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Jun 29, 2016 10:24 AM ET

Archived: Artistry In Resonance: Artisan Luthier Ryan Hyde is building some of the most forward thinking, futuristic bass guitars yet. And He’s doing it all by hand.

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 29, 2016

Artistry In Resonance





Artisan Luthier Ryan Hyde is building some of the most forward thinking, futuristic bass guitars yet. And He’s doing it all by hand.



About this project

 A little Background… 

My name is Ryan Hyde.  I’m 30 years old and I am a Luthier (guitar builder) from Philadelphia PA.  I’ve been building guitars since high school and have worked as a professional Luthier for the past decade.  I also have a degree in Industrial Design.  Throughout all of this I have been a bass player, so when I decided to start building my own brand of instruments, I knew where  to start.

I’ve created a distinct new line of bespoke bass guitars that epitomize the fusion of modern and classic design.

These Instruments satisfy the stringent needs of modern musicians, and address design issues such as weight, balance, tonality, and reliability;  Yet each model occupies a unique /original niche in the cloistered world of custom basses. 

Bassists are always working to expand the vocabulary of music and I’m trying to expand the vocabulary of the instruments they play.

Why should you fund me?

For the past 3 years I’ve been designing and building this lineup of basses  to the most exacting standards possible. using every bit of the knowledge and skill I’ve gained throughout my career.  Now, I need your help to spread the word and help me grow my business and continue to push the boundaries of the bass guitar marketplace.

If you fund me, you’ll be getting one of the first R.Hyde production basses in the world, and consequently, become the envy of many of your friends.  They will also envy you later when they buy their own R.Hyde bass a couple years down the road for much more money than you paid ;)

You’ll also allow me to invest in my business.  A larger work space, better machinery, and the capital to attend some of the larger trade show are necessary for growth!

You can be assured that you’ll be getting an instrument of the highest quality, designed to work with the human body, and built to last a lifetime. I take pride in every detail and nuance of the build.

Consider the possibilities!

There are actually a few different “configurations” to each of the 3 models I’m offering…These are essentially different ways of carving the instruments that are subtly related, yet lead to radically different results! 

“What would this bass look like Aero-carved?  Or how about with Beveled edges all around?  How about some classic Binding?  it’s your decision and I’m here to help you out!

I’ve worked hard to to offer a level of customization beyond the traditional choices of lumber, electronics, and color.   So now the question is…What can R.HYDE build for you?


If you have any questions about the different models,want to know about custom options that I haven’t listed, or want to know more about my process; just check out the FAQ as well as my website.  You can also contact me directly through Kickstarter or my Email: Rhydeguitars@gmail.com



Risks and challenges

Growing pains:

Woo hoo! I’ve exceed my goal and my dreams are coming true! If just 10 people purchase an instrument from this campaign I’ll be able to update my facilities, make huge strides in manufacturing and marketing and put my business in a place where it can really grow!

However if I have something like 20 orders… then 8 months may not be enough time and the orders will have to be split in to two delivery groups on a first come first served basis. I will do everything I can to complete all orders within a year.




Contact Information:

Ryan Hyde

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