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Jun 28, 2016 6:16 PM ET

Archived: Native Ready, a small, emergency preparedness business in Northwest Arkansas: Help us help YOU weather the storm

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 28, 2016

Native Ready needs Your help!



Help us help YOU weather the storm!




Short Summary

Chris and RouthEvelyn want to start a small, emergency preparedness business in Northwest Arkansas, but we need YOUR help! We need to raise money to get Native Ready off the ground so we can start helping families be prepared in the face of the unexpected!

Chris and RouthEvelyn met at a campus event at Arkansas Tech University where they were both (and Chris still is!) studying Emergency Management. Since that time, a close friendship has ensued which has now led them to starting their own business. 

Native Ready began with a simple idea: To help families within the community prepare for the unexpected. Chris and RouthEvelyn’s passion is to help others, so why not do that in the field that they both love, which is Emergency Management? When a disaster hits (AKA Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Home Fires, and much more) a majority of individuals are either uniformed, not prepared, or completely deny their risk to being the victim of a disaster. When you are not prepared for a disaster or simple emergency you can be at risk of injury, death, property loss, psychological harm, and so much more. At Native Ready, our mission is to help get families prepared by implementing mitigation strategies, doing a thorough evaluation of hazards both inside and outside the home, writing an emergency evacuation plan specific for families, and finally providing disaster kits to families that can help them survive and recover from a disaster once one occurs. 

What We Need & What You Get

Our overhead is quite low, but just because it is low does not mean that we are able to start our business without money. We are seeking $10,000 and plan to recover that money fairly quickly once we are able to go public and able to start taking clients. The following is a breakdown of our startup costs:

$2,000-Liability Insurance, because you can never be too insured! 

$2,000- Lawyer, to help us with customer agreements, liability waivers, and confidentiality contracts.

$1,000- CPA, who will provide us with financial management. 

$4,000- Emergency Kit Supplies, This allows us to buy all the products needed for the emergency bags that we will be giving to families. These kits include anything from whistles and water purifying tablets to pocket utility knifes and fire proof safe boxes.  

$1,000- Marketing and miscellaneous expenses.


Our gift to you for helping us out will be a couple of fun emergency preparedness products that can help you weather the storm 🙂

The Impact

Our impact, once we are able to get established, will be quite monumental. Not only will we be helping families prepare for and recover from disasters, but we will be helping essential county and local emergency response personnel in the critical moments after a disaster so that they can focus on helping other victims which can in turn possibly allow them to save lives. 

Chris & RouthEvelyn both have extensive experience in emergency planning and response.  They are both members of the International Association of Emergency Managers and the American Red Cross.

-Chris has worked on emergency management related projects for United States Senator John Boozman, the Crawford County Department of Emergency Management, and the Arkansas Tech Department of Emergency Management. He wrote and conducted a full scale emergency exercise for the Crawford County Department of Emergency Management which gained national attention for its quality and execution. He has also been on several emergency response deployments with the American Red Cross where he has witnessed first hand the damage and destruction that can be brought on by disasters and what effects they can bring to victims. 

-RouthEvelyn received her Masters in Emergency Management in the Spring of 2015. She played a critical role in the Arkansas Tech Department of Emergency Management serving as a graduate assistant where she worked closely with faculty and students. She has worked on several emergency management related projects including a COOP plan for Arkansas Tech University administration departments, a database for the FBI Little Rock Field Office, and the Arkansas State Police. She has served as the Global Student Council Secretary for the International Association of Emergency Managers and has been an American Red Cross volunteer. 

Risks & Challenges

At Native Ready, we consider ourselves pioneering emergency managers. We are the new face of emergency management and want to make emergency preparedness the new-hip thing to do.

Our biggest challenge is simply informing families and households why they need to be prepared. Organizations such as the American Red Cross and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) preach that you need to be prepared, but does anyone do it? No, they don’t. Why? It’s usually either because they do not know how to properly prepare or because they are just too busy and do not have the time. That’s where we come in, we like to call ourselves your personal emergency manager. Come rain, shine, tornado, or earthquake, we will be there to help you weather the storm (or earthquake!) and walk you through the proper recovery process so that you can have peace of mind. We are going to be specifically targeting families with young children and senior citizens who may need specialized help. 

Other Ways You Can Help

Like and share our page on Facebook, follow us on Instagram, and visit our website at www.Nativeready.com 




Contact Information:

Chris Hoover

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