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Jun 23, 2016 1:58 PM ET

Archived: LiberCloud LLC – We help learning organizations break free from the constraints of traditional training technology.

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 23, 2016

LiberCloud LLC

Saratoga, CA 95070, US
Web Service Software

We help learning organizations break free from the constraints of traditional training technology.

LiberCloud’s mission is to completely rethink the way corporate and educational training is conducted, by engaging and empowering the two groups that matter most: the content developers and the instructors / teachers responsible for developing and delivering content, and the students and learners responsible for gaining knowledge and demonstrating their comprehension.

LiberCloud provides Learning Content Management Solutions (LCMS) that help organizations achieve higher student’s success by improving student engagement in the learning process, and helping teachers become more effective.

LiberCloud’s platform provides a powerful way for authors and instructors to collaboratively create and deliver engaging blended learning content.

With its unique collaborative content creation and delivery platform, LiberCloud helps deliver high value, engaging learning content for more effective training programs.


Products / Services


LiberCloud’s platform provides a powerful way for authors teachers to collaboratively create and deliver engaging blended learning content. The unique collaborative content creation and delivery platform sets LiberCloud apart from alternatives in driving superior adoption by authors, teachers, and students alike.

LiberCloud delivers a cloud-based modular content platform that allows instructors and students to create and aggregate rich media assets in learning paths. At the core is LiberCanvas, which they use to write, draw, record and share live-like lessons and tutorials, annotate content, and collaborate real-time in a truly blended learning environment.

LiberCloud’s competitive advantage lies in its delivery of a cohesive platform that provides content creation tools, enables scaling live-like learning environments, facilitates collaboration across the value chain of content creation, and enables adaptive personalized learning.


LiberCanvas is an amazing app that lets you capture everything you write, draw or say, and then share your videos. It is ideal for creating tutorials to demonstrate concepts step-by-step using verbal and visual cues, or to simply sketch ideas, draw, or to annotate web pages, PDF documents, and PPT slideshows. One app with two UI designs optimized for iPad and iPhone. http://youtube.com/libercanvas

Playing back the recorded sessions is like playing a video showing your canvas content progressively through the step-by-step animation.

LiberCloud MyTests

LiberCloud MyTests web app was released recently as an add-on to and be seamlessly integrated with LiberCloud.net. Inspired by the latest thinking that assessments should be an integral part of the learning process, as Formative assessments, instead of using them exclusively as summative and grading assessments, the web app supports ‘fast and rapid’ testing for differentiated instructions and personalized learning paths. It supports multiple questions types and it includes reports and trend lines to help instructors determine how students are assimilating learning content and modify instruction accordingly. The soon to be released companion mobile app, LiberTest, will allow instructors create formative and summative assessment templates, that can be incorporated in the LiberCloud learning content, assign tests and evaluate them offline. A version of the app for students will allow them to take assigned tests, rapid polls and surveys, formative and summative assessments.

LiberCloud Slideshows

Soon to be released web app for the education and business markets supporting mixed media formats such as images, videos, canvas, and PPT files. Integrated with PowerPoint Online to allow seamless viewing and creation of native PowerPoint slideshows, LiberCloud Slideshows offer the added benefits of being able to reuse individual PowerPoint slides in instructional material or other presentations, as well as the ability by simple drag-n-drop to include embedded videos, tutorial files created with LiberCanvas, and uploaded PowerPoint files. Furthermore, the web app supports freehand annotation of slideshows content, including PowerPoint slides, and sharing of annotations between teachers / instructors and students.



Chief Executive Officer
Felice Curcelli

Felice CurcelliFelice Curcelli is an IT Executive expert in cloud and mobile computing and a pioneer of Software-as-a-Service. After years with corporations in various management roles, Felice has recently been designing platforms and technology for new startups. He co-founded LiberCloud to revolutionize how teachers and students communicate for richer and more engaging learning experiences. He graduated summa cum laude from the University of Bari, in Computer Science, and soon after moved to Silicon Valley where he has worked and lived since the early 80s.

Managing Director Sales
Sergio Venturino

Sergio VenturinoSergio is an accomplished technology sales leader after being a teacher and school administrator for about 20 years. Sergio Venturino is an IT and Sales Executive expert in the education market and was a teacher and school administrator for about 15 years. He has co-founded Know K., a company devoted to ICT and Network Management training, and under his leadership, the company was awarded “Best ICT Company in Education” in Italy in 2013. Sergio started his career at Olivetti Spa as software developer, ICT consultant and later becoming a sales executive. Sergio graduated from the University of Bari, in Computer Science.


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Chief Executive Officer - Felice Curcelli

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