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Jun 29, 2016 7:38 AM ET

ASI Energy – A cloud-based due diligence and financing platform facilitating CHP energy efficiency projects

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 29, 2016

ASI Energy

A cloud-based due diligence and financing platform facilitating CHP energy efficiency projects

Technological advances in energy development can save money and reduce carbon emissions – but some(or many) projects fail to get off the starting blocks because of the lack of affordable qualification and access to financial resources.  At ASI Energy, our Energy Diligence℠  platform is fixing this.  Energy Diligence℠ is the most sophisticated software available for modeling CHP energy projects and the only one to guarantee financing for projects that qualify. Although the U.S. has made some great progress in implementing “green” technologies (such as solar, wind, hydro electric), we still get over 80% of its energy from fossil fuels. Electricity is delivered through the “grid” system, which is often less than 40% efficient. This leads to not only unnecessarily high costs of creation and delivery but also leads to unnecessary creation of high amounts of Greenhouse Gas Emissions. Because of the high degree of cost and GHG Emissions savings, ASI is facilitating CHP based energy efficiency projects. Projects which can be up to 90% efficient. Meaning we are almost doubling the efficiency of electrical generation.

While at the same time installing much greater resiliency and OPEX and CAPEX savings for our end users and creating double digit returns for our project equity investors. This is truly a win win win scenario. We firmly believe that we can not “policy” our way out of the path civilization is on. However, the use of investment capital matched with: attractive returns, an experienced team, and a solid business model will be able to more effectively enact change.

Thanks to our sophisticated financial modeling tool and new availability of access to utility company big data, we’re giving CHP prospects and investors a transparent look at project feasibility. CHP projects can now get the greenlight, and funded – with increased functionality – like never before.

With a working Beta version, we’re almost through full platform development – it’s time to flip the switch “on” for investor value!

Companies are increasingly switching over to combined heat and power (CHP), for their energy needs.  The benefits of CHP are very attractive; up to 90% efficiency means lower operating costs, increased power quality and reliability, reduced emissions, and al various other benefits. CHP has been around for  over 100 years, in fact Thomas Edison’s first power plant was a co-generative plant (it used the heat generated to heat the surrounding buildings). Although CHP technology is widely used in Europe and Southeast Asia and the U.S. EPA and Department of Energy have both fully endorsed the technology and support growth of the industry, it has struggled to take off in the US.


The struggle lies in the technology’s complex nature – which makes performing due diligence on a CHP project’s feasibility extremely lengthy and difficult, meaning expensive.  Companies considering these capital intensive projects (and the investors looking to finance them) require something accurate, reliable and less costly than current manual, time-consuming methods – and they aren’t getting it. Also many firms do not have the capital available to finance a project themselves, nor the resources to find financing.  A summary of the problems associated with current traditional solutions include:

Because of the lack of a low-cost, sophisticated, modeling tool and project financing, far too many CHP projects are being halted before they start.  Companies and cleantech investors that can proceed often are being forced to stick with pricey (or long term payback like solar) and unreliable, or poorly designed, cleantech energy solutions.

Now, those considering CHP projects – and those considering investing in them – have the intelligent solution they need to make optimal decisions.

Energy Diligence℠ gets CHP and mCHP projects off the starting blocks by providing a convenient and low-cost modeling tool (which also uses a direct link to previously-unavailable big data) and offers financial support for projects that qualify. In order to facilitate the onboarding process to help move away from centralized power, we’ve modeled ourselves as a Design-Builder, Financier, and Operator (DBFO) – providing not only due diligence and financing, but also; project management, consulting, and asset management solutions that save companies money on CHP based projects.  After confirming a project’s feasibility, we can help it get funded, built, and optimally operating.

The current version of Energy Diligence℠ is locally based, but the cloud-based version will allow  the industry, as well as our business model, to achieve great scale.

In doing this, we’re bringing full transparency to an industry that has lacked it for so long.  Energy Diligence℠ is poised to transform the utility market by providing cost-effective, risk mitigated, and high-ROI results for commercial and industrial buildings utilizing CHP.

