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Jun 28, 2016 1:12 PM ET

Archived: UEB Genesis Competition 2016 – To challenge and empower our students to build businesses that are profitable, smart and have heart

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 28, 2016

UEB Genesis Competition 2016




UEB Genesis Start up Program is a member of Sydney Genesis and Sydney Genesis in Asia (EDNA – Entrepreneurship Development Network Asia – Genesis)
With the core values to stimulate creativeness and nurture passion, appreciate differences and encourage cooperation, strive for quality and effectiveness, Vietnam National University, Hanoi – University of Economics and Business (VNU-UEB) would like to provide our students and staff the opportunity to connect with other entrepreneurs around the world and to get in contact with new and exciting star-tup ecosystems. For these reasons, UEB Genesis Star-tup Program has started in 2016 under the support and partnership with the University of Sydney and  EDNA (Entrepreneurship Development Network Asia). The key aim of this partnership is to foster entrepreneurship among the student community through business programs in the Pacific region. Similarly to Sydney Genesis and EDNA Genesis, UEB Genesis aims to achieve four key objectives:
  1. To challenge and empower our students to build businesses that are profitable, smart and have heart.
  2. To bridge theoretical learning in the classroom with real-world applicability to meet the challenges of industry, the government and the broader community.
  3. To extend and enhance the University’s entrepreneurship teaching through all faculties and at all levels from undergraduate students to executive education;
  4. To provide practical networking opportunities and bridge the gap between students and entrepreneurial communities, both locally and abroad.




Most Disruptive Enterprise

Most Disruptive Enterprise will be awarded to the team that presents the most innovative, cutting edge, unique business idea. The team will be awarded 30 million VND (including 25 million VND to support the team leader to Sydney for 4 days and 5 million VND for team members) and Certificate of the program

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Best Social Idea

Best social idea will be awarded to the most viable and innovative idea, addressing a social problem. The team will be awarded 5 million VND and Certificate of the program

AmountRankingVote Type

Best Commercial Idea

Best Commercial Idea will be awarded to the most viable and innovative idea addressing a customer need. The team will be awarded 5 million VND and Certificate of the program

AmountRankingVote Type

Best Team Effort

The team will be awarded 2 million VND and Certificate of the program for their great team effort

AmountRankingVote Type

People’s Choice

This award will be given to the team that is voted by the Final Pitch attendants. The team will be awarded 2 million VND and Certificate of the program.

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How the program works
 To know more about the program important dates, prizes or resources, please visit our website:…
How to enrol in the program
If you are a Team with a Business Idea
  • Click this link to know how to submit your application: bit.ly/1Tw90de
  • Check out our prizes on this platform and UEB Genesis Website to decide what prize(s) you apply for.
  • Applications are open to 2nd May (11.59pm)
  • Accepted teams will receive an email with more information by the 9th of May
  • Accepted teams will be invited to pitch their idea to other teams and mentors at the Kick off Night on the 19th May from6.00 to 8:00 at UEB campus, E4 Building, Room 801.  
  • If you have any problems with uploading your application, please contact support@thinkable.org.
Program parameters
·         Workshop Attendance is mandatory from at least one member of the team.
·         The participants must be current students (of any program from bachelor to doctorate, local and joint international) or alumni at VNU-UEB. The team leader must be a current student at VNU-UEB and has to present at the final pitch. The team leader must be appointed by team members and cannot be changed after being selected to the finalists.The team leader of the “most disruptive” prize will represent the team to fly to Sydney in the last week of October in 2016 to present the business plan with other finalists from Australia and other countries.
·         Teams can be any size. However typical teams are composed of 2-5 people.
·         Teams can add or remove people throughout the program, however the team leader must always be a current student at VNU-UEB. UEB Genesis team need to be kept informed of every change.
·         Students admitted through the program will be given access to our platform, where all the information about the program will be accessible and frequently updated.
·         Students will be provided with workshops and mentoring session in order to help them develop your business plans and prototype.
Eligibility of ideas
·         Ideas are only eligible if the business idea submitted originated from one or more members of the team. The IP belongs solely to the students.
·         The program is open to teams that may rely upon IP owned by third parties, such as patented technology developed by companies or Universities. It is not necessary at the time of entry to have negotiated licenses or other agreements to use these ideas.
·         Business that have been up and running for more than 6 months are not accepted into the program.
·         The information submitted will be treated confidentially. Non-disclosure agreements will not be signed with any team. In order to participate in the program, you have to provide complete and reliable information about your idea and your team.
·         Within the first three weeks of the program, the teams can change their business idea completely. The new idea will be revised by the Genesis team to make sure it follows all the criteria of the program. After the team works with the mentors, the idea can change and pivot, but the core (the proposition) must stay the same.
Final Deliverables
·         Business plan (by the 10th of July-Mandatory): a consistent up to 5000 words business plan (excluding Appendix) with key information about the business must be delivered. The experts invited to the workshops and your mentor will help you on this task.
·         Prototype (by the 10th of July – Optional): this will vary depending on your idea. For example, if you are thinking to set up a venue, a prototype could be a map, a mockup or a drawing. If you are developing a website or app, the prototype could be code (a beta version we can check online) or any product.
·         Video pitch (by the 10th of July- Optional): as a team you are recommended to submit a video pitch to describe your idea and how it has grown through the program. If your idea has changed from the original one you submitted, it’s fine, just explain why. The video can have any format, but need to be shorter than 3 minutes.
The three deliverables need to be submitted through Thinkable.org (same platform where the teams submission form were submitted).
Final Pitches
All teams will be expected to be ready and willing to pitch their ideas before a panel of judges at the conclusion of the program. However, only 5finalist teams will be invited to present at the Final Pitch Event, on 29th July at VNU-UEB campus. Finalist teams will be given 7 minutes to pitch and 5 minutes for Q&A.


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