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Jun 27, 2016 4:48 PM ET

Archived: Touch-A-Prize – Interactive Marketing Promotions is a unique lead generation, consumer data mining and data management promotion company that gathers real-time leads through big prize incentives.

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 27, 2016


Interactive Marketing Promotions is a unique lead generation, consumer data mining and data management promotion company that gathers real-time leads through big prize incentives.


Interactive Marketing Promotions is a unique lead generation, consumer data mining and data management  promotion company that gathers real-time leads through big prize incentives.

We use compelling and interactive game promotions to drive lead generation and build traffic, both in store and online, for professional sport teams or commercial merchants at large expos, fairs and conventions. We do this via accurate and unbiased consumer data mining.

Consumers provide us accurate personal data because they have an incentive to do so with our games. In addition, Interactive Marketing Promotions is the only promotional company approved for a $1 million prize by American Hole ‘N One, which gives us another unique advantage in the market.

Once appended, we achieve a 98% data match rate, an unprecedented accuracy rate in consumer data collection. By choosing to work with Interactive Marketing Promotions, our clients can feel confident knowing that their message will, in fact, reach their target audience.

The end result? Our customers efficiently and effectively launch promotions, engage their fans and customers, build brand loyalty, drive additional sponsorship revenue and bring customers to the sales floor.


Believe it or not, there are still a lot of promotional data collection services using paper and clipboards to collect data… in 2016! How can a client expect to get any kind of useful, large scale data, that is accurate and legible, in a reasonable timeframe, from paper surveys?

Interactive Marketing Promotions creates completely customized, interactive and engaging surveys. We meet with every client to to understand which questions they want to ask and what their desired outcome is.

As we set out to design a custom survey, we place a huge importance on “gamification”. That is, we turn boring, stale surveys into fun games with a chance to win big prizes.

We then deploy these “gamified” surveys across three platforms: in-person kiosks, online and mobile apps.

In our ever-changing social media and technology-driven society, professional sports teams and businesses are constantly searching for new and innovative ways to engage consumers and fans online, onsite and now via smart phones. All these delivery methods build fan loyalty, drive sponsorships and increase non-traditional forms of revenue. Interactive Marketing Promotions does exactly that.


We also go the extra mile to verify the accuracy of each survey’s data. The incentive of our coveted large prizes (up to a million dollars) has resulted in a data accuracy rate of 88% at first reporting. After we verify their data and match it up with postal and other records, we deliver a 98% match rate to our clients.

Events like auto shows, home shows, fairs, festivals, consumer shows and sports promotions have all turned to Interactive Marketing Promotions, LLC. Our Touch-A-Prize™ software is proven at collecting data that allows them to understand and better market to their attendees.


Brookfield Buick-GMC
We have used Touch-A-Prize™ for a number of outside promotions, as well as in store events for several years. In February, at the 2015 Greater Milwaukee Auto Show, our Buick GMC LMA Group gave away a 2015 Buick Encore. During the show, Touch-A-Prize™ captured and delivered over 600 (of the 3,200+) quality leads specific to our brand and organized by zip code, giving us the ability to immediately help those that were local to the area, interested in our brand and in need of our assistance.

Our internet hits more than doubled from an average of 350 hits per week to over 800. The digital traffic led to a substantial increase in our showroom visits, resulting in a 16% increase in sales and a 34% increase in service during the following 30-45 days.

We had similar results sponsoring the MIlwaukee Home Show and Summerfest (the largest music festival in the world).

Regardless of the size of the event, the product, or the service you are providing, Touch-A-Prize™ is a valuable asset that can easily be tailored to fit your needs. The lead information is clean, organized and delivered promptly. Using Touch-A-Prize™ will create awareness, generate traffic, and result in success.

Colorado Springs Sky Sox
The Sky Sox want to thank you for being a part of one our most successful promotions in history. The game was a video board game used to give a random fan in the crowd a chance to win $10,000 at the game. We promoted that we would be playing this game, and anyone waiving a Rally Towel had a chance to be selected. The way to get the Rally Towel was to sign up and give us information.

