JNCO's First Co-Op: JNCO is the single most iconic wide-legged jean brand of all time. Guotai USA holds the license to JNCO and has successfully relaunched the brand and selling online via its website. - iCrowdNewswire

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Jun 28, 2016 12:21 PM ET

JNCO’s First Co-Op: JNCO is the single most iconic wide-legged jean brand of all time. Guotai USA holds the license to JNCO and has successfully relaunched the brand and selling online via its website.

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 28, 2016


JNCO’s First Co-Op

Los Angeles, CA



Guotai USA was established over five years ago to bridge the gap between retailers and overseas manufacturers.

Based in Los Angeles, California, GUSA is an extension of Jiangsu Guotai International Group, established to help the local companies with all of their production needs. Jiangsu Guotai International Group is a leading foreign trade enterprise based in Jiangsu Province, China. Guotai Litian deals in many trades, however the company specializes in the import and export of garments and textiles. 

In partnering with Guotai USA, our clients have the best of both worlds: the convenience, expertise, and care of a local company, with the power, capacity, and stature of a multinational trade enterprise. 

Guotai USA holds the license to JNCO and has successfully relaunched the brand and selling online via its website. Our monthly sales are $70,000 to $100,000. The Co-op now is for the current inventory so the turnaround will be fast.

We are preparing for the 4th quarter of the year, which generates the strongest sales out of the year. Financing the current inventory now will allow us to continue to develop and add more styles.

JNCO Jeans


With its roots established in 1985, the JNCO brand catapulted from a Los Angeles cult brand to global recognition in the 1990s through its groundbreaking denim line. Non-conformist, innovative and truly original, JNCO immersed itself in the skate, music and art counterculture that was undoubtedly Southern California. What emerged was more than a brand – JNCO defined a way of life that pushed the limits, encouraged creativity and championed individuality creating the original lifestyle brand that became the foundation of the 90s youth generation.

Presently, JNCO is guided by its main principle: “Challenge conventionalism. Explore the unfamiliar. Honor individuality.” Through this platform, JNCO aspires to bring together the chosen ones – a multitude of like-minded individuals with a shared passion for culture, sports and the arts, on a collective journey that will strengthen their position as the leaders of today’s society.

Propelled by its profound objective, JNCO aims to place itself at the forefront of street fashion by providing today’s youth with well-curated collections that utilize a strong, forward-thinking vision with denim at its core. By gathering influences from the world of sports, music and high fashion, JNCO is pushing boundaries once again while staying true to the street/skate culture that is deeply rooted in its DNA. Through the use of experimental fits, cutting-edge techniques and application of fresh, unconventional fabrications, JNCO sets to defy the rules of street wear and re-establish a brand and aesthetic that is purely in a class of its own.


About the owner


Diverse and experienced team, dedicated to the success of the company and the brand.

CEO has background in financial analysis of business as well as hands-on management of small/medium companies in various fields. We stay current with recent trends and are loyal to the DNA of the brand.


JNCO is the single most iconic wide-legged jean brand of all time. JNCO rose to international prominence in the 1990s on a reputation of well-made high-quality denim built to last, with attitude to match. More than 20 years later, nothing has changed. We design and manufacture affordable loose fit jeans with retro style and modern comfort. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a comfortable pair of khakis with a bit of give, or ultra wide-leg pants with jaw-dropping 50” leg openings –JNCO has the right fit.

JNCO’s jeans for men are all about individual expression and non-conforming streetwear fashion. We are best known for our groundbreaking denim selections made of 100% cotton mid-weight denim, crafted with care and attention to detail. For more than 20 years, Skunks, Kangaroos, Mammoths, Rhinos, Gorillas, and Crime Scenes have been household names for people in the know. Only a handful of other American brands in the history of jean manufacturing have created such iconic designs.

You aren’t just buying a pair of jeans – you’re gaining admission to a passionate community of fans who stand by quality products, unique design, and individuality in a cookie cutter world. JNCO jeans are not for everyone: puppets be warned. 

Our baggy jean styles are authentic to the original versions that made JNCO synonymous with the term “90s jeans,” while new styles and washes give a modern twist to the classic look. JNCO jeans come in a variety of eye-catching washes, ranging from light stone wash to indigo to rinse wash to black denim.

In addition to the durable quality, JNCO jeans stand out from the crowd because of the playful original logos found on almost every jean design. From the peeking Kangaroo to the rip-roaring Gorilla to the SoCal graffiti JNCO logo on the Stone Wash Half Pipes, every single pair of jeans that we sell has a unique feature that completely sets it apart from standard jean design. If you are sick to death of skinny jeans, hipster slacks, and tight pants that show way too much, we get it. Be original or go home.

We have the perfect pair of wide-leg jeans to match your brave self. Whether you want to play it safe with 20” leg openings (J169 Low Downs), dip your toes in the water with 26” leg openings (Twin Cannons), get a little wild with 32” leg openings (Kangaroos, Gorillas) or go straight-up insane with Crime Scenes 50” leg openings, we’ve got you covered.

In addition to our signature jeans collection, we also offer 100% cotton twill pants in khaki, navy, and black material and a growing collection of denim shorts.

With more than 20 designs currently available for purchase and new designs and washes being added to the collection on a regular basis, there’s always something new to see.

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