ASI Energy and the Energy Diligence℠ platform has many features that set it apart from the rest of the modeling applications. Firstly, we have already established partnerships with key governmental agencies enabling us to leverage grant funding, along with equity investment, to help get projects over hurdles. These partnerships also support the out of the cloud-based platform for Energy Diligence℠, because it will accelerate CHP market growth.  Energy Diligence℠  is the foundation in our Energy as a Service (EaaS) –  managing every step of the process with a commitment to robust results and transparency.

Here are more ways Energy Diligence℠ makes life easier for those using and investing in CHP:

The days of relying on archaic methods, making guesses, and leaving projects unfunded are over with Energy Diligence℠.Though there’s plenty of hard work left, we’ve got quite a bit to be proud of to this point.

Early Success.  After selling the assets of our initial successful venture , ASI Energy was officially formed in 2011 to work with NYSERDA energy programs.  We’ve completed 300+ energy projects since then – including a Fuji 100kW fuel cell for the State University of New York.

Leap successfully made.  Focusing only on CHP, we secured our first project in late 2013.  Thanks to this, we netted 100% revenue growth in the 2014-2015 year.

Energy Diligence strides. We witnessed, first hand, the lack of reasonably priced and honest modeling for CHP in the industry, and recognized the need for a standardized modeling tool for the industry. We sourced experts in CHP, financing, and more to work on our beta version. In May of last year, the initial version of Energy Diligence℠ was finalized.  More than 30 site feasibility studies have been successfully executed through the platform.

Skin in the game.  In efforts to move Energy Diligence℠ forward, our team has invested all profits directly back into developing the platform.

Notoriety. Positive press or praise from: The New York Power Authority, New York Public Service Commission, The Ithaca Times, The Syracuse Post Standard,,,,, Utility Dive, and several more.  NYSERDA (the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority) has recognized us  three NY Prize Microgrid awards for the cities of: Schenectady, Syracuse, and Binghamton, NY. We also have been accepted as semi-finalist in the Northeast Cleantech Open accelerator program.


We’re proud of these accomplishments – and we’re not settling.  In the coming year, we expect to implement our full, comprehensive online, cloud-based, CHP solution.

ASI Energy is the brainchild of President/CEO Herbert D. Dwyer (“Jr”), who conceived the idea while leading the  original company (Anodyne Solutions) and pinpointed the emerging need for CHP/mCHP due diligence and off-balance sheet financing.  A former NSA tasked intelligence US Marine with a DoD Top Secret SCI security clearance, Herbert has a degree from RIT and a 2014 graduate of the US SBA Emerging Leaders program. The leadership experience he gained while serving the same roles for Anodyne (since 2009), coupled with his in-depth knowledge of the CHP world, makes him an  ideal leader for ASI. Herbert is in charge of developing corporate culture, managing daily operations, and growing the company.  He’s supported by these key personnel:

Former Product Finance Manager at M&T Bank with well-rounded financial expertise; Cornell Johnson School MBA that oversees all aspects of financial management.

Former P&G, Cornell University, and NYSEG (owned by Avangrid Inc) employee who built and  managed a 30MW CHP-based microgrid and $42 million+ budgets; responsible for all things energy.

Key contracts management experience with SAAB, TetraTech, Walt Disney Pictures, A&M Records in the architecture, air traffic, licensing, and software industries.

Business degrees from Lehigh University and Cornell University. 20 years of business management experience including starting a successful hospitality business and various roles with at Hard Rock International, Disney Resorts, and Starwood Hotels. Various mentorship and investing experience.

Former National Sales Manager and Sales Manager with companies like MCCI Corp, Vmetro, and Cyclone Microsystems.

Licensed NY Attorney, key contributor to Forbes magazine, and long time CHP energy expert.

Doctoral work at Syracuse University Newhouse School in advanced marketing and social media; also Associate Professor at Ithaca College.



Herbert E. Dwyer (“Sr”) – Former Xerox executive, current COO of a large manufacturer.  Provides strategic guidance to the Board.

David Parks, Esq. – NYS based attorney that delivers risk mitigation to the board and vets concepts to ensure strategic viability.

Ethan Ash – Helped launch online sites: Vertical Health, Practical Pain Management, and (world’s most visited mental health website), and worked at WebMD and Medsite.

Contact Information:

President/CEO - Herbert D. Dwyer (“Jr”)

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