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Jun 27, 2016 3:03 PM ET

Archived: Agile Mobile LLC – Silverhill Tools ATKTR4 Triangle Head Screwdriver Set: The ATKTR4 is a specialty screwdriver set: 5 different sized triangle screwdrivers. These unique screwdrivers are used on a wide variety of items including robotic vaccuum cleaners, toys, and imported coffee makers.

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 27, 2016

Agile Mobile LLC

Silverhill Tools ATKTR4 Triangle Head Screwdriver Set

Houston, TX



The ATKTR4 is a specialty screwdriver set:  5 different sized triangle screwdrivers.  These unique screwdrivers are used on a wide variety of items including robotic vaccuum cleaners, toys, and imported coffee makers. 

Silverhill Tools faces an unexpected stockout on this item due to the unforeseen demand.  Your support will help us return our stock to healthy levels throughout the Christmas season.

The screwdrivers and pouches are made on privately owned tooling, and then imported and packed in America.  Each tool is inspected carefully before sealing the retail shipping package.  This gives us a large amount of control over the quality of our product.  The principals of our company frequently travel to China and have worked directly with the same factories for a number of years, building solid relationships of quality and durability.  They are present to do inspection and testing before each ocean shipment leaves for America.

These tools are sold not only in the USA, but abroad as well, with distribution to over 30 different countries.  Product destined for foreign markets may have different packaging than product destined for the USA.  Packaging bears CE and recycle logos, and follows appropriate standards with the assistance of independent third party labs.

Timeline (all dates estimates):July 1st: Production of bulk parts completed (subject to change) July 6th: 20% of product arrives via air to USA for packing.  The remainder will be sent via ocean freight (not yet scheduled).July 11th: First units become available for sale.July  12th: we fill existing POs received from foreign markets (UK, DE, FR).August/September: Ocean freight shipment arrives with other scheduled production.


About Agile Mobile LLC


Agile Mobile LLC prides itself in long term business relationships with all of our partners.  Once we select a factory, shipping partner, or reseller, we typically maintain that relationship for several years.  This allows us to have great stability in our business model.  In fact, some of our business partners overseas have also have a stake in our success, so that we are all working together for mutual success. 

Equally important to our business model, we maintain operations here in America.  This raises our costs a little, as domestic labor and space can cost more than outsourcing.  But when a major company like Apple decides to change the tool needed to open a mac mini computer from a “T6” to a “T6 with a hole in it”, and we have several thousand pieces in stock, then we have this wonderful ability to change out tool kits so that we can stay current for our customer base.  When this happens, its possible to update all the tool kits with the new standard within a few weeks.  Being able to react quickly to changing customer demands is very important.


The ATKTR4 enjoys a healthy 4.6 stars out of 5 on Amazon.com with 300 reviews.  It was first introduced in 2011.  Its has a long, successful run and is a quality product that you can feel comfortable investing in.  These facts can be independently verified on the Amazon product page.Image titleImage title


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Agile Mobile

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