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Jun 26, 2016 12:36 PM ET

Archived: SUPERPOWERS SCHOOL IN LEIRIA – FUNFORMERS: A movement of people who make a difference through what they like to do, intend to channel their talents (superpowers) for the development of the community

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 26, 2016




Transformers are a movement of people who make a difference through what they like to do, intend to channel their talents (superpowers) for the development of the community.

Around the world there is a problem of lack of civic and social involvement of the civil society.We want to change that!

We believe that the answer to a global problem has to go through a solution of the same magnitude, and that’s why we enter the Transformers Movement, a movement of people that makes the difference through what they love to do.

So that more people can discover their talents, learn them and use them to transform. The concept of Superpowers schools was created, as place where all this happens and where Transformers are born.

What are Superpowers schools?

They are spaces energized by people from the community where everyone can discover their talents. Activators have to fulfill a number of challenges and tasks that lead to their creation, by identifying the resources and talents of each community and the mobilization of mentors who are willing to teach their superpowers to apprentices. They, in turn, use this same superpower to transform their communities.

Why Leiria?

We decided to implement the project in our city because we believe that it suffers from a plague of dissatisfaction, routine and hidden talents. Because we “will do differently making a difference in someone’s life.” There are several institutions that would benefit from an intervention of this nature and on which we intend to intervene. This project is intended for all those who are willing to change the world through its superpower and that make the world move forward. Since 2010, this movement has mobilized more than 140 mentors, who have taught over 1840 people in 50 communities in the cities of Lisbon, Porto and Coimbra and ensured more than 4860 hours of lessons and free training. Now is Leiria’s time!


What is it to be superhero?

Among us there are b-boys, skaters, poets and writers, musicians and dancers, footballers, traceurs, chefs, painters / sculptors, fighters, chess players, programmers and more. This movement is also made of people with determination, willing to mobilize and courage to implement this project in your city, such as us.  

Our team consists of:  

Joana Rodrigues, Master’s student in Clinical Psychology; Mariana Pinto, Management student; and Ruth Ferreira, Master in Forensic Psychology. The superheroes who most inspire our team are the target population of our transformation, and all those who contribute to this transformation. The possibility of new talent discovery, often hidden, unknown or masked by unfavorable life situation with many children and young people face throughout their development becomes the superhero story, not necessarily drawn with the possibility of change.




Another of our missions …

To implement our School Superpowers is the need to raise 500€. This campaign will run until the 29th of July.

This money is intended to :

– 20 % – for training in Lisbon

– 10% – For materials for the activation of our school

– 20% – For our school operational assistance

– 20% – For materials for the activities developed by our mentors

– 30% – For our events : T- PARTY T- JAM and DAY –T.


Contact Information:


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