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Jun 27, 2016 2:04 PM ET

Archived: As texting becomes ubiquitous, businesses need a better way to manage their communication with clients, prospects, and staff. Mobex – Proven business telecommunications company introduces game-changer.

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Proven business telecommunications company introduces game-changer.


Now, we are taking what we learned providing voice services to businesses and translating that knowledge into an innovative text based service.

Up next: we’re releasing the next evolution of business communication — read on to find out more!


Texting is an increasingly popular mode of communication, even for businesses. Millennials, who are quickly becoming the majority of workers, would much rather text than talk.

Mobex is on a mission to provide a method for businesses to communicate with clients and prospects via texting, enhancing business communication. As texting becomes ubiquitous, businesses need a better way to manage their communication with clients, prospects, and staff.

Current texting applications are predominantly peer-to-peer (one person sending text to another). This method of texting does not bring the full force of the business organization forward and available to the outside world.

To date, business texting apps are outgoing. An example would be a business wants to send a text to a client to remind of an upcoming appointment. What is needed is a system to handle incoming text messages to the business.


Say you have a question about a gift you bought from Target. Instead of going to their website to find the customer service number to call, you find their customer service number to text. Simply type your question to Target and Mobex will route that question via text to a group of customer service agents, using the same routing rules expected in a voice call center; for example send the text to the first available agent, or to the agent who has been idle the longest.

Then there is Mega Corp, who rather than giving a different number for each department chooses to give just one company wide number. When an inbound text comes to that number the text system has the intelligence to look for common words like “billing” or “sales” or “administration”. Upon seeing the recognized word the text message is routed to the appropriate department.  If no word is spotted in the text a response will be sent saying “Please text 1 for Sales, 2 for Support, and 3 for Admin”.

Pets are Us Veterinarians is one of our customers, and they will use this system to schedule appointments and to respond to inquiries about medication and treatment. Anyone with pets has been in this situation: you sit on hold with the vet’s office for up to 10 minutes just to find out if your dog’s medicine is in. Now, with business texting, Pets are Us Veterinarians is able to provide much more efficient service to their customers who don’t feel tied down to the phone while they wait for an answer. The client no longer spends 10 minutes on the phone.  A simple text is sent and the client goes about their business, receiving a response in short order.

Mobex will also offer a single number for all customers with a look-up feature. Send a text to the Vet, then to the Doctor’s office and just for good measure one to Target; all at the same number.

And let’s not forget how helpful this is for the business employees, who can now deal with inquiries and correspondence as their time allows, in order and efficiently.No more dropping everything when the phone rings.


While we truly believe business SMS texting is the way of the future, there will always be a place for voice communication, of which we offer a full suite of services. Mobex provides businesses with important voice services like auto-attendants, ring-groups, time-of-day-routing, and call center queuing — tools leading to increased productivity and better communication with their clients.

Why Mobex?


Our new product, the business texting service tentatively named TBX (a play on Text PBX), is in the early development stage. We expect to have a prototype ready in 3 to 6 months, followed by beta testing and field trials. Once launched, we will see our already successful sales record skyrocket.

Partnerships will be a big part of our distribution strategy. We have contacts within several large PBX vendors that we will connect with over the next few months.

Down the road, we would like to interface our TBX with Watson and other AI platforms. This could further automate the business client relationship.

Make sure to request access to the business plan tab of this profile for an inside look into Mobex!



Rebecca J. White, Ph.D.
James W. Walter Distinguished Chair of Entrepreneurship, Professor of Entrepreneurship, and Director of the Entrepreneurship Center at UT.

Steven F. Lux
Head of operations at Stonehenge Growth Equity Partners, including sourcing, underwriting and executing the firm’s growth equity investments. Stonehenge Growth Equity Partners makes growth equity investments in technology-enabled businesses located in the southeastern United States.  

David Schneider, Ph.D.
Over 25 years of success in specialty chemicals. Most recently served as CEO/President of Iofina, plc, a London Stock Exchange company.

Marco Janeczek
Over 15 years of international management and investment experience from companies such as H-FARM Ventures (leading early stage venture fund in Italy), First Stone Ventures (early stage VC fund in Canada), and Hatchbrands ventures (accelerator, early stage funding).  

Contact Information:

John Dalrymple - President

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