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Jun 23, 2016 6:06 PM ET

Archived: Siskiyou Seeds Capital Drive – Growing a bioregional organic seed bank and distribution hub in the Pacific Northwest

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 23, 2016

Siskiyou Seeds Capital Drive



Growing a bioregional organic seed bank and distribution hub in the Pacific Northwest



Seeds are a gift from nature – they help facilitate the continuance of life.  Most of our food crops come from seed and we believe that it is a resource that should be stewarded, open source within the commons, rather than privatized or controlled.  Siskiyou Seeds is our family farm’s humble effort to contribute to a positive solution. For the past 20 years we have grown high quality, certified organic seed that we have distributed nationwide.  In 2009 we initiated our own retail seed packet business.

  Today we steward a collection of nearly 600 open pollinated vegetables, flowers and herbs grown on 5 acres here and from the support of 15 organic growers in the Pacific Northwest.  We are fortunate to have many wonderful heirlooms and unique cultivars.  We continue to breed new varieties and select old favorites to perform well amidst a changing climate.  We believe that well selected and adapted seeds are likely one of the best tools that we have to foster resilient agriculture now and in coming times.

  The task of growing a wide diversity of seed on scale is immense – from maintaining the appropriate isolation distances, to protecting seed crops from pests, to harvesting it in a timely way, to cleaning and storing the seed, to germination testing. There are many steps that result in quality seeds to share.  We are passionate about growing good seed to foster the Agrarian Renaissance among those who wish to reclaim our food systems for the health of ourselves, our families and the larger circle of life.  Training new farmers, seed stewards and plant breeders is a task we have been deeply engaged in here at Siskiyou Seeds.  The biennial Seed Academy is an intensive 5-day, on-farm training that aims to educate, empower and inspire a new generation of seed stewards.

We are asking for support to bring our small family farm Seed Company to a new level of production, consistency, reliability and community involvement.  Currently we are the primary seed company within the Southern Oregon / Northern California region.  We aim to invest in the people, plants and infrastructure to foster healthy businesses that bridge biology and culture through seed. We are implementing the following stages that will accelerated  through the success of this funding campaign

• Upgrade our seed germination testing equipment to more accurately test seed

• Research and development for quality control and new products

• Offer regular public field days at the farm and in the region to showcase the seed to table attributes of current and new seeds

•. We are upgrading our seed inventory management systems.

• Create a backup power system for our climate controlled seed storage room.

• Provide scholarships to our Seed education trainings.


To show our gratitude for our supporters we are offering a variety of Perks & Incentives.

Thank you for making the effort to support growing a world of good and a positive future.





Contact Information:

Don Tipping

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