We ended up almost tripling our total numbers of Fan Rewards sign ups from the previous year! There’s no doubt this is a relationship that will continue for future seasons.


Touch-A-Prize™ was proven successful at:

Our ability to build a large consumer database is clear. Lines form to participate in our promotions no matter where we go.

We introduced Touch-A-Prize™ to professional baseball at the 2011 Winter Meetings. We were a bit ahead of the curve; teams back then were not as interested in fan analytics as they are now, and video score boards were just starting to spread down to the minor leagues. In 2016, with the sporting world understanding analytics and video score boards becoming the normal in the sporting world, we introduced our $1,000,000 score board game.

To capitalize on the rising interest in fan analytics, we attended the National Sports Forum in February and have begun talks with The Chicago White Sox, Minnesota Twins, Baltimore Ravens, Minnesota Vikings, and several minor league teams. We’ll be targeting major and minor professional leagues in 2016, followed by the 500+ college football and basketball programs in 2017.

Demand for Touch-A-Prize™ is there. We just need to hire more people to fulfill that demand. With the constantly evolving technology landscape, we also need to continually release tech updates to ensure that Touch-A-Prize™ works flawlessly with the latest web browsers, computers and mobile devices.

Make sure to request access to the business plan tab of this profile for an inside look into Touch-A-Prize!


Bob is currently President and CEO of UPII, Inc., originally a video production company in the Milwaukee area, which he founded in 1982. For the last three years the company has concentrated on developing the Touch-A-Prize™ platform under Interactive Marketing Promotions.

Bob has received numerous awards for unrivaled application based programs, including the “Gold Award” presented by the International CD-i Association (ICDIA) for the most unique interactive application in 1997. As President of UPII, Inc., Bob successfully transformed the company into a known industry leader in interactive applications with major clients including Panasonic, Pioneer, Digital View, Technovision, ELO and Philips. Prior to UPII, Bob was VP of Bob Kames Wonderful World of Music, a retail piano operation with 10 employees. He successfully ran over 200 major sales promotions for various piano manufacturers, such as Kawai America and Young Chang.

Little known fact: Bob is also one of the original musicians who worked on the team that recorded and marketed one of the most successful hit songs in history: “The Chicken Dance.” So… thanks?

For the last 26 years, Jim served as VP and Production Manager for UPII, Inc. Jim and Bob co-created and developed Touch-A-Prize™. Jim has been responsible for the technical development and implementation of Touch-A-Prize™ by continuously utilizing the latest technology and software. His understanding of interactive technology and hardware, along with being able to push the boundaries of available software, is a unique combination for TAP. Prior to joining UPII, Jim held positions as Creative Services Director, Production Manager, Video Editor, Videographer and Producer at an ABC affiliate television station.

Garett is the primary architect and developer of the Touch-A-Prize platform and programs, and has worked with UPII for the last 20 years. He specializes in Flash and Adobe Air programming, web, user interface and CGI programming (MySQL, Perl, PHP, XML, HTML, CSS, JavaScript).

Greg will assist in establishing the brand voice, ensure all content meets quality standards, drive awareness, develop a digital marketing strategy, develop marketing communications responses, create content to post to various social media platforms, company website and email, find new opportunities for engagement and lead generation, utilize social listening and engagement, use Google Analytics and other business intelligence tools to gather and analyze metrics, deliver monthly reports, manage social response process and maintain constant communication between everyone involved in the marketing.

Strategic Partnerships:  Ad Strategies – Easton, Maryland Agency for over 200 consumer events each year
Gregory J. Ksicinski, CPA/ABV, MST – Valuation/Financial
LAW FIRM: Hippenmeyer, Reilly, Moodie, & Blum (Waukesha, WI)

Data Metrics: Dr. Ed Dow – Data Solutions
Business Intelligence/Back End Data Solutions: Jim Selep – Wise Solutions/End User Services, LLC
Prize Coverage and Regulations: Travis Raczynski – American Hole `n One


Contact Information:

Bob Kames - President

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