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Jun 28, 2016 1:36 PM ET

Archived: TRADE HEROES (self-titled LP) – Full-length debut from L.A. indie rockers specializing in a compendium of styles – just imagine “The Last Waltz” by way of CBGB.

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 28, 2016

TRADE HEROES (self-titled LP)

by Trade Heroes


Full-length debut from L.A. indie rockers specializing in a compendium of styles – just imagine “The Last Waltz” by way of CBGB.

About this project

*Please Note: Our drummer, Evan, thought saying donations were ‘tax deductible’ was funny (please don’t ask us why). To clarify, they are NOT tax deductible, we apologize for the confusion, and have put Evan on a time out. 


“A trade paperback is a collection of stories originally published in comic books, reprinted in book format, usually capturing one story arc from a single title or a series of stories with a connected story arc or common theme from one or more titles.” (Wikipedia)

Likewise, as Trade Heroes, we “collect” canonical sounds and styles– be they Americana or classic rock or punk– as a means to identify the common themes therein. Rather than simply rehashing what came before us, however, we try our best to blaze new trails by picking up where the old ones left off. This album is, to date, our fullest realization of that intent. 

Live at the Whiskey A Go Go
Live at the Whiskey A Go Go


Here’s the best part: IT’S FINISHED!!!!!!!

It’s a real beast of a record, lean and mean and louder than hell (with a couple exceptions); a fiery amalgam of old-school influences (we love Black Sabbath and Merle Haggard in equal measure) channeled through twin guitars, bass, and drums. No filler, no frills, plenty of fooling around. Just imagine your weirdest cousin doing garage karaoke of your dad’s favorite records. 

The songs were recorded live in the studio over the course of 12 hours and lovingly mixed to perfection by our producer, Zackary Darling, one of the finest up-and-coming audio engineers in LA. Check out his work with his own band, Figs Vision, here and on our first EP here: 


What we need from YOU is help getting this big bad beautiful record out into the world. Now, technology being what it is today, we could just distribute the album via streaming services – as we did with our last one – and let the quality of the music speak for itself. Simple, right? 

Not so much. Given the current (over)saturation of the digital marketplace, independent musicians must go above and beyond if they want their music to be more than just a fart in the wind. Quality and originality matter, as always, but they don’t guarantee an audience. 

We aim to hurtle this industrial bar through the good old-fashioned power of promotion. By playing as many live shows as possible and maintaining a strong online presence, we’ve already got a leg up on this process. The next step is to implement a dedicated release strategy for our new music, which means a few things…

Your Friendly Neighborhood Rock Band
Your Friendly Neighborhood Rock Band


1) Put out multiple singles online – not just streaming links but music videos, too – over a period of several weeks, rather than dumping the whole album right off the bat and all at once. 

2) Advertise on sites that cater to our core demographic (i.e. local music & culture blogs) as well as on social-media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. 

3) Sell physical copies of our album + custom merchandise at our shows, on our website, and in local record shops. 

And there you have it! Three easy steps. Your hard-earned (or hard-borrowed) dollars will go toward one or all of the three, be it the video production costs or the advertising budget or commissioning an artist to do our album art / electronic press kit (EPK). 

The best (and perhaps scariest) part is that this whole project was, is, and will continue to be DIY. Only we four bandmates – plus a select group of friends and trustworthy acquaintances – will lay hands on this LP and its aforementioned accoutrements, making it not only a labor of love for everyone involved but an opportunity for independent artists in every medium to collaborate on something tangible and real. 

We don’t expect overnight success, of course. Nor do we particularly want it. Fame and fortune are just byproducts of creative expression; we’re more interested in the expression itself. Besides, success is a relative term; by our standards, the freedom to continue writing and performing music for another year would qualify as a landslide. And that’s all we expect – not because it’s our right, but because our friends, family, and fans will have afforded us the privilege.

With thanks and love,

EVAN (drums/vocals), JAKE (guitar), SAM (bass), and MARCUS (guitar/vocals)

Even Heroes Need to Eat
Even Heroes Need to Eat


Risks and challenges

Will we finish and release and promote the album? YES. That’s a guarantee.

Will people buy it and listen to it? Who knows…

The music industry is a notoriously fickle mistress, whether you’re a major-label act or a DIY outfit like ourselves – just look at the (ongoing) collapse of brick-and-mortar record stores and the tenuous shelf-life of online media.

You can’t force people to consume a product that they don’t want, but they should have the opportunity to decide for themselves.

There’s a big difference between an album that flops because no one liked what they heard and an album that flops because no one heard it.

Ours may very well turn out to be the former, but – with the support of believers like YOU – we promise that it WILL NOT be the latter.


Contact Information:

Trade Heroes

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