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Jun 28, 2016 2:37 PM ET

Archived: KNR Environmental Systems, LLC – Delivering Water to the World meeting the needs of the People: We own a patent pending design for an alternative energy scalable water desalinization/purification system.

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 28, 2016

KNR Environmental Systems, LLC


Phoenix, AZ 85014, US
Electricity Generation & Utilities

We own a patent pending design for an alternative energy scalable water desalinization/purification system. We first must build the prototype following the patent pending design. At a time when there are shortages of water around the world we believe that we are entering the market at a very appropriate time in the Worlds history. The world wide annual market for desalinization is $150B and we are targeting to capture 1% of the market in 18 to 24 months. Marketing compences upon receiving funding to allow us to meet our sales goal. Given a sales target for the first two years, 40 units at an average cost of $40M each, $1.6B, that in 3 years your investment will be worth $144M.

Products / Services

Water purification and desalinization

Self contained water desalinization/purification plant using solar and fuel cell technology to produce all necessary power to produce potable water. System can produce water at or below typical prodcution costs. The system is configurable to use many forms of energy including natural gas, biogas, wind, power grid, methane. Customer requirements will dictate the configuration.



Managing/Manager Engineering
Bob Ranger

Main inventor of the MSD
Experience includes:
Owner of energy consulting business,
Desalinization Operating Engineer,
On ship Nuclear Power Plant Operating Engineer,
35+ years engineering experience.

Chief Development
Mark Kirchner

Software Engineering
Patent Writer
Experience Includes:
Embedded systems,
Technical lead of SW development teams,
Secure networking systems,
Integrated circuit product engineer
33+ years engineering experience

Managing/Manager Engineering
Joe Arechavaleta

BSEE, MBA, PE (Electrical)
Owner of own consulting business,
Specializes in electrical power engineering,
Experience Includes:
Technology R&D
Design of High Tech facility for Motorola
Has 6 Patents, 64 preliminary invention disclosures
Engineer Construction Manager of high tech facilities in Mexico and Europe
45+ years engineering experience

Contact Information:

Managing/Manager Engineering - Bob Ranger

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