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Jun 24, 2016 11:10 AM ET

Archived: EarthOne Circuit Technologies Corporation “dba eSurface ” develops and markets an evolutionary, patented technology for applied conductive materials on virtually any surface

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 24, 2016


Carlsbad, CA 92008, US

EarthOne Circuit Technologies Corporation “dba eSurface ” was established in August, 2010 to develop and market an evolutionary, patented technology for applied conductive materials on virtually any surface. eSurface is an advanced materials sector company with multiple industry applications. Nonetheless, the company is focused on first prosecuting the circuit board (PCB) industry opportunity, before addressing others.

Currently, the PCB industry predominantly employs a “subtractive” manufacturing method, which is highly labor and process intensive, produces poor yields at finer geometries and is limited in shape (flat only) and number of compatible substrates. Accordingly, advanced micro-electronics designs are increasingly cost-prohibitive and “no-bid” projects are becoming more and more common. The subtractive method is very caustic to the environment and the waste by product is expensive to mitigate. Furthermore, an antiquated process makes for a heavily commoditized market with extremely low margins.

Enter eSurface, a fully additive process. Manufacturing is simpler and more efficient, with far fewer processing steps. Yields are higher, even in multiples, for much finer and far more complex PCB designs. Labor usage and space requirements are reduced by multiples. Finally, as a result of these improvements, production costs are projected to descend by 50% or more.

Additionally, eSurface enables enhanced signal integrity, due to far tighter tolerances, expanded material selections, allowing plating of circuits on practically any material and shape, including 3D surfaces.
Also, there is vast improvement in adhesion of metal to substrate and, lastly, important environmental benefits via a closed loop process, radically reducing toxic waste. All of these improvements make for significant advances in microelectronics.

The eSurface business model is to license its technology to manufacturers for a royalty fee.

Products / Services

eSurface Covaler and Process

We’re an IP company. We don’t have inventory, per se. We license our patented, Covaler-based process to manufacturers for a royalty fee of 5% of their eSurface-based production.



Chief Executive Officer
David Benson

David Benson23+ years as a corporate turnaround, merger and start-up expert with expertise in fiscal management, licensing, international sales. Started career at Deloitte & Touche, specializing in aerospace and defense.

Director Marketing Officer
Rowland Hanson

Rowland HansonFormer Vice President of Worldwide Marketing for Neutrogena Corp. Recruited by Bill Gates at Microsoft where he was Vice President of Corporate Communications and created and executed branding strategy for “Windows,” which he named.

Managing Director Counsel/Legal Officer
Doug Molyneux

Doug MolyneuxInternational corporate lawyer for 25+ years in Johannesburg, London, Hong Kong, and Bermuda. Most recently, General Counsel with Amp’d Mobile and Assistant General Counsel with Global Crossing.

Chief Technology Officer
William Wismann

William WismannDr. William E. Wismann received his doctorate of science and technology from the International Academy of Sciences in Moscow and has developed, engineered and designed hundreds of products for companies worldwide. He has invented, patented or trade secreted technologies and products in the field of medicine, computers, aerospace, construction materials, automotive, petroleum and chemical industries for over 30 years, and he is the inventor of the eSurface technology. He has successfully licensed and transferred technologies globally for over 15 years.

Contact Information:

Chief Executive Officer - David Benson

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