County, ID 83647, US
Alternative & Renewable Energy





The company has developed a process (US Pat. Pend.) for converting zinc ore to hydrogen fuel and recycling the resulting zinc oxide to zinc powder. This allows multiple repetitions of the hydrogen production cycle from a single charge of zinc ore.

Blackstone Mining Company, Ltd. is the owner in fee simple title of the 100-acre Blackstone Mine Complex in Elmore County, Idaho. The Company plans to install a pilot-scale facility to manufacture hydrogen using its zinc-to-hydrogen conversion process (U.S. Pat. Pend.). The primary hydrogen production cycle also recovers a matte of copper, lead, silver, and gold as a byproduct of the hydrogen production (see “Operations” and “USPTO” links).




Based on the results of previous exploratory drilling and mining, Blackstone zinc ore is particularly well suited for the Company’s zinc-to-hydrogen conversion process. The property’s current raw material inventories and their approximate market values are as follows (see “Valuation Report” link):
• 30,000 tons of stockpiled ore ($42 million)
• 35,500 tons of proven mill-grade ore ($60 million)
• 186,500 tons of probable mill-grade ore ($315 million)
• 700,000 tons of proven leach-grade ore ($154 million)

The property’s current proven reserves equal $256 million with an estimated mineral depth of about 1.5 miles below the identified ore reserves. The company’s zinc-to-hydrogen conversion technology could extend the reserve values to an estimated $1.3 billion.

Project highlights
• Ore reserves with an estimated $1.3 billion in hydrogen and metallic values
• Secondary recovery of zinc, copper, lead, silver, and gold as byproducts of hydrogen production
• Easily accessible stockpile and near-surface reserve ores require little or no excavation
• Clean, inexpensive production of hydrogen from zinc ore and zinc powder
• Patent pending technology for environmentally friendly production of hydrogen
• Reusable catalysts for continuous production of hydrogen from zinc hydrolysis
• Portable production technologies for economical off-site generation of hydrogen
• Zinc-to-hydrogen conversion process has worldwide environmental and economic implications

For more information, contact Jim Hawley, jhh@blackstonemine.com.



Products / Services

Hydrogen gas, zinc oxide, calcium sulfate; copper, silver, zinc, and gold matte

The company projects $79 million in pretax income from the sale of hydrogen gas and polymetallic matte using its zinc-to-hydrogen conversion technology from processing about 28,000 tons over five years from an approximate 250,000 tons of stockpiled and reserve zinc/silver ores at the company’s 100-acre mine complex in southwestern Idaho.

The pilot project will produce zinc powder to manufacture hydrogen on site by hydrolysis (water splitting) and at portable off-site hydrolysis reactors. The byproduct of on-site production is polymetallic matte consisting of copper, lead, silver, and gold.

The process dissociates zinc oxide to zinc powder, allowing hydrolysis to be repeated multiple times. Recycling zinc oxide just 10 times could produce over $1 billion in hydrogen sales from the stockpile and reserve ores. Target markets in the US for hydrogen sales include 137 oil refineries, 132 ammonia plants, 169 industrial gas distributors, and 30,000+ food processors.

Polymetallic mattes

In addition to an average of 170 lbs/ton of zinc (used primarily for hydrogen production), the Blackstone ore stockpile and reserves contain approximately 23.5 ozs. of silver, 96 lbs. of copper, 80 lbs. of lead, and a tenth ounce of gold per ton. The additional metallic values are recovered as byproducts of the company’s zinc-to-hydrogen conversion process. The resulting polymetallic matte will be further reduced to certified bullion by a third-party refiner, such as Johnson-Matthey.

Copper matte sales are expected to represent about 20 percent of the Company’s projected $79 million pretax income from the pilot project.



Jim Hawley

Blackstone Mining is a family held Idaho corporation headed by Jim Hawley, who served as CEO and director of a publicly traded company that operated the property from 1984 to 1988. He structured two public offerings in 1986 and 1987, providing nearly $4 million to develop the property’s stockpiled and reserve ores. He also managed the company’s securities aftermarket from its beginnings as a penny stock to highs in the $3 range.

Mr. Hawley has served as executive officer and director of two public companies, managing director in the restructuring of two international insurance companies, and CEO of a privately held nationwide digital broadband video distribution network (IPTv).

Mr. Hawley attended Seattle University for four years majoring in political science and journalism, and a fifth year at Boise State University. He also studied French at Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris, and metallurgical science at the US Bureau of Mines laboratory on the University of Utah campus.

Vice President
Marilyn Green

Ms. Green is highly knowledgeable about the property, having served as an officer and director with Mr. Hawley for a prior lessee of the property. She has extensive experience in the securities industry and in risk management assessment, working with Mr. Hawley to reorganize two international insurers writing reinsurance, specialized risks, and surplus lines coverage.

As an NASD-licensed Financial Principal, Ms. Green served as managing executive for Royal Alliance, a SunAmerica Company and member of the New York Stock Exchange. She held previous brokerage positions with The William J. Green Company and Paulson Investment Company.

Kaili Hawley

Ms. Hawley has a strong background in professional services marketing, with experience as marketing manager for Cal-Med in Newport Beach, California, a clinical informatics specialist with Saint Alphonsus Health System in Boise, Idaho, and as a consultant for Medicare Services Meaningful Use implementation for hospitals and clinics in southern California. She holds a B.A. in communications and an M.A. in organizational management and international business from Antioch University.

Christopher Hawley

Mr. Hawley is the principal of C.S. Hawley & Associates, a marketing and public relations practice he founded in 1984. His major clients have included Oregon Steel, Ore-Idaho Foods, J.R. Simplot, and Boise Cascade, as well as numerous small and medium-sized businesses in the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area. Prior to launching his consulting practice, he was an instructor in communication and political science at Boise State University and the University of Idaho.




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Contact Information:

Jim Hawley